President Biden is in France this week to commemorate 80 years since the D-Day invasion. CBS
VOA VIEW: He showed his weakness by taken the day off.
Hunter Biden's voice recordings were used as part of evidence presented in his criminal trial on Tuesday. He's accused of lying about his drug use when he bought a gun in 2018. CBS
VOA VIEW: Like his father, he is a big liar.
The Senate is set to vote on access to contraception Wednesday. CBS
VOA VIEW: Wait and see.


Trump lawyer Todd Blanche filed a motion requesting that the gag order on the former president in the "hush money" trial be lifted. CBS
VOA VIEW: As it should.
The drill comes as tensions are rising over the North's recent launches of trash-carrying balloons toward South Korea. CBS
VOA VIEW: NK is playing with fire.
Private job creation slowed more than expected in May, signaling further slowing in the labor market. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It will get worse.
Southern Glazer's made $26 billion in revenue last year. The FTC is likely to allege it has been providing "secret kickbacks" to large retail customers. CNBC
Local police departments sounded the alarm after getting reports of porch pirates wearing Amazon delivery uniforms hitting homes across the Northeast. FOX News
Specially trained service dogs have helped ease symptoms of PTSD in U.S. military veterans; the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs runs a pilot program with service dogs. FOX News


Officials agreed Tuesday to a $3.5 million payout for the family of Iowa State University student Yaakov Ben-David, who died over three years ago in a rowing accident. FOX News
Hundreds of migrants crossing the southern border illegally early Tuesday, with a group of them stopping to take photos at a section of border wall. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Illegals are making a mockery out of the US immigration laws.
The U.S. Embassy in Beirut came under fire Wednesday morning but Marine Security Guards working with Lebanese security forces quickly neutralized the threat, the embassy said. UPI
The U.S. House of Representatives have passed a GOP-backed resolution to sanction the International Criminal Court for taking actions against any American or ally without formal U.S. consent. UPI

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AT&T and some Verizon cellular customers might find it impossible to call outside their service providers customers until the respective communications companies diagnose and fix the respective problems. UPI
The White House on Tuesday said President Joe Biden will be in Italy next week to represent the United States at the G7 Summit where leaders will discuss "a range of the most pressing global issues," including Ukraine. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is the biggest global problem
A security guard is injured in the attack, which comes amid heightened fears of a wider war between Lebanon and Israel. LA Times


Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki was threatened with a subpoena by a House committee after she failed to respond to an original request to appear for a transcribed interview as part of the panel's investigation into the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Newsmax
President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia did not care who the next U.S. president was, as this would probably not change anything for Moscow, but he said the U.S. court system was clearly being used in a political battle against Donald Trump. Newsmax
The heads of three key House committees forwarded criminal referrals to the Department of Justice to recommend that President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and the president's brother, James Biden, face criminal charges of lying to Congress. Newsmax
The Colorado Republican Party is calling on people to burn pride flags in June. The state GOP made a post on X, formerly known as Twitter on Monday, linking to a meme filled with false claims that LGBTQ people are "groomers" who want to "harm children." Newsmax
President Joe Biden's age and mental fitness are increasingly taking their toll on his effectiveness, according to a new report that focuses on his behavior behind closed doors. Newsmax

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The summer's heavy driving months are here, so President Biden is once again blaming high gas prices on anyone but himself. New York Post
Charles Boggini Company has voluntarily recalled its "Pink Lemonade," "Cola Flavoring Base," "Yellow Lemonade" and "Yellow Lemonade X." New York Post
The new schedule set by Judge Aileen Cannon reflects the array of legal issues that she has yet to resolve amid efforts by the former president’s legal team to delay the trial. New York Times

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Huge die-offs of elephant seals occurred after the virus gained nearly 20 troublesome new mutations. New York Times
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday indefinitely delayed implementation of a plan to charge motorists hefty tolls to enter the core of Manhattan, just weeks before the nation's first "congestion pricing" system was set to launch. Washington Times
A nonbinding Food and Drug Administration panel rejected a proposal to use MDMA, or ecstasy, to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Washington Times
Health officials are urging Americans to remain vaccinated against measles, pointing to outbreaks at home and abroad and cases reported in travelers at major airports on both coasts. Washington Times
High levels of Enterococci and E. coli bacteria stopped people from swimming at 18 Massachusetts beaches starting Tuesday. Washington Times
The first U.S. city to offer reparations to Black residents now faces a federal class-action lawsuit alleging its program discriminates against non-Black residents in violation of the Constitution. Washington Times

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