Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick is historic — because it means that if the ticket succeeds at the ballot box, her husband will be the first Jew to live in the veep’s residence at the Naval Observatory. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but let’s face it: When a person is chosen in large measure because of... New York Post
VOA VIEW: It's all about holding the black vote.
Joe Biden has selected his running mate, revealing to top advisers on Tuesday the woman he will invite to join his ticket, two people familiar with the matter tell CNN. CNN
VOA VIEW: Political "gameswomenship."
President Trump said Sen. Kamala D. Harris was "my Number One draft pick" as Democrat Joe Biden's running mate, saying her liberal record offers rich targets for him in the fall campaign. "She's in favor of socialized medicine ... She wants to take your health-care plans away from 180 million ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A real sickie.


Biden is expected to announce his running mate in the coming days. ABC
VOA VIEW: True and many white females are insulted by Biden picking a black female.
Some three out of four Latinos in the U.S. haven't heard of the term 'Latinx,' but its use may grow. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The liberal press want to make something out of the unknown.
GOP operatives have put Kanye West on the presidential ballot in several states, likely in hopes of drawing votes from Joe Biden. LA Times
China’s Communist regime is scared — scared of its own people, scared of freedom and democracy, scared of a free press. And the regime is especially scared of the man who exemplifies all of those things: Jimmy Lai. That’s why on Monday, Hong Kong police once again arrested the outspoken and defiant founder of Apple... New York Post
VOA VIEW: China is looking and acting foolish.
The most serious issue in policing today is a skyrocketing homicide rate — not “systemic racism,” the issue that animates those “mostly peaceful protestors” who are looting businesses and destroying public property across the land. Joe Biden should show leadership on the slay spree. Instead, he panders to the anti-police left. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden doesn't know up from down.
Some national chains, both retail and restaurants, are closing outlets in New York City, which are struggling more than their branches elsewhere. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Goodbye for now.


Following in the footsteps of the Big Ten, the Pac-12 became the second Power Five conference to announce it would not play football this fall.        USA Today
Donald Trump says in interview NBA players kneeling during anthem "has been horrible for basketball," and calls players "very nasty" and "very dumb."        USA Today
VOA VIEW: It's un-American to take a knee.
A “Black Lives Matter” street sign in Tulsa that has been the cause of ongoing tension has been vandalized amid national calls for racial justice. Community members repainted the sign Sunday after it was defaced with a line of blue paint, the Tulsa World reported. ... Washington Times
President Trump on Tuesday called on Democratic officials in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York City to let police "do their job" and end violence and rioting. "You have excellent police and law enforcement, but you have to let them do their job," Mr. Trump said at a press briefing ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The Dems look bad.

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The Democratic National Convention will feature a star-studded array of the country’s most prominent party leaders for Joe Biden's coronation. ABC
VOA VIEW: A mush coronation.
A national commemoration of the 1963 civil rights March on Washington is being reconfigured to comply with coronavirus protocols in the District of Columbia ABC
VOA VIEW: Different rules for different folks.
The arrest during a protest in Portland, Oregon, of a Black woman who became a leading activist in the racial justice movement after she was assaulted by a white supremacist three years ago has galvanized local and national Black Lives Matter groups ABC
VOA VIEW: Protestors are different from rioters.


The proposal would constitute a significant expansion of immigration and travel restrictions during the pandemic. CBS
VOA VIEW: Dems will lose this ploy.
A new poll found that 57% of Democratic voters said the Supreme Court was "very important" in deciding which candidate to vote for in the presidential election. CBS
VOA VIEW: Dems will lose this battle.
As their tax revenue plunges, many states question if they could afford to contribute extra jobless aid. CBS
VOA VIEW: It's a no-brainer.
The inspector general's investigation into the deal took on added interest after Steve Linick was fired by President Trump in May. CBS
In a pair of interviews on Tuesday, President Donald Trump railed against his competitor for being weak on China -- but stopped short himself of condemning China's repression of its Uyghur ethnic minority or its crackdown on political freedoms in Hong Kong. CNN

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VOA VIEW: Who else?
Colorado has had universal mail-in voting for seven years. George Stern helps oversee elections in Colorado and has invited President Trump to see how it's done. Lucy Kafanov reports. CNN
In June, Black Lives Matter activists painted their own statement: "Defund the police" after the mayor of the nation’s capital ordered the words Black Lives Matter painted in large letters on a street near the White House. FOX News
VOA VIEW: BLM will not last long.

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Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best on Tuesday announced her resignation, saying she was not leaving because of pay cuts to her department, but because of the “lack of respect” toward her fellow officers. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Best is a riotous chief.
Two pro-cop groups are suing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after being denied a Blue Lives Matter mural akin to the one Black Lives Matter had splashed across Fifth Avenue, The Post has learned. FOX News
New York’s coronavirus death toll in nursing homes, already among the highest in the nation, could actually be a significant undercount. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The truth must be known.
When the most powerful earthquake to rattle North Carolina in more than 100 years shook much of the state on Sunday, the temblor apparently left its mark on one hillside. FOX News
Researchers call for new regulations to protect users, and society, in case of collapseLike banks in the 2008 financial crisis, Facebook and other tech giants are “too big to fail”, according to research from Oxford University that calls for new regulations to protect users, and society, in the event of a possible collapse.In their paper, published in the Internet Policy Review journal on Tuesday, Carl Öhmana and Nikita Aggarwal argue that the world’s biggest technology companies are unlikely to suddenly go out of business – but the world is unprepared for what would happen if they did. Guardian
VOA VIEW: They must fail.
A federal appeals court on Tuesday overturned a 2019 ruling that found the wireless chip maker Qualcomm violated antitrust law. UPI
The USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group conducted a bilateral mission with a B-1B Lancer and aircraft from Japan's Air Self-Defense Force near Japan last week, according to the Air Force. UPI
More than half of K-12 public school students in the United States will attend classes remotely to start the fall period, a study showed Tuesday. UPI
The U.S. House of Representatives is moving to end the Trump administration's restrictions on entry into the United States by people from 13 countries, many of them Muslim-majority. UPI
VOA VIEW: Dems will lose.

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