Vice President Kamala Harris sets a new tiebreaking record previously held by John C. Calhoun, among the fiercest defenders of slavery of his era. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Harris is an idiot.
House Speaker Mike Johnson told fellow Republicans on Tuesday that sweeping changes to U.S. border policy would be their "hill to die on" in negotiations over President Joe Biden's nearly $106 billion package for the wars in Ukraine and Israel and other security . Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Good - money must be used only to keep illegals out, not substance.
Ratings agency Moody's slapped a downgrade warning on China's credit rating on Tuesday, saying costs to bail out local governments and state firms and control its property crisis would weigh on the world's No. 2 economy.Moody's lowered the 'outlook' on China's A1 debt. Newsmax


Suicide rates for Americans under the age of 18 are rising at unprecedented rates, and a new report points to a likely culprit: The ongoing epidemic of opioid abuse. It's not that more kids and teens became abusers of opioids, it's that conditions in their environments. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Thank Biden.
Vice President Kamala Harris broke a nearly 200-year-old record for casting the most tiebreaking votes in the Senate when she voted Tuesday to confirm a new federal judge in Washington. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Harris is a fool.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) gave preferential treatment to Hunter Biden in its probe of the president's son, according to a staff report from three Republican-led House committees released on Tuesday. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Their reign will soon be over.
Most Americans say the migrant issue is a serious problem, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey. The survey also found that Republicans lead by 12 points on the immigration issue. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Dems and Biden should pay attention.
FBI Director Christopher Wray called Tuesday for the reauthorization of a U.S. government surveillance tool set to expire at the end of the year, warning Senate lawmakers that there would be "devastating" consequences for public safety if the program is allowed to lapse.At... Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The facts are clear.
The presidents of three of the top universities on the East Coast testified before Congress on Tuesday in a hearing on antisemitism and Islamophobia on college campuses after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The President of Hartford is an idiot liar.


Thousands of Chinese people are flooding over the California border with the aid of social media and step-by-step video guides on how to get across the US-Mexico border. New York Post
VOA VIEW: China is trying take over the US from within.
The speaker said he would move forward with a vote that Republicans have long avoided for fear that some in their ranks would refuse to endorse an investigation without incriminating evidence. New York Times
As acts of violence spike in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, American officials say they will take action against people “believed to have been involved in undermining peace.” New York Times
VOA VIEW: Needed!
Mr. Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, has funded an array of anti-Trump candidates and causes. New York Times
VOA VIEW: No need to join LinkedIn.

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Under the plan, schools would set aside educational trust funds of at least $30,000 per year for at least half of their athletes, and would have to comply with Title IX laws. New York Times
The biggest threat to "gender-affirming care" might come not from red states banning the procedures for minors, but from scarred, young women like Soren Aldaco, Chloe Cole and Prisha Mosley. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Changing sex is going against G-D's will.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued its first ruling of the term, dismissing a case dealing with a disabled woman's ability to sue hotels after reviewing their websites for violating disability laws -- despite not planning to visit the hotels at all. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A reasonable decision.


The Treasury Department on Monday announced a new strike force to help combat illicit fentanyl trafficking as the U.S. and China step up efforts to stop the movement of the powerful opioid and drug-making materials into the U.S. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Working with China is a joke.
A man accused of pretending to be a federal agent and offering gifts and free apartments to Secret Service officers has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison. Washington Times
Lawyers for the Justice Department and JetBlue Airways are scheduled to make closing arguments Tuesday in a trial that will determine whether JetBlue can buy Spirit Airlines, the nation's biggest low-fare carrier. Washington Times
A man who falsely believes former President Trump won the 2020 election has challenged the qualifications of hundreds of voters in Georgia, convinced the rolls are filled with fraudulent entries. CBS
VOA VIEW: Many believe that the roll has fraudulent entries.
A U.S. Navy warship shot down several drones launched toward commercial ships in the Red Sea. Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility for the attacks. CBS
VOA VIEW: The action is not enough.

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The case before the justices Tuesday could have sweeping implications for the U.S. tax system and derail proposals from some Democrats to create a wealth tax. CBS
VOA VIEW: A wealth tax in not constitutional.
The FDA and the manufacturer were alerted to Profemur titanium hips breaking inside U.S. patients as of 2005. It took 15 years to recall the devices. Many fractures could have been avoided. CBS
Casual-dining chain is facing another wrongful death suit related to its Charged Lemonade after cardiac arrest of Florida man. CBS

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CVS's new effort aims to do away with a complex model that typically determines how much pharmacies get reimbursed and how much patients pay for medications.  CNBC
VOA VIEW: Confusing to many.
The burning of coal, oil and gas is by far the largest contributor to the climate crisis. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Says who?
Minnesota law enforcement officers involved in the death of a man who fled a traffic stop in Minneapolis, will not face charges. The death was ruled an accidental drowning. FOX News
Inmates at Big Sandy Regional Detention Center in eastern Kentucky are guaranteed access to medication for opioid addiction treatment under a new settlement with the Justice Department. FOX News
President Biden maintains a wide margin over former President Donald Trump among young voters but is most threatened by independent candidate. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Israeli ground forces said Tuesday they had surrounded Gaza's largest refugee camp after conducting a raid on a Hamas command center in the settlement in which they found "observation and control materials," weapons. UPI
Job openings in October dropped to their lowest total in more than two years according to new statistics from the Labor Department released on Tuesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Not a good sign.
The special counsel investigating Hunter Biden on federal gun charges has asked the judge overseeing the case to reject last month's request by the president's son to subpoena former President Donald Trump. UPI
VOA VIEW: Hunter is constantly fishing for doubts.
President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine will speak to U.S. senators via secure video as part of a classified briefing on the war in Europe on Tuesday, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said. UPI
The owners of a Colorado funeral home where 190 decomposing bodies were found are set to appear in court on Tuesday. UPI

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