As Americans commemorate the sacrifices of wars past, Ukrainians are serving, donating, volunteering and dying now. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Sad, but true.
Having just 1% of Americans serving in the military is "deeply problematic" for the nation and represents "societal problem," said two lawmakers who served. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden will destroy the nation, if he is reelected.
Fearing that Donald Trump could try to reform the National Institutes of Health if he wins the presidential election, the Biden administration is setting up new hurdles for him at the nation's premier health research agency to safeguard against what they consider political interference. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is trying to destroy the nation.


President Joe Biden stopped in Wilmington, Delaware, at the home of Hallie Biden, the widow of the president's late son Beau Biden on his way back to Washington. D.C., on Sunday night, just a week before she is scheduled to testify in Hunter Biden's gun trial. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Joe is trying to move Hallie to Hunter.
Anxious Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to express more empathy over inflation, as voters dismiss his positive rhetoric on the economy. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: In other words, stop lying.
President Joe Biden's administration is privately pushing allied countries in Europe not to proceed with plans to censure Iran over its nuclear program. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is putting America in danger.
I've never had one conversation with the president. Or the vice president, for that matter. And so I was the chief of the border patrol. I commanded 21,000 people. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The border is wide open, because of Biden.
The attempt by Anthony Fauci and other officials to cover up funding gain-of-function research in China only compounded the horror, making it more difficult for honest researchers to understand COVID's origins. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Fauci is being exposed.
President Biden's reelection campaign is gearing up for its third major star-studded fundraiser feted by a fellow Democratic president set for June 18 in Virginia. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Fools are trying to gain by fleecing the wealthy.


Police said they closed the elevated wooden walkway just after midnight after receiving an "irrepressible number" of complaints about an "extremely large number of young adults & juveniles" flooding the shore town. New York Post
Railroad unions are raising safety concerns about the growing use of remote-controlled trains after a rash of fatal accidents. New York Times
VOA VIEW: More liberal madness.
Police in Louisiana said they captured two escaped prisoners Monday morning while two other prisoners remain at large following a Sunday jailbreak. Washington Times
Body armor designed for men could be deadly on women because of a design flaw that can send bullets ricocheting off women's chests and up into their throats. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell if a design can be formed.

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Generations of American families have grown up not knowing exactly what happened to their loved ones who died while serving their country in World War II and other conflicts. Washington Times
New York State Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan has made a series of decisions in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial that helped prosecutors, legal experts say, and the biggest one was allowing "the trial of the century" to proceed. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Merchan is seriously conflicted.
On Memorial Day, each gravesite of the more than 260,000 U.S. service members buried at Arlington National Cemetery will have a small American flag carefully positioned exactly one boot's length away from the headstone. The flags were placed by 1,500 soldiers from the Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment, better known as The Old Guard. The regiment has carried out the tradition, known as "Flags In," just before Memorial Day every year since 1948. Washington Times


President Joe Biden laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and is delivering his annual Memorial Day address. CBS
The B-21 Raider​ is moving closer to becoming the nation's next nuclear weapons stealth bomber. CBS
VOA VIEW: Bidan did not approve the bomber.
Nearly 44 million Americans took to the roads and the skies, setting records this Memorial Day weekend. The TSA says Monday should be the busiest day on the back side of the weekend. AAA expects the busiest stretch of the trek home to be between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday. CBS
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and about half of all Americans are expected to grill over the weekend. Food prices are up this year, making those cookouts a more expensive. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden madness.
At least 15 people have been killed as tornadoes moved through Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma on Sunday. CBS

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Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, and Norway are joining forces to build a 'drone wall' to protect their borders against Russia. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Smart move.
Deputies in Louisiana are searching for four inmates who escaped from jail Sunday night through a vulnerable section of the perimeter fence of the jail. FOX News
A Louisiana judge presiding over a contentious criminal case that accuses Black men of raping a White woman, made an unprompted decision to vacate a 1972 rape conviction. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The grounds are not solid.

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Frank Hryniewicz was only 20 years old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Eight decades later, Hryniewicz finally received a proper burial at Arlington National Cemetery. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Well deserved.
North Korea said Tuesday that its latest attempt to launch a new rocket carrying a reconnaissance satellite ended in failure due to a midair explosion during the flight of its first-stage rocket this week. UPI
VOA VIEW: NK is a total failure.
At least 35 people were killed Sunday in an Israeli Defense Force attack on the city of Rafah, where many Gazans have fled for refuge as the war between Israel and Hamas has raged on. UPI
VOA VIEW: They were warned several times in advance.
A Russian military strike in the northern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv killed at least four people. UPI
VOA VIEW: Ukraine may have to attack Russia.

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