The three-term congresswoman loses to Harriet Hageman, a lawyer who has worked to block federal regulations in Wyoming and who was endorsed by former President Trump. LA Times
VOA VIEW: It was a good ending for a socialist traitor, soon to be ousted Republican.
"Maloney is asking for money to help Democrats defeat Trump — but the link goes to his own fundraising page for his primary election against me," Biaggi tweeted. New York Post
VOA VIEW: It's called cheating and fraud.
Retired special agent Anthony Dominicis wants to reassure Americans that the IRS is not coming after them with guns. “It’s just not true,” he said. “The only people who need to be concerned about an armed agent are those involved in serious criminal activity.” New York Post
VOA VIEW: IRS is not supposed to be a law enforcement agency.


Abortions in North Carolina are no longer legal after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, eroding protections in one of the South's few remaining safe havens for reproductive freedom. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A reasonable compromise.
Billions of dollars set aside in President Biden's new spending and tax law would reward people who buy electric vehicles, but the tax credits are in jeopardy of never reaching drivers' pockets. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The alleged tax credit that makes it almost impossible to obtain.
Americans tell an average of four lies a day, according to a new survey. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Interesting!
Bank of America says the revenue it gets from overdrafts has dropped 90% from a year ago, after the bank reduced overdraft fees to $10 from $35 and eliminated fees for bounced checks. Washington Times
Now that President Joe Biden signed Democrats' expansive climate, tax and health care bill into law, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has directed the IRS to develop a plan within six months outlining how the tax agency will overhaul its technology, customer service and hiring processes. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It will be a mess.
Gov. Mark Gordon has a clear path to reelection after winning the Republican primary in Wyoming on Tuesday, while state Rep. Chuck Gray won the GOP primary for secretary of state. Megan Degenfelder defeated incumbent Brian Schroeder in the GOP primary for state superintendent of public instruction. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Good news.


The head of the nation’s top public health agency is shaking up the organization with the goal of making it more nimble ABC
VOA VIEW: The CDC needs more accuracy and less politization.
North Korea fired two cruise missiles on Wednesday as South Korea's president marked his 100th day in office. ABC
VOA VIEW: NK is testing Biden's weakness.
The pace of sales at U.S. retailers was unchanged last month. ABC
VOA VIEW: Inflation is far from over.
The nation's leading abortion rights advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood, plans to spend a record $50 million ahead of November’s midterm elections ABC
VOA VIEW: No surprise.

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A spate of explosions and fires has turned Russian-occupied Crimea from a secure rear base into a new battleground in the war, demonstrating both the Russians’ vulnerability and the Ukrainians’ capacity to strike deep behind enemy lines ABC
VOA VIEW: Putin must wake up and realize that he can't win a country that rejects being conquered.
Committee investigators have for months been privately engaging with Pence’s lawyer about securing his potential testimony, sources have told ABC News. ABC
VOA VIEW: Pence would be making a foolish move.
Despite Donald Trump's claim that all documents at Mar-a-Lago were declassified, "he can't just wave a magic wand," an expert says of the process for declassification. ABC
VOA VIEW: All any president has to say is "declassified".


More than 13,000 people have signed an online petition opposing the Kettle Moraine policy. CBS
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The FOMC on Wednesday released minutes from its July 26-27 meeting, when it raised interest rates by 0.75 percentage point. CNBC
VOA VIEW: So be it.
Two weeks before federal student loan payments are set to resume, the Biden administration hasn't said whether or not there will be another extension. CNBC
VOA VIEW: No loans should be forgiven.
People who face long waits for service at the Social Security Administration's field offices must also contend with intense heat this summer. CNBC
After more than a year of debate, Biden's sweeping infrastructure bill is became law — albeit a significantly smaller version of his Build Back Better plan. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden madness that will cost all.

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Best Buy will begin selling over-the-counter hearing devices as early as mid-October following a new FDA rule. CNBC
The immediate political future of Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, one of former President Donald Trump's most powerful critics in the GOP, is at stake on Tuesday as the last of the House Republicans who voted for his impeachment to face primary voters. CNN
VOA VIEW: Cheney is a fool - how can someone run for president getting less than 30% in a congressional race.
Vice President Dick Cheney was a hero on Fox News twenty years ago, but his daughter Rep. Liz Cheney is a villain on Fox today. CNN
VOA VIEW: The father was a real conservative, and the daughter is a big fool.

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas struck a deep nerve on Tuesday when he said Israel has caused "50 Holocausts" against Palestinians, triggering outrage from world leaders and a social media storm. CNN
VOA VIEW: A dumb move.
Nearly three quarters of US farmers say this year's drought is hurting their harvest -- with significant crop and income loss, according to a new survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation, an insurance company and lobbying group that represents agricultural interests. CNN
US natural gas prices have skyrocketed to levels unseen since 2008, a spike that threatens to offset the benefits of falling prices at the gas pump. CNN
VOA VIEW: All because of Biden stupidity.
As the Colorado River system spirals toward its demise, some Western water officials, lawmakers and experts had expected federal officials on Tuesday to announce an ambitious plan to cut usage and save the river basin after stakeholders failed to meet a Monday deadline to do it themselves. CNN
Target reported profit plunged 90% in the second quarter, falling far short of expectations, as inflation-weary customers pulled back on spending on nonessential items. CNN
VOA VIEW: Inflation is far from being over.
State legislatures are increasingly proposing bills to restrict how topics including race, gender identity and sexual orientation are taught in school, according to a report published Wednesday by PEN America. UPI
VOA VIEW: As they should.
Mortgage applications dipped to their lowest point in more than 20 years as the volume of petitions dropped another seasonally adjusted 2.3% over the previous week, according to the the Mortgage Bankers Association. UPI
VOA VIEW: More to come.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is warning residents of Crimea to stay away from Russian military installations following apparent Ukrainian attacks on Kremlin facilities in the occupied peninsula. UPI
VOA VIEW: Listen!

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