The battle for Afghanistan began long before American troops arrived in 2001, and won't end when the last U.S. soldier is gone. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The killings will continue, regardless.
As of April 30, the Indian Point nuclear plant shuts down for good, thanks to yearslong pressure from Gov. Andrew Cuomo — leaving the state more reliant on power produced by burning natural gas, and making it far harder to reach Cuomo’s zero-carbon-emissions goal. Unveiling his $26 billion clean energy, “clean economy” plan in January,... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Cuomo is an idiot.
A chorus of Republicans blasted Rep. Maxine Waters Sunday for telling angry protesters to “stay in the streets” and “get more confrontational” during the seven-straight night of unrest in Minnesota — saying the California Democrat’s fiery comments could incite violence in a state already on edge. Waters stood alongside demonstrators in Brooklyn Center early Sunday morning... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Waters is anti white and a hate monger.


Whoopi Goldberg is back in the pot game after her last cannabis business went up in smoke. “The View” star appears on the inaugural cover of Black Cannabis Magazine, and sources tell us the star reveals she has a new cannabis startup in the works. A source told Page Six: “In the issue, she’ll reveal... New York Post
VOA VIEW: A big mouth idiot.
A recent OAN segment said there were “serious doubts about who’s actually president,” and another blamed “anti-Trump extremists” for the Capitol attack. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Smart!
Lisa Monaco, a veteran of national security posts, is expected to be a key player in the administration’s push to combat domestic extremism, embodied most publicly in the department’s inquiry into the Capitol attack. New York Times
VOA VIEW: A fool.
The corporate income tax has been gutted. Raising rates and cracking down on evasion are sensible ways to come up with trillions of dollars. New York Times
VOA VIEW: All will pay dearly.
Lawmakers say they're cracking down on violence, not protests. Critics say the bills would criminalize activities protected by the First Amendment.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Protesters who commit any crime and violent protest must pay heavily.
Bitcoin dropped as much as 15% overnight, its biggest intraday drop since February, just days after hitting record highs.      USA Today


Then-candidate Biden promised a Supreme Court commission during Trump's final weeks. But changes to the high court won't come easy, experts say.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Packing the Court is a foolish thought and idea.
The Biden administration has a long road ahead to tackle the hundreds of billions of dollars in narcotics-related profits laundered in the U.S.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Liberal foolish view about Biden being tough on drugs and/or violence.
Rep. Ilhan Omar lashed out at two of her fellow Minnesota Democrats, Gov. Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, accusing them of placing the protest-besieged metro area under "military occupation." She took aim Saturday at Operation Safety Net, the public-safety response created to handle potential unrest from the Derek ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Omar is an idiot.
Some say they were only there to record history as journalists. ABC
VOA VIEW: It may work a little, or for a few.

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President Joe Biden is backtracking on promises to admit more refugees, leaving the historically low Trump-era limit in place. ABC
VOA VIEW: Yes, no, now yes?
Police say the former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis legally purchased the two rifles used in the attack despite red flag laws designed to prevent that ABC
VOA VIEW: A crazy will always figure a way to act and do crazy things.
Japan's prime minister has asked Pfizer for additional supplies of the vaccine. ABC


More than 566,000 of the deaths have been in the United States, which is now seeing a rise in coronavirus cases despite efforts to get people vaccinated. CBS
A judge heard arguments on Monday to decide if a case against the maker of the gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting will go to trial. The families of some of the victims are suing, saying the gunmaker should be held accountable. CBS
VOA VIEW: Are we going to be able to sue, knife, automobile, and other manufacturers take make something that can kill.
More than 129 million people ages 18 and older have received at least one vaccine shot, or 50.4% of the total adult population. CNBC
VOA VIEW: That is one out of two vaccines.
Climate-related events increasingly intensify drivers of migration, including violence, food insecurity and poverty. CNBC
A spokesman for Navalny has said that the Russian opposition leader's health has deteriorated since his imprisonment. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden makes threats that he may not be able to enforce.

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As President Joe Biden considers whether or not to cancel student debt, here's what different forgiveness plans would look like. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A loan is a loan - forgiveness of a loan may cause many problems.
The pandemic spurred the federal government to experiment with new ways of helping Americans financially. That could shape aid going forward. CNBC
VOA VIEW: America should not become socialistic.
Health regulators have asked states to temporarily halt J&J's single-dose shot after reports of six cases of rare brain blood clots in women. CNBC
VOA VIEW: What does that mean?

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Some workers are reaching the end of their "benefit year." That could mean a gap in relief and other problems. CNBC
VOA VIEW: America cannot support the people.
Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday urged his party to return to its traditional principles, saying a focus on things like fiscal responsibility and strong national defense are key to winning back control of Congress in upcoming elections. CNN
Former President Donald Trump on Sunday praised withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, while knocking his successor's timeline for doing so. CNN
Dr. Anthony Fauci says it is "quite frustrating" that a large percentage of Republicans are hesitant about receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, according to a recent poll. CNN
VOA VIEW: Liberal stupidity.
With jury deliberations in Derek Chauvin's trial in the death of George Floyd expected next week, Minneapolis and other US cities are preparing for protests and possible civil unrest. CNN
VOA VIEW: Fear mongering.
In the wake of the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright during a traffic stop outside Minneapolis last week, city officials have approved a move toward unarmed traffic enforcers. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A very foolish and dumb move
Dr. Anthony Fauci said he expects U.S. health regulators to decide on the pause in administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine by Friday as more half the adults have already received at least one dose of three v UPI
Following two days of meetings in Shanghai, the United States and China reached an agreement to work together to combat climate change and uphold their commitments to international climate deals. UPI
VOA VIEW: China will not keep any deal.
The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit Friday against political strategist Roger Stone for almost $2 million in unpaid taxes. UPI
VOA VIEW: The liberals never give up.

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