Rep. David Valadao (R-Hanford) infuriated Central Valley conservatives when he voted to impeach Trump. But Trump is silent on Valadao's reelection bid. LA Times
VOA VIEW: It would be interesting to find out what Trump will do.
The situation in Ukraine's heavily contested eastern Donbas region "is extremely difficult," President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday. LA Times
Bob Stefanowski, the Republican Party's endorsed candidate for governor, announced Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19. New York Post


"'Why are they out there?' People address it with me. 'We're not going to let people in,' they tell me as if I have the power to say, 'We're not going to take anymore,' but they are going to come." New York Post
VOA VIEW: Sad, but true.
For the third time in nine months, President Joe Biden said the right words: If China attacks Taiwan, the US will respond militarily to defend Taipei. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Who is running the country?
"Heading to the Great State of Georgia today to Support my good friend @BrianKempGA for 4 More Years as Governor of the Peach State! See You Soon!" Pence tweeted. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Pence is no Trump.
Vice President Kamala Harris is supposedly the White House point on the border surge, but the issue has vanished from her schedule. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Harris never started.
Boris Bondarev, a Russian official who resigned over the war in Ukraine, said his colleagues were focused more on pleasing their superiors than on delivering accurate information to Moscow. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Good for him.
The most lethal weapons the West has provided so far to Ukraine are now deployed in combat. Will they make a critical difference for Ukraine’s military in a war that has mostly become an artillery battle? New York Times
VOA VIEW: We will see the outcome soon enough.


Sixteen months into the Biden presidency, U.S. officials are still divided over what to do about a trade legacy left by President Donald J. Trump. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden would be wise not to mess with Trumps tariffs.
The government has ordered more safeguards at an Abbott Nutrition plant. But the lack of reporting requirements and limited testing make it hard to monitor the deadly bacterium that led to a recall. New York Times
Former Vice President Mike Pence tangles again with ex-President Donald Trump, now over a Georgia endorsement and the 2024 White House campaign.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Pence would have no chance.
It's possible the winner of the Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary race won't be known until the second week of June.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.

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Zelenskyy has demonstrated a far better grasp on the crucial calculus of risk and reward, writes former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis.       USA Today
Whoopi Goldberg told the archbishop of San Francisco on Monday that it's not his job to decide whether Nancy Pelosi should receive communion. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Goldberg is a liberal idiot.
President Biden said record-high gas prices are part of an "incredible transition" that will make America and the world better off. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden stupidity.


A Florida law intended to punish social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment, a federal appeals court ruled Monday, dealing a major victory to companies who had been accused by GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis of discriminating against conservative thought. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: So is Section 230 - a level playing field would work for all.
American Airlines is the most faith-friendly among the Fortune 500 companies, according to a religious freedom survey released Monday. Washington Times
The Cambridge Analytica leak allegedly exposed 87 million people's data. ABC
VOA VIEW: Section 230 should be revoked.
Vaccines for youngest children are expected to be available in June or July ABC
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to launch a new military operation in Syria to secure Turkey's southern border ABC
VOA VIEW: A good reason why Turkey is against Finland joining NATO.

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Starbucks is pulling out of the Russian market ABC
A new FBI report show a 50% jump in active-shooter incidents from 2020 to 2021, ABC
VOA VIEW: Has nothing to do with the number of guns.
Deb collectors' "emotional terrorism" tactics allegedly included calling friends, family and employers of people who owed money. CBS
VOA VIEW: Someone should be prosecuted.

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A handful of gas stations are charging $7.25 or more for a gallon of gas as fuel prices hit another record. CBS
VOA VIEW: Sad, but true.
New CBS News polling shows Americans are increasingly concerned with economic issues ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Meanwhile, critical primary races in Georgia on Tuesday are poised to test former President Trump's influence in the Republican Party. CBS
VOA VIEW: The liberal media can't hide the facts.
Nation's second-largest bank has said it plans to boost the company's baseline hourly pay to $25 by 2025. CBS
VOA VIEW: How do small companies compete?
Stocks jumped Monday as the market tried to recover some of the losses from a relentless sell-off that has gripped Wall Street. CNBC
Dr. John Brooks, a CDC official, emphasized that anyone can contract monkeypox through close personal contact regardless of sexual orientation. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Gay people are more at risk.
Veteran U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger says Washington and Beijing must seek to avoid putting Taiwan at the center of their tense diplomatic relationship. CNBC
VOA VIEW: True facts.
A Supreme Court ruling related to inmates on Arizona's death row was called "perverse" by Justice Sotomayor in a dissent joined by two other liberal justices. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberals want more inmates on the streets hurting good Americans.
The FDA said it will complete its review of Pfizer's and Moderna's applications within days of each other. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Vaccines for infants and toddlers may be questionable.
Younger investors, including Gen Zs and millennials, are the most likely to say they'll boost stock market investments this year, a survey found. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The stock market is too violable for small investors.
U.S. President Joe Biden unveiled the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework on Monday, with 12 nations joining the United States in a trade initiative meant to respond to China's growing regional influence. UPI
VOA VIEW: Tiawan should be involved.
As Russian forces kept up attacks in eastern Ukraine on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told world leaders that allies must ratchet up economic sanctions against Moscow to put a stop to its aggression. UPI
VOA VIEW: The world must take maximum action.

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