Make no mistake, the inflation genie is already out of the bottle. But if Congress adds fuel to the fire with trillions in more spending, then the ’70s will be a happy memory by comparison. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Stagflation will continue to get worse.
Thousands of miles of inactive oil pipelines have been abandoned on the seafloor. Aging platforms pose an additional risk. LA Times
VOA VIEW: A CA mess.
If regular democracy isn’t doing so well, maybe it’s time to fall back on “Irish Democracy.” New York Post
VOA VIEW: Dems have the country in a financial misery mess.


The language around climate change is one more area the left wants to control, especially given that trillions of dollars in spending are on the line. New York Post
President Joe Biden's top people are finally starting to face reality on one front, as they admit Iran is unlikely to return to the nuclear agreement, despite their months of pleading. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Iran hates the US.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon’s long-delayed initiative to move senior executives at the firm’s headquarters closer to the rank-and-file has finally come to fruition — and it’s rankling higher-ups and underlings alike, sources told The Post. Top brass, including Solomon, have descended from their plush offices on the 41st floor to a grid of cubicles... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Now what?
Andrew G. McCabe, the former F.B.I. deputy director, will receive his pension and other benefits after settling his lawsuit with the Justice Department. New York Times
VOA VIEW: McCabe should be in jail.
He said he knew how to get things moving. But we’re stalled. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden doesn't know up from down.
The committee on the Capitol riot scheduled a Tuesday hearing to vote on holding Steve Bannon, a former adviser to Trump, in congressional contempt.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: The country is in a major problematic spin.


During National Police Week, officers who took their lives after Capitol riot are deemed unworthy of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.      USA Today
Attorney General Merrick Garland sees a rising domestic threat to the nation’s public schools, but others are struggling to identify anything more insidious than irate parents getting rowdy at their local board of education meetings. The Justice Department is coming under pressure to provide specific reasons for Mr. Garland’s hotly ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Garland should resign.
An anti-abortion group is spending $1.4 million on an ad campaign to hit Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the final two weeks of the Virginia governor’s race. The digital ads and mailers were launched by Women Speak Out Virginia, a political action committee partnered with Susan B. Anthony List. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: McAuliffe must lose.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed Thursday to go to court to fight any vaccine mandates from the federal government. The Republican governor said the state would not accept the legitimacy of President Biden’s proposal for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to mandate that businesses with more than 100 employees ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: An interesting battle.

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The political impasse among Democrats over President Biden’s $3.5 trillion social welfare and climate change bill has convinced liberals that the only way to advance their agenda is by purging moderates and taking over the party. Although some on the far left have long held this view, many say the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems must be defeated in 2022 and smart moderate Dems should switch party affiliation.
The top chaplain of the Archdiocese for the Military Services has declared that Catholic troops may refuse to be vaccinated on the grounds of conscientious objection, reversing his previous position. Archbishop Timothy Broglio said this week in a statement that although he initially supported the Biden administration’s Aug. 24 vaccine ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Civil liberties should prevail.
The federal government announced two $1 million awards for information leading to the arrest of Abid Ali Khan or for disrupting the immigrant smuggling network authorities say he oversees in moving people from Pakistan and Afghanistan into the U.S. Mr. Khan has been indicted on smuggling charges in U.S. District ... Washington Times


Katie Couric intentionally withheld the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dislike for people who take a knee in protest of racial justice during the national anthem, according to reports from Ms. Couric's new memoir out later this month. The journalist admitted to trying to “protect” Ginsburg by editing ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Another Dem admission of deception.
The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell to its lowest level since the pandemic began, a sign the job market is still improving even as hiring has slowed in the past two months. Unemployment claims dropped 36,000 to 293,000 last week, the second straight drop, the ... Washington Times
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will ask its outside experts to review Merck's pill to treat COVID-19 at a meeting in late November ABC
VOA VIEW: It's better to be right the first time out.
A Coast Guard official says the amount of crude oil spilled in an offshore pipeline leak in Southern California is believed to be close to 25,000 gallons, or only about one-fifth of what officials initially feared ABC
Former President Donald Trump is slated to return to New York City to provide a videotaped deposition in a case about his security team’s crackdown on a protest during the early days of his presidential campaign in 2015 ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems keep pushing.

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China’s Foreign Ministry has warned against what it calls possible “political manipulation” of a renewed probe by the World Health Organization into the origins of the coronavirus ABC
VOA VIEW: China is the biggest manipulator.
The commission's initial report to President Biden on potential court changes is expected soon. CBS
VOA VIEW: Fools will try to somehow make the Court more liberal.
Bipartisan group of senators demands "heightened engagement" from Secretary of State Antony Blinken. CBS
VOA VIEW: Blinken is an idiot.

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Critics say small business owners and independent contractors would be caught in a "dragnet" of surveillance. CBS
VOA VIEW: Americans want privacy not government overreach.
One 2017 study found the female justices were interrupted at disproportionate rates by male members of the high court, as well as by male lawyers arguing before them. CBS
VOA VIEW: Sotomayor is an idiot.
An FDA panel is meeting on booster vaccines as COVID-19 cases continue to decline. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy explains how vaccines for young children could tip the scales in the pandemic. CBS
As of the end of last month, only 3,217 migrants processed under the Title 42 public health law have been referred for interviews with U.S. asylum officers. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden wants to make the US less secure.
The tech giant said it is facing a "challenging" environment in China amid tighter internet rules. CBS
VOA VIEW: China is pushing all limits.
Iconic landmarks, including the Santa Monica Pier, Space Center Houston, Liberty Island and Independence Hall, could end up underwater if carbon emissions continue unchecked. CBS
The endorsement is a crucial step before the U.S. can start giving third shots to some of the millions of Americans who originally received Moderna's vaccine. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Sell, sell, sell - push, push, push.
United Wholesale Mortgage is ditching its plan to accept crypto payments after its two-month pilot. CNBC
"The volume at which people are changing jobs is unprecedented," says Ian Cook, Visier's vice president of people analytics. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Free, free, free.
The House select committee investigating the Capitol riot will move forward with proceedings to hold ex-Trump advisor Steve Bannon in criminal contempt. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Dems have little to offer, other than to try to neutralize Trump.
Coinbase warned Thursday that if the U.S. fails to regulate digital assets appropriately the country could be left even further "behind" other governments. CNBC
An average of 362,000 people a day got Covid boosters over the past week, about 57% more than the 231,000 people per day who started their first doses. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden doesn't know anything but push the vaccine.
The Social Security Administration announced the new COLA for 2022. Here's how much more money will be in the average benefit check. CNBC
The U.S. Navy announced Thursday that it is preparing to kick out sailors who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19 FOX News
VOA VIEW: Sad to chose between civil rights and national security.
The family of a Loudoun County high school student who was allegedly sexually assaulted in a school bathroom has retained a law firm to represent them in a civil case against the school district. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The school board should be resign.
The United States has rejoined the United Nations Human Rights Council after former President Donald Trump withdrew from the controversial panel three years ago. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is a fool.
The Senate will vote on the Freedom to Vote Act next week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Liberal madness.
United Airlines is adding five new transatlantic routes in Spring 2022 in anticipation of rebounding demand for travel. UPI

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An alliance of civil rights and humanitarian organizations is increasing pressure on President Joe Biden to reverse asylum policies that they say are endangering the lives and safety of Haitian migrants. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is cruel and nonsensical.
President Joe Biden on Thursday made another pitch to the 66 million who are unvaccinated around the country, calling on them to get inoculated with one of the three coronavirus vaccines available. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden has done nothing.
President Joe Biden, a member of the Catholic faith, will meet with Pope Francis this month to go over various issues like COVID-19, climate change and philanthropy, the White House said Thursday. UPI
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Thursday dissolved the lower house of parliament to make way for new elections later this month that he hopes will "choose the future of Japan" in the era of COVID-19. UPI
VOA VIEW: Japan is losing much.
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