Iranians are finding it harder than ever to afford even basic goods as political unrest roils the country and the government cracks down harshly. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Sanctions should be added to Iran.
According to new Douglas Elliman data, the Manhattan condo and co-op markets were sluggish this January, both down by half from what they were a year prior.  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Adams is financially destroying the splendor of NYC.’s marketplace listed a bumper sticker with the slogan “F—k China” as a top search result for China-themed jerseys and T-shirts this week. New York Post
VOA VIEW: If the shoe fits.


A Chinese balloon seen floating over the northwestern United States this week was a reminder of how governments have used balloons for reconnaissance for more than a century. New York Times
Cold and flu season is still here. If you're taking Tylenol to ease the pain, here's what you should know.       USA Today
The plan announced by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack seeks to decrease sugar and sodium in the meals served to the nation's schoolkids by 2029.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Energy may be reduced.
The next Fed meeting begins Tuesday, and the committee is expected to raise interest rates again. Two other eras may offer clues to outcomes.       USA Today
A jury on Friday decided Elon Musk didn't deceive investors with his 2018 tweets about electric automaker Tesla. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The result was obvious.
As the Manhattan district attorney's office ramps up its yearslong investigation of Donald Trump, a new book by a former prosecutor details just how close the former president came to getting indicted - and laments friction with the new D.A. that put that plan on ice. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Foolish read.


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan on Friday subpoenaed Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona for withholding documents relating to the administration's targeting of parents at school board meetings. Washington Times
Most adults think Black History Month is integral to the American story, but they disagree over whether it gets too much attention, a recent survey found. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Very little attention should be given to exaggerations and deception.
Virginia Senate Democrats this week voted down a priority measure for Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin that would have required student and parental notification about certain scholastic awards. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The Dems should be exposed in the next election.
A Tennessee board on Friday suspended the emergency medical technician licenses of two former Memphis Fire Department employees for failing to render critical care to Tyre Nichols after he took a beating from police that ultimately killed him. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A court will rectify the wrong.

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A major hospital system in northern Florida said Friday it is diverting some emergency room patients and canceling surgeries after a security problem with information technology. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Those responsible for the ransomware should be prosecuted harshly.
Honda and the U.S. government are urging owners of about 8,200 older vehicles not to drive them until dangerous air bag inflators are replaced ABC
VOA VIEW: Be careful.
The U.S. is tracking a balloon from China flying over the country. ABC
VOA VIEW: A major mistake of national security.


Government's new classification of cars that qualify for the generous tax credit is a win for Tesla and other automakers. CBS
VOA VIEW: There may be some tricks.
Author Jon Meacham, chief White House speechwriter Vinay Reddy and longtime aides Anita Dunn, Bruce Reed and Mike Donilon will join Biden. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden will prepare a deceptive view of his accomplishments and the stare of the union.
CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook and critical care specialist at NYU Langone Dr. Deepak Pradhan join "CBS Mornings" to demonstrate life-saving techniques when a person goes into cardiac arrest. CBS
Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a planned high-stakes weekend diplomatic trip to China. CBS
VOA VIEW: Cowardly stupidity.
Federal regulators have linked the drops to over 50 reports of eye infection and one death. CBS
VOA VIEW: Important move.

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Hulu's "The 1619 Project" is a six-part docuseries that expands upon "The 1619 Project," created by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and The New York Times Magazine. Hannah-Jones joins "CBS Mornings" for a closer look at the project and where she sees the current state of race relations in America. CBS
VOA VIEW: A foolish deception.
More employees are tapping their nest eggs to cover financial emergencies, from medical care to avoiding eviction. CBS
VOA VIEW: They dropped in value.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken will postpone his trip to China next week after a suspected Beijing-operated spy balloon looming over parts of Montana. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A cowardly mistake.

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January's jobs data shows the unemployment rate fell for Black women. A tight labor market may be playing a role. CNBC
Inflation and higher interest rates boosted credit card debt to a record $930.6 billion at the end of 2022, a 18.5% jump from a year earlier, TransUnion found. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Thank Biden and Dems.
Legislation passed in 2020 eliminates the coverage delays that some beneficiaries have faced when they enrolled in Medicare, effective this year. CNBC
Southwest is sending its operating chief, but not its CEO, to the Senate Commerce committee hearing. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It was snow.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report released Friday found the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.4%, a 53-year low, compared with an estimate of 3.6%. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Figures lie and liar's figure.
The 4.4% year-over-year increase in wages isn’t the boogeyman economists are claiming it to be. CNBC
Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the GOP's most vocal partisans and now the chair of the powerful Judiciary Committee, started a recent meeting on the "weaponization" of the federal government with a surprising move: He urged caution. CNN
VOA VIEW: Liberal media stupidity.
Recreational marijuana sales in Missouri have officially begun Friday after the state's health department gave out dispensary permits early. Missouri is now the 21st state to sell pot. FOX News
Republicans in New York are pushing back against a plan from Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul that would require towns to build more affordable housing over the next few years. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Since when a governor can demand the type of houses that can be built.

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