Joe Biden was never exactly a colossus bestriding the Earth, but he’s been getting smaller by the day. A Washington Post poll over the weekend suggested that his presidency is, for now, a smoking political crater. It had him at a 41 percent approval rating, despite the passage of his long-sought infrastructure bill that was... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The Biden administration is a total disaster.
Eric Adams recently called for converting hotel rooms into affordable housing. This idea could easily be expanded to provide tens of thousands more middle-class housing units, too. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A dumb idea.
Employers and working Americans got good news on Friday: They likely won’t have to deal with President Joe Biden’s cockamamie workplace-vaccine dictate. A federal appeals court suspended his attempt to mandate the shots at private-sector workplaces with 100 or more employees.  Under Biden’s order, to take effect Jan. 4, employees who refuse the jabs must submit to weekly... New York Post
VOA VIEW: It was clearly unconstitutional.


Randi Charno Levine's nomination to be the top-ranking diplomat to Portugal was sent to the US Senate for confirmation earlier this month. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Another foolish nominee.
The head of the Congressional Budget Office said on Monday that beefed-up tax enforcement would raise far less money than the White House projected. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The new bill does not meet muster.
Many journalists were too eager to prove what they thought they already knew about Trump. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The Dossier was a big lie.
The judge in Kyle Rittenhouse's murder trial has been under fire for multiple reasons. Here's why getting him removed is near impossible.      USA Today
VOA VIEW: Liberal media bias.
As gas, grocery, and energy prices spike nationwide, the White House says the pandemic is to blame. Latest COVID-19 updates.      USA Today
VOA VIEW: The real blame is on Biden's shoulders.
Lawyers on both sides of the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial gave their version of events in closing arguments after days of testimony and video.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Rittenhouse should be found not guilty.


Shop Walmart Black Friday deals ahead of Thanksgiving and save big on must-have gifts, including Keurig machines and Samsung TVs.       USA Today
The Border Patrol apprehended nearly 160,000 illegal immigrants jumping the southern border in October, Homeland Security announced Monday, toppling yet another monthly record for President Biden. That still marked a bit of an improvement compared to the summer, when monthly apprehensions flirted with 200,000. And key yardsticks of illegal activity, ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The border chaos must stop.
The throng of container ships anchored off the coast of Southern California grew by 43% since President Biden’s announcement a month ago that the ports there would start working around the clock and ease supply chain woes. A record 83 cargo ships sat off the coast Friday awaiting offload at ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is making matters worse.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is gearing up for a vote this week on President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar social welfare legislation, but strong divisions remain among Democrats over the size and scope of the final bill. Mrs. Pelosi told reporters Monday that she was eager to push through the legislation during an ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The bill should not be passed.

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Democratic Party officials insist they’re ready for the debate over education after parental anger at public schools helped Republicans score a string of upset victories in the Virginia elections this month. Democrats say what happened in Virginia was a fluke and they will fight in the 2022 midterm elections for ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems will lose big.
Republican lawmakers get a chance to ask FBI Director Christopher Wray about the Durham probe and the controversial Justice Department school board memo during a hearing on Tuesday. In a letter sent Monday to Mr. Wray, Rep. Devin Nunes outlined the topics that GOP members of the House Permanent Select ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Wray will look foolish not backing Durham.
The White House insisted Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris is an important part of President Biden’s team, but staffers botched the introduction of the vice president hours later at a high-profile bill-signing ceremony. White House press secretary Jen Psaki rejected reports that Ms. Harris is unhappy in her role, ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Harris is a fool.


The judge at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial has dismissed a count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. The charge is only a misdemeanor, but it had appeared to be among the likeliest to net a conviction for prosecutors. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It had to be done.
Donald Trump’s opulent hotel near the White House that drew lobbyists and diplomats seeking favor with the ex-president is being sold to a Miami investment group ABC
VOA VIEW: A reasonable amount.
Democrat Beto O’Rourke is running for governor of Texas ABC
VOA VIEW: An idiot.
The U.S. on Monday condemned a weekend Russian anti-satellite test it said created a "dangerous" debris field. ABC
Florida lawmakers have begun debating a package of bills to combat coronavirus vaccine mandates, continuing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ fight against virus rules ABC
VOA VIEW: It will be interesting.

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As the biggest cryptocurrencies flirt with record highs in value, they are increasingly becoming bigger sources of revenue for charities ABC
President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law on Monday, hailing its passage as a bipartisan breakthrough that shows that "America is moving again." The new law provides hundreds of billions of dollars to revamp the nation's roads, bridges, waterways, public transit and broadband infrastructure. CBS
VOA VIEW: Foolish Republicans made it happen.
The Biden administration will prioritize the resettlement of certain refugees, including those who are reuniting with family members already in the U.S. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden is trying to buy himself out of his fiasco.

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A holiday for family bonding and a large feast could see the table missing an American favorite: turkey. As supply chain issues continue to plague logistics grocers will have fewer turkeys available this year. John Lauritsen reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: Turkeys have become expensive and limited.
Three states are allowing coronavirus booster shots for all adults, even though federal health officials recommend limiting shots to those patients considered most at risk. California, Colorado and New Mexico have some of the nation's highest rates of new COVID-19 infections. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in some areas, federal health officials fear a winter surge, as more people move their activities indoors. Michael George has the latest. CBS
VOA VIEW: The problem has no end.
Nearly 60 tons of the product now being recalled after 10 more patients in two additional states are infected. CBS
Economists predict October retail sales rose 1.5%, benefiting from higher fuel costs and early holiday shopping. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, top medical advisor to President Joe Biden, has gotten death treats for his Covid messaging, including promoting coronavirus vaccinations. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Fauci is an idiot.
The lawsuit alleges Meta, formerly Facebook, misled the public about the negative effects its products can have on kids' wellbeing. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Facebook is a problem effecting the world.
The 80-year-old Vermont senator wrote, "We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share." Musk retorted, "I keep forgetting that you're still alive." CNBC
The Chamber told CNBC that businesses should treat the vaccine and testing requirements as in force until a court definitively overturns them. CNBC
Tariffs and supply chain woes will take a backseat when President Joe Biden holds a virtual summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Xi will make Biden look like the fool he is.
The report represents the latest attempt by the Republican party to highlight the risks of rising prices less than one year before the 2022 midterm elections. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The rising costs of everything hurts the lowest income the most.
Congress returns Monday and both chambers plan to prioritize two tracks as their first orders of business -- President Biden's $1 trillion-plus social spending plan in the House, and a hefty defense bill in the Senate. UPI
VOA VIEW: The US cannot afford another spending plan.
The Biden administration announced on Monday efforts to improve protections for Native American tribal lands and traditions, including a proposed 20-year ban on oil and gas drilling at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is destroying all forms of fossil fuels.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday called on Russia to reduce tensions with Ukraine and warned Moscow against "any further provocation or aggressive actions." UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is too weak to do anything - Britain has to move in.
Corner pharmacies, once widespread in large cities and rural hamlets alike, are disappearing from many areas of the country, leaving about 41 million Americans in what are known as drugstore deserts. UPI
VOA VIEW: Sad, and true.
The longest-serving Democrat in the Senate, Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, told reporters Monday he will not seek re-election -- the sixth senator to announce his retirement. UPI
VOA VIEW: Smart Dems know it is over for them.

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