Republicans need just five more seats to take control of the House. The battle for the Senate could go into overtime. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Republicans will win big in the House and Senate.
Russia's Vladimir Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons in his war on Ukraine. The U.S. response need not be nuclear in return. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The chance of Putin using a nuclear weapon is slim but likely.
Fourteen hundred U.S.-trained Chinese scientists left their corporate positions or relinquished tenured positions at top-tier American universities in 2021. LA Times
VOA VIEW: US traitors will leave.


Mayor Eric Adams needs to step up his game on cutting subway crime — and stop giving Gov. Kathy Hochul a pass for making his job more difficult.  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Adams is a weak fool.
"Michael Henry will be a partner in fighting crime and supporting law enforcement across this state. He is a strong voice for righting pro-criminal laws.” New York Post
VOA VIEW: James is an idiot.
A major Russian newspaper said the Russian troops, facing defeat in Lyman, had fled with “empty eyes” after barely escaping with their lives. New York Times
Both European and Russian leaders have said that ruptures discovered undersea were an act of sabotage. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Now to find who done it?
The perception that lawmakers are cashing in on their offices has fueled cynicism among voters. Some politicians want to take the current limits further. New York Times
VOA VIEW: There should be no trading by officials.
The migrant smuggling economy at the U.S.-Mexico border now tops $20 billion and the cartels have made at least $2.6 billion in profit over the past 12 months just from controlling the routes illegal immigrants use, according to a Washington Times analysis. Washington Times


Justice Clarence Thomas has been on the Supreme Court for more than three decades, and his judicial philosophy rooted in adhering to the original meaning of the Constitution is finally controlling big rulings. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Thomas is a true constitutional Justice.
Authorities in Denmark say the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipelines have stopped leaking ABC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell who started the leak.
The heads of nine central and eastern European NATO members issued a joint statement backing a path to membership for Ukraine in the U.S.-led security alliance ABC
VOA VIEW: What will happen next?
Hurricane Ian's damage in Florida has no comparison to past hurricanes, Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday along with FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell ABC
VOA VIEW: Maybe not.

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CBS News cybersecurity expert and analyst Chris Krebs said on "Face the Nation" that there are not only foreign threats to election security, but there is also the "insider risk" from elections workers who have been swept up in false claims about the 2020 race. CBS
VOA VIEW: Most of the cheating came and will come from Dems.
Retired Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, former national security adviser in the Trump White House and a CBS News contributor, said on "Face the Nation" that the Ukrainians had a "tremendous victory" after retaking the strategic city of Lyman. CBS
VOA VIEW: The final outcome will be eventually known.
Sen. Rick Scott of Florida said on "Face the Nation" on Sunday that he was open to supporting individual bills on disaster relief after Hurricane Ian devastated his state. CBS


Trump claimed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has a "death wish" after he backed a stopgap government funding bill. CBS
VOA VIEW: McConnell has been a weak failure.
For older adults who leave their job but stay on their employer health plan under COBRA coverage, the end result can be late enrollment penalties for Medicare. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Photos show the devastation and floods Hurricane Ian left behind in southwest Florida —damaging homes, blocking crucial roadways, and leaving many trapped. CNBC
Around a third of Americans plan to take on debt due to sports expenditures, according to new data from LendingTree. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Foolish thought.
Not all student loan debt will be forgiven under President Biden's plan. And interest starts accruing again in January after a long Covid break. CNBC

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Business executives deploying millions of dollars in political donations to shape midterm results CNBC
Time is running out for Russian President Vladmir Putin, and he knows it. CNN
VOA VIEW: Putin should resign to live a longer life.
Ukrainian forces are encircling Russian troops in Russian-occupied Lyman, in the Kramatorsk district of Donetsk, despite Moscow's annexation of the region that's been declared illegal by the West. CNN
VOA VIEW: Russia is facing a reality that Putin cannot hide.

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Former President Donald Trump praised the "courage and strength" of Ginni Thomas at a rally Saturday, days after the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas met with congressional investigators about her efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. CNN
VOA VIEW: A lady of valor.
Senior Navy officials are concerned about the use of performance enhancing drugs by Navy SEAL trainees and have asked the Pentagon to approve blood testing to detect potentially illegal or banned substances used by the elite forces. CNN
Investors, economists and members of the Federal Reserve will be poring over the September jobs report on Friday morning for clues about the health of the economy. But one figure may matter more than most...and it's not the number of jobs added or the unemployment rate. It's wage growth. CNN
VOA VIEW: Making more and costing more may not be the best outcome.
Imagine waking up one morning after recovering from Covid-19 to find that your coffee smells like unwashed socks, your eggs reek of feces and your orange juice tastes metallic. Oddly, that's a good thing: It's a sign you still have a working sense of smell -- even if it's miswired in your brain. CNN
El Paso County Judge candidate Guadalupe Giner opposes the county's plan to open a migrant processing center amid a recent surge of illegal immigration. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The border must be made more secure.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday praised the support of neighboring countries after Ukraine submitted an application to join NATO. UPI
The European Union on Saturday officially announced the launch of a new Interconnector between Greece and Bulgaria, which will help diversify the gas supply to the Balkan region of Europe. UPI
Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs publicly criticized North Korea on Saturday after the regime's latest in a series of ballistic missile launches. UPI

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