Elizabeth's and Charles' lives and temperaments diverged from an early age. What will his legacy be? LA Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
There are rays of hope for Zeldin, the underdog in a state where Democratic candidates benefit from a huge party enrollment advantage in statewide races. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Zeldin must win for the sake of NY.
It was 21 years ago, an eye blink in history. Yet for much of America, the lessons of 9/11 – those of unity, strength and love of country and each other – are willfully being forgotten. New York Post
VOA VIEW: 9/11 must never be forgotten.


The New York Democrat and Senate majority leader said he will seek to secure the funds in the federal budget to offset the expected shortfall in the World Trade Center Health Program New York Post
VOA VIEW: Schumer will waste the money.
Russia’s military setbacks may be weakening President Vladimir V. Putin’s reputation at home as a savvy geopolitical strategist. New York Times
Two Supreme Court cases on race-aware admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina are pushing affirmative action's history to the fore.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Affirmative action should be banned.
A photograph showing top secret records strewn across the floor at ex-President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate shed light on a DOJ investigation.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: It was Dem foolish propaganda.
As the Justice Department's probe into the Republican former president's possession of White House materials deepens, lawmakers of both parties have more questions than answers. Washington Times
Inflation isn’t only costing small businesses money ABC
VOA VIEW: Customers have little choice.


Through the debris-strewn rooms of the bomb-blasted house, the incessant ringing of a phone punctuates the crunch of broken glass splintering underfoot as police lay out a body bag ABC
VOA VIEW: Putin should be hit with more and deeper sanctions.
Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says the intelligence community needs to provide a damage assessment of the classified material found at former President Donald Trump's home in Florida. CBS
VOA VIEW: Dems cannot be trusted to provide the truth.
Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Oksana Markarova says the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive shows that "we can win" the war against Russia. CBS
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Retired Gen. Frank McKenzie, who led U.S. Central Command, says the intelligence community's abilities in Afghanistan have been "very limited" since the withdrawal of U.S. forces. CBS
VOA VIEW: True, thanks to Biden stupidity.

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The work will be similar to the investigations in Flint, Michigan, and Red Hill, Hawaii, an official said. CBS
Big box retailers are doubling down on investments, including technology and store redesigns, as the way consumers shop after the pandemic is transformed. CNBC
VOA VIEW: There doing very little, if anything.
It's difficult to pinpoint just how much poor, middle-class and wealthier households will benefit from President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Those who will get forgiveness.


Being a boss during a looming recession is no easy feat. Here's a guide for what you shouldn't do if you want to retain your employees and move forward. CNBC
The unveiling of the latest iPhone 14 lineup earlier this week has already spurred a flurry of new promotions from wireless giants including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. CNN
VOA VIEW: To gain business.
US Customs and Border Protection officers at the Del Rio Port of Entry in Texas said they have have seized a shipment of methamphetamine valued at $11.9 million, making it the largest ever seizure of the drug at the port. CNN
VOA VIEW: All a result of Biden madness.
A wildfire south of Portland, Oregon has grown to nearly 86,000 acres and forced the evacuation of more than 2,000 homes, officials say. FOX News
Another Chicagoland town received a busload of migrants with little notification from city or state officials on Saturday morning, according to town officials. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The Dems are getting a small amount of the border town troubles.

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U.S. military prosecutors may negotiate a plea deal with the top 9/11 conspirators, with defense attorneys calling for the death penalty to be taken off the table. FOX News
VOA VIEW: No deal should be made with terrorists.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Sunday warned that gas prices will increase again in the winter and said the Federal Reserve will "need great skill" to avoid a recession amid economic sanctions targeting Russia. UPI
VOA VIEW: Gas prices will rise, and a recession is here.
The British Defense Ministry on Sunday joined the United States in rejecting a claim from Russian President Vladimir Putin that just a small amount of grain exported from Ukraine has reached developing nations. UPI

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COVID-19 cases and deaths worldwide are at the lowest levels since June with a 21% weekly drop in infections to around 475,000 daily and a 24% decline in fatalities to about 1,550 each day. UPI
VOA VIEW: Good news.

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