The Biden administration's push to amend equality legislation to boost transgender participation in female sports in U.S. schools and colleges is a threat to women, according to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and Girls. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is against women.
Much of the United States will experience a total solar eclipse, when for just a few minutes the moon completely blocks the sun, on April 8. LA Times
VOA VIEW: It will be fun to watch.
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump decried persecution of Christians at the hands of the Biden administration and vowed that "no one will be touching the cross of Christ under" a second Trump administration. Newsmax


President Joe Biden's approval rating dropped to 38%, one point shy of his all-time low, with a number of key issues weighing him down, according to the latest Gallup survey released Friday. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: It will go lower.
President Joe Biden's use of notecards while participating in closed-door fundraisers or to provide detailed answers during calls with prescreened donors is raising concerns about his age. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: His mind is becoming more troublesome.
Pharmaceutical companies last year launched new U.S. drugs at prices 35% higher than in 2022, reflecting in part the industry's embrace of expensive therapies for rare diseases like muscular dystrophy. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Research is costing more.
United Airlines said Friday that it is raising its fees for checking bags, following a similar move earlier this week by American Airlines. New York Post
Recent data from the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention shows that Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York in particular have the highest positivity rate for the virulent strain. New York Post
Mr. Blinken said he was disappointed with the announcement from Israel’s finance minister of plans for thousands of new residences in Palestinian territories. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Tough!


The Biden administration, responding to the death of Aleksei A. Navalny, unveiled its largest sanctions package to date as the war in Ukraine enters its third year. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell what the effectiveness will be.
Cellphone location data cited in a court filing Friday raises questions about the testimony given by a special prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump who had a romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Willis must be disbarred.
Astronomers have found three previously unknown moons in our solar system - two additional moons circling Neptune and one around Uranus. Washington Times
Mexico's picturesque resorts along an 80-mile stretch of the Caribbean coast -- once safe for tourists -- have become a battleground for four warring drug cartels. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden has make the world less safe.

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Former President Donald Trump coaxed the Teamsters into making their first donation to the Republican Party in decades. Washington Times
Former President Donald Trump on Thursday urged Christian conservatives and members of the faith community to rally behind his White House bid, saying he needs their support to defeat President Biden, beat back the "radical left" and stop the assault on religious liberty. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: All should join together to make America First.
Former President Trump's legal team attempted to get the federal indictment related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents dismissed in a flurry of late-night court filings. CBS
VOA VIEW: The operative word is alleged.


Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lander touched down on the moon Thursday becoming the first U.S.-built spacecraft to stick a moon landing in more than 50 years, and the first ever by a private company. CBS
VOA VIEW: Good news.
The Biden administration recently issued direct warnings to the Russian government against deploying a nuclear-capable anti-satellite weapon. CBS
VOA VIEW: What if they do?
Breakthrough sickle cell treatments are available in the U.S. CNBC
President Joe Biden's fundraising operation is being helmed by a "dream team" that has helped create a massive war chest set to take Donald Trump. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden will need three times the amount.
The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced a final rule allowing drivers in eight Midwestern states to use a higher blend of ethanol year-round. FOX News

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As conflicts rage in Gaza and Ukraine and terrorists continue to attack U.S. forces, new battlefield tactics will continue to stress the preparation of the military. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Biden is a loser.
The number of Chinses citizens deported in the 2023 fiscal year was far shy of the more than 24,000 encountered by border authorities in the same year. FOX News
VOA VIEW: All Biden's fault.
Federal regulators have shifted power dynamics for hydropower projects on Native American lands, granting tribes more authority to block the developments. FOX News

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The FCC has added a new provision to existing rules that allows for users to revoke consent for automated marketing material, robocalls or robotexts, some of which companies have used AI to generate. FOX News
VOA VIEW: They are difficult to stop.
Benjamin Netanyahu presented a post-Gaza War plan on Thursday night that allows the Stripe to be run by "local officials" and leaves the Israeli Defense Force in place to prevent the resurgence of Hamas. UPI
VOA VIEW: Gaza will remain under control of Israel.
The U.S. Justice Department has appointed its first chief artificial intelligence officer amid rising concerns about the ethics of AI. UPI
Ahead of the grim two-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the United States on Thursday unfurled sweeping civil and criminal actions, including indictments filed against sanctioned oligarchs. UPI
VOA VIEW: Let's see what actually happens.
AT&;T said an internal issue and not a cyberattack was the blame for a massive outage on Thursday that had a ripple effect through other cellular companies around the country. UPI
VOA VIEW: The truth is ...
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Friday he is leading a delegation to Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky as House Republicans block aid to Ukraine as it battles the ongoing Russian invasion. UPI
VOA VIEW: All they have to do is solve the border issue.

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