Republicans blasted President Biden on Wednesday for pushing overly generous entitlement programs within his multi-trillion-dollar partisan spending bill, arguing the initiatives will only slow America’s post-coronavirus economic recovery. Many see the issue as a stark dividing line between the two parties and one that could potentially help Republicans retake Congress ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden builds power by giving entitlements - free money.
The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine greatly reduced the risk of coronavirus infection and COVID-19 in teens despite the Delta variant's rise. LA Times
VOA VIEW: It's all about following the money.
The Senate's failure to pass voting rights bill is likely to intensify pressure from progressives on Democratic leaders to eliminate the filibuster. LA Times


Cindy Adams has a conversation with former President Donald Trump on the many issues plaguing both NYC, including the lack of support for Mayor de Blasio, and the country as a whole. New York Post
 Hunter Biden boasted he could provide intelligence on Oleg Deripaska, the shady Russian oligarch whose Greenwich Village townhouse was raided by the FBI on Tuesday. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Hunter is out of his mind.
President Biden announced a vaccine-or-testing mandate but his administration is still weeks from actually issuing the regulations. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden has never kept a promise.
The third filibuster of such a measure underscored how the legislation is unlikely to move forward without a change in Senate rules. New York Times
The president’s trip to Scranton, Pa., comes as Democrats close in on a deal to advance two bills carrying a scaled-back version of his domestic policy priorities. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Its a big deception.
White House officials, anticipating the approval of coronavirus shots for 5- to 11-year-olds within weeks, will rely on doctors, clinics and pharmacies instead of mass inoculation sites. New York Times


In-N-Out said they stood by their decision to not check customers' vaccine status, which has sent Twitter into a frenzy.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: The big problem is not telling the truth.
Not a single vehicle has rolled off Elio Motors' Shreveport assembly line and not one job has been created.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Makes no sense.
Dozens of states still do not have redistricting commissions. In several, 1 party controls the legislature. Quickest solution is for Congress to act.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: The federal government should not overrule the states.
China is threatening to overtake the U.S. military as the most dominant force in space, says the second in command of the now 3-year-old U.S. Space Force, who warns that Washington must dramatically accelerate its rollout of critical new technologies if it wants to retain superiority over the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: China is in control of Biden.

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More than 100 House Republicans warned on Wednesday that President Biden’s multi-trillion dollar social spending bill is only likely to exacerbate the nation’s supply chain shortages. Rep. Sam Graves, the top Republican on the House Transportation Committee, and more than 100 other GOP lawmakers wrote in an open letter to ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The economy will get worse under Biden.
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a top Democratic swing vote for the White House‘s legislative agenda, has ruled out scrapping the Trump-era tax cuts in order to pay for the entitlement and climate-change programs within President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar partisan spending bill. Ms. Sinema, Arizona Democrat, has told colleagues she will not support ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Sinema and other Dems should change party.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich advised House Republicans on Wednesday to win back the majority in 2022 by linking Democrats to socialism and big-government policies. “God looked down upon us favorably,” Mr. Gingrich said of the current dynamics in Washington. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Good advise.


Sen. Joe Manchin III, a key swing vote for President Biden’s legislative agenda, denied published speculation on Wednesday that he was considering bolting the Democratic Party. Mr. Manchin, a moderate West Virginia Democrat, said reports that he is considering leaving his party and becoming an independent were inaccurate.   ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Manchin should change to the Republican party.
The company is looking to resolve the cases in bankruptcy court. ABC
VOA VIEW: Caught!
 A military outpost in southern Syria was hit by a coordinated attack Wednesday, but U.S. officials say no American troops stationed there were injured or killed ABC
VOA VIEW: What will weak Biden do?
An associate of Rudy Giuliani has told a federal judge that he will not testify at his own trial ABC
The FBI confirmed to reporters Wednesday that investigators found what appear to be human remains, “along with personal items, such as a backpack and notebook belonging to Brian Laundrie,” just hours after Laundrie's parents searched the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. FOX News
VOA VIEW: More intrigue.

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A Connecticut high school 'teacher of the year' may be terminated over the state's vaccine mandate. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Madness!
The city of Asheville, North Carolina, is facing a new lawsuit alleging that it violated the state and U.S. constitutions by designating a scholarship program for Black students. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The real privileged.
A group of Colorado parents decided to run for school board to take politics out of the classroom. FOX News

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Parents in North Carolina were disturbed by an opponent's banner message at a high school football game implying white privilege. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Whites are becoming the bad.
U.S. Rep. Michelle Steel (R-Calif.) accepted thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies and voted against disaster relief funding for other cities. UPI
To counter China's ascent in the Pacific, the United States needs a stronger commitment to existing programs and a renewed effort to enter into direct diplomatic ties throughout the region, experts testified Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is bought and paid for by China.
Executives representing small businesses from home construction to candy manufacturing told a House committee on Wednesday that supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are hampering their efforts to grow. UPI
VOA VIEW: The problem is caused by Biden.
In an effort to curb rising COVID-19 cases and deaths, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered a weeklong paid shutdown for workers at non-essential businesses and government. UPI
The White House unveiled a plan Wednesday to vaccinate tens of millions of children in the U.S. between the ages of 5 and 11 against COVID-19, ahead of a meeting at which regulators are expected to authorize the shots. UPI
A group of students and educators have filed a lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma, accusing it of violating their constitutional rights with a law that restricts the teaching of race and gender in classrooms. UPI
VOA VIEW: CRT is ill directed and deceptive.

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