Atty. Gen. William Barr defends the aggressive federal law-enforcement response to protests, including in Portland, Ore. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Barr made the Dems look like the fools they are.
Black activists try to refocus protesters' attention on their demands for police reform and racial equality despite the presence of federal agents. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The black activists are lost.
"I think we do need to hold those who violate the law accountable," Biden said. "We should never let what's done in a march for equal rights overcome what the reason for the march is." New York Post


One of COVID-19’s many mysteries may finally be solved. Researchers at Harvard Medical School say they’ve discovered why some people infected with the coronavirus lose their sense of smell. The symptom, called “anosmia” by doctors, is one of the earliest and most commonly reported indicators of the virus. Some studies suggest it could actually be... New York Post
Trump touted a federal deal with Kodak to fund a division to produce active ingredients needed to make generic drugs while dismissing a GOP Senate plan to address economic fallout from the coronavirus.        USA Today
Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, said Tuesday he would name his running mate the first week of August.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: A fool will pick a fool.
Joe Biden in his Democratic presidential campaign proposed federal contracting and debt relief to help minorities benefit from the economic recovery        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Biden is trying to buy votes.
White House officials said the administration will conduct a review of the Obama-era DACA program for "Dreamers," which Trump has tried to end.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Obama did nothing but cause chaos.
Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Americans have downsized their views of how much it takes to be wealthy and financially comfortable, a survey shows.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Life will get tougher.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's reputation for guiding the GOP out of hairy political situations is being put to the test once again as he tries to steer through the choppiest political waters of his long career and save the party's slim majority in the upper chamber. Washington Times
The ACLU asked a federal judge on Tuesday to hold the top brass at the Department of Homeland Security in contempt of court after federal agents used chemical agents and other means to clear protesters from around a courthouse in Portland, catching journalists in the crossfire. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The ACLU is mad.
More than 100 police agencies are withdrawing from agreements to send personnel to bolster security at next month's Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, in part because they're concerned about a recent directive ordering police in the city to stop using tear gas to control crowds. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Police are doing the right thing, pun intended.
Agriculture officials in multiple states issued warnings Monday about unsolicited shipments of foreign seeds and advised people not to plant them. In Kentucky, the state agriculture department was notified that several residents received unsolicited seed packets sent by mail that appeared to have originated in China, Agriculture ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Be careful.

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One of the nation’s largest teachers unions is authorizing its members to strike if their schools plan to reopen without proper safety measures ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberals find a road block
Air travel will take even longer than previously though to return to pre-virus levels ABC
Former FBI counterintelligence agent and frequent Trump target Peter Strzok is releasing a book on his concerns the president could be compromised ABC
VOA VIEW: A fool and his foolish book.


Schumer said there is "a group of hard right-wing people in the Senate who don't want to spend any money on anything." CBS
VOA VIEW: Schumer is an idiot.
Republicans released their coronavirus stimulus plan, the HEALS Act, but now they need to find a consensus with Democrats Pelosi and Schumer. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Dems will hopefully lose.
White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that he's concerned about the growing number of coronavirus tests returning positive in states such as Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, this is as wrong as all other Fauci prediction.
Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau proposed gyms as "part of the solution" to the coronavirus pandemic, with fitness and exercise helping combat issues such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. CNBC
A provision in the GOP's Covid-19 relief bill aims to give restaurants a lift by allowing business owners a 100% deduction for business meals. Tax experts dispute the efficacy of such a measure, especially as coronavirus cases continue to rise. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Too much.

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Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress that "violent rioters and anarchists" have "hijacked" the protests over George Floyd's death. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Barr has held his own, while Dems looked and sounded like fool.
CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are set to testify before the House Antitrust Subcommittee on Wednesday. CNBC
The plan from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden would use existing funds from previously announced plans in an effort to narrow the generational wealth gaps that exist between White Americans and their Black, Latino, Asian and Native American neighbors. CNBC

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The Democratic mayor of Portland is calling for an immediate meeting with acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and other top officials at the department to "discuss a cease-fire" and the removal of federal officers sent there to quell protests. CNN
VOA VIEW: The mayor will get nothing.
When the Supreme Court extended the 1964 Civil Rights Act to gay and lesbian workers in a landmark June ruling, the justices also protected transgender employees. CNN
An already active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is showing no signs of slowing down, with the next system already knocking on the door of the Caribbean. FOX News
VOA VIEW: This is the bad weather time.
An officer of the National Guard is expected to invoke a whistleblower protection at Tuesday's House hearing probing the use of force during a protest in  Lafayette Square last month, pitting him against President Trump and the acting chief of the U.S. Park Police, who have polar opposite accounts of the same incident.  FOX News
China is calling for dialogue following a statement from Kim Jong Un on Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal. UPI
The Chinese government said Tuesday that Hong Kong will suspend agreements on extradition and mutual legal assistance to Australia, Britain and Canada after those countries ended their deals with Hong Kong. UPI
VOA VIEW: China is making many enemies.
Remington Arms, the country's oldest gun company which is facing a lawsuit from Sandy Hook victims' families, filed for bankruptcy protection in Alabama Monday. UPI

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