Roberts made clear he disagrees with today's abortion decision, but felt that precedent had to be honored LA Times
VOA VIEW: Roberts is a disappointing so-called conservative.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday denounced the “stigma” perpetrated by some about wearing masks as US coronavirus cases surge. The Republican leader weighed in as partisan divisions persist in Washington over whether or not to wear masks  — and as new US infections hit a record high on Friday, driven by spikes in... New York Post
A University of North Carolina Wilmington professor notorious for posting controversial social-media comments will retire in August, the school announced Monday. Professor Mike Adams, who teaches sociology and criminalogy at the college, “has a history of spewing misogynistic, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, racist rhetoric,” says one of several petitions that called for his ouster. He... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Going too far.


City officials said they haven't decided whether to require masks during the Republican National Convention, which is scheduled Aug. 24-27.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: What will be, will be.
The second court appearance in the George Floyd murder case had the judge threatening a gag order and venue change if public comments didn't stop.        USA Today
A video on social media shows a couple pointing guns at protesters marching through a St. Louis neighborhood demanding Mayor Lyda Krewson's resignation.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: People must protect their property.
Senator Chuck Grassley took particular issue with Fox News host Sean Hannity.        USA Today
House Democrats passed their fix to shore up Obamacare on Monday, bringing back a focus on health care before the 2020 election hits full tilt. The bill passed on a 234-179 basis Monday afternoon. "Access to affordable care is a matter of life and death. That's so self-evident as we ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Waste of time.
The biggest cases of the Supreme Court term so far have a surprising common thread. On a court with five Republican appointees, the liberal justices have been in the majority in rulings that make workplace discrimination against gay and transgender people illegal, protect young immigrants from deportation and, ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A major issue and disappointment.


The Supreme Court on Monday dealt a blow to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as conceived by President Barack Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. ABC
VOA VIEW: A good win.
Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the U.S. drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad early this year ABC
VOA VIEW: Fools!
The Supreme Court has refused to block the execution of four federal prison inmates who are scheduled to be put to death in July and August ABC
Georgia legislators on both sides of the asile passed a bill that gives the state's non-violent former felons a chance to expunge their records. ABC
VOA VIEW: Makes no sense.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic has been a “disaster” for Britain ABC
A controversial small-town mayor in Alabama has resigned after complaining online about the University of Alabama football team's support for the Black Lives Matter movement ABC
VOA VIEW: Support for BLM is weak.
The denials follow explosive reports published by the New York Times and the Washington Post detailing the alleged Russian operation. CBS
VOA VIEW: Dems will look as foolish as they are.


It's the court's first major abortion rights decision since two Trump appointees have taken the bench. CBS
Fauci said in an interview for the Aspen Ideas Festival he would "settle" for a coronavirus vaccine that is between 70% and 75% effective. CBS
VOA VIEW: Not good enough for most.
"To get the employment-to-population ratio back to where it was at its peak in 2000 we need to create 30 million jobs," said Torsten Slok, Deutsche Bank's chief economist. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The government has to stop competing by giving $600 per week for doing nothing.
President Donald Trump has ramped up his re-election campaign's Facebook ad spending after falling behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in numerous nationwide polls. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Remember 2016.
Oil prices rose about $1 a barrel on Monday, after bullish data from Asia and Europe, but investors are wary about sharp spikes in new coronavirus infections around the world. CNBC

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During an appearance with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in Dallas, Vice President Mike Pence made a push for wearing a face mask to protect from coronavirus after months of not publicly doing so. CNN's Sarah Westwood has more. CNN
Protesters have set up a guillotine outside a Washington, D.C. complex purportedly owned by Amazon founder, CEO and President Jeff Bezos, according to reports. FOX News
The Navy is banning service members from attending indoor religious services due to the coronavirus and troops could be court-martialed as punishment, a religious freedom law firm tells Fox News. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Make no sense.

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India deployed surface-to-air missiles to its border with China in the Himalayan Mountains after a clash with Chinese troops left 20 Indian soldiers dead. UPI
VOA VIEW: This doesn't look good.

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