Armed right-wing groups are registering as poll watchers and planning to monitor voting places during the presidential election. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The liberals want to extract fear from Trump supporters.
Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, on Sunday said she will participate in Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings remotely from her office because of coronavirus risks. “Due to Judiciary Committee Republicans’ refusal to take common sense steps to protect members, aides, Capitol complex workers, and members of the media, Senator... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Harris will act like the fool, she is.
The Empire State’s plastic bag ban — set to take effect on Oct. 19 — faces a fresh torrent of complaints, including a new lawsuit that threatens to push back enforcement yet again, The Post has learned. The state’s ban on single-use plastic bags went into effect on March 1, but enforcement was delayed as... New York Post


President Trump promised that more “breathtaking” documents pointing to the involvement of the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign in the Russia investigation will be coming soon. “Documents are being released at a level now that nobody’s ever seen before, Things that nobody thought were going to get released have been released and you’re... New York Post
VOA VIEW: It's about time.
The campaign has learned it’s not always easy appealing to progressives in the party and moderates in the broader electorate. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden must lose for the sake of the nation.
Trump did not say in the interview whether he has tested negative for COVID-19. A memo by his physician, Dr. Sean Conley, didn't address that either.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: So be it.
On Sunday, Pelosi told House Democrats, "we remain at an impasse" on stimulus negotiations.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Trump should do no more - let it fall on Pelosi and Dems.
Joe Biden's 12-point lead in an ABC News/Washington Post poll was the latest in a series of surveys to find President Trump down by double digits.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Don't believe liberal media polls - remember 2016.
Amy Coney Barrett could take the court so far to the right that liberals have talked about adding justices if they regain levers of political power.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Barrett will prevail.


After a scrappy debate that Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey believed lifted her campaign and was a “disaster” for her opponent, she got a text message from the LA mayor with unwelcome news: He was switching his endorsement to her challenger. Eric Garcetti's defection ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, a loss.
FARGO, N.D. (AP) - President Donald Trump on Saturday signed a bill named for a Fargo murder victim to address cases of missing and murdered Native Americans. Savanna’s Act, which is named for Savanna Greywind, passed the House last month after passing the Senate earlier this year. The bill ... Washington Times
Passenger airlines are asking for $25 billion more in pandemic relief. ABC
VOA VIEW: A loss for all.
A stack of hay bales was painted to show support for the Democratic ticket. ABC

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"Asian Americans: Battling Bias," produced by the CBS News Race and Culture unit, explores the discrimination facing the Asian American community in 2020. In addition to fighting the devastating health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, Asian Americans have faced high unemployment, business boycotts and racist attacks caught on video. CBS
VOA VIEW: The coronavirus was bad for people from China.
U.S. airline companies began cutting 35,000 employees since last week as their $25 billion bailout fund expired. Negotiations of another bailout has stalled and airlines warn they’ll be forced to furlough thousands more. Kris Van Cleave reports. CBS
One of the biggest drivers of today's wealth gap between Black and White Americans is redlining -- the practice of mortgage lenders denying loans to people based on their race or where they live. Although it was outlawed in 1968, its effects are still being felt today. Michelle Miller looks at how some entrepreneurs and activists are trying to reverse that. CBS
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts and so do lies.


Just over a week after being diagnosed with the coronavirus, President Trump returned to office with plans to hold in-person events. CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus explains the potential health hazards to such plans. CBS
VOA VIEW: The liberal media want people to believe deception.
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel accused the Commission on Presidential Debates of canceling the second presidential debate to help Biden. CBS
VOA VIEW: The commission should be abolished.
Fauci said Sunday that a new Trump campaign ad takes his comments "out of context" and were used without his approval. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Fauci should keep his mouth shut - he has been wrong many times.
It wasn't long ago that the tech titans of today were aggressive upstarts setting out to make our lives easier. What happened? CNBC
VOA VIEW: Simple, the techs have been left wing in actions and thought.
The single-quarter haul brings Harrison's campaign total to $86 million this cycle. CNBC

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The big-box retailers like Walmart and Target will try to win on Amazon Prime Day by fulfilling online orders quickly through curbside and in-store pickup. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The race is on.
Amy Coney Barrett will focus on her family in the opening statement of her Supreme Court confirmation hearings set to begin on Monday. CNBC
Social Security was created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935, but Donald Trump may end the program. Now, FDR's grandson is fighting to protect it. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal madness - the left makes lies to down Trump.

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Kim Jong Un choked up before praising North Korea's "anti-epidemic" efforts and unveiling a new ballistic missile. Neither Kim, nor any crowd members appeared to be wearing masks. CNN
VOA VIEW: Un is an idiot.
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the Department of Justice on Sunday inquiring about materials that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett left off paperwork initially filed with the Senate. CNN
VOA VIEW: Dems do all they can to cause Barrett's demise.
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison sent the company a "cease and desist," saying that their actions may amount to intimdation. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Crazy times.
After being lashed by both Laura and Delta within the span of just a few weeks, Lake Charles, La., is struggling to recover from the damage, and with national attention focusing elsewhere, some residents and officials are worried they will not receive the aid they require to rebuild. UPI

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