As he runs for president, Mr. Biden has repeatedly faced questions about the overseas business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. He has mostly kept his cool — but not always. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Hunter's ineptness is Joe's biggest problem.
The lawyer explains why he now believes that a crime is required for impeachment. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The Dems are wrong.
The 100 U.S. senators who will determine whether to remove President Donald Trump from office at the end of his impeachment trial managed to stay seated and listen to the Democratic case against him for about 20 minutes on Thursday. Rueters
VOA VIEW: The entire show is boring and repetitive.


Actress Annabella Sciorra testified on Thursday that Harvey Weinstein pinned her hands behind her head and violently raped her more than 25 years ago, becoming the first accuser to take the stand against the former Hollywood producer in his sexual assault trial. Rueters
VOA VIEW: A foolish time frame.
Former Vice President Joe Biden leads other candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, while several others appeared to be gaining momentum in their bid for the White House, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll released on Thursday. Rueters
Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said she was "stunned" by remarks given by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler       USA Today
A storm system is developing in the Central U.S. with icy and snowy conditions to the north and heavy rain and even thunderstorms in the South. ABC
VOA VIEW: It's starting to feel like winter.
The metaphorical clock is now set at two minutes before midnight catastrophe. ABC
VOA VIEW: Not real - just an assumption.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg can talk to about divesting from fossil fuels "after she goes and studies economics." ABC
VOA VIEW: A true point.


The new State Department rule says it doesn't believe visiting the U.S. "for the primary purpose of obtaining U.S. citizenship for a child, by giving birth in the [U.S.], ... is a legitimate activity for pleasure or of a recreational nature." CBS
VOA VIEW: A good move.
The House managers presented their case against the president on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. CBS
VOA VIEW: Fools!
The president has long lamented that environmental regulations are too onerous, but environmentalists are concerned the new rule are condemning the new rule as "scientifically indefensible and socially unjust." CBS
Liberal billionaire George Soros slammed Trump and China on Thursday at his annual dinner on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal stupidity.

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This week, snack brand Planters released a dramatic video showing the apparent death of its mascot, Mr. Peanut. By the end of the day Wednesday, Mr. Peanut's death had taken over social media. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Good publicity.
The White House has started work on a second round of tax cuts even as the budget deficit continues to grow, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday. CNBC
Executives at Fox News shielded the channel's audience on Wednesday night from the impeachment trial proceedings playing out in the United States Senate, instead choosing to air its regular bloc of opinion programming which is strongly supportive of President Donald Trump. CNN
VOA VIEW: The so-called trial was very repetitive and boring - good for CNN viewers.


Utah became the 19th and most conservative state to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy on children under 18 after a new rule went into effect Wednesday that now punishes medical experts for practicing the widely discredited method of attempting to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Someone should help the youth.
Withdrawal agreement bill receives royal assent, leaving Tories cheering and SNP angryFollow all the latest political news on our live blogBoris Johnson’s Brexit deal has become law after it received royal assent from the Queen, having cleared all its stages in parliament.Tory MPs cheered the deputy speaker Nigel Evans as he confirmed in the House of Commons on Thursday that there was now a European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act. Guardian
Democrats on Thursday pressed their case at U.S. President Donald Trump's Senate trial for removing him from office by using the words of his own allies against him to make the point that his actions constituted impeachment offenses, but his fellow Republicans showed no signs of turning against him. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Dems are taking information out of context and lying.
The Trump administration finalized a rule on Thursday to pare back the types of waterways protected from pollution under federal law, easing burdens on industries like agriculture and mining but angering environmental groups. Reuters
The United States on Thursday said it blacklisted two companies based in Hong Kong, one in Shanghai and one in Dubai for helping Iran's state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) export millions of dollars of goods in violation of U.S. sanctions. Reuters

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World leaders voiced alarm at resurgent anti-Semitism on Thursday as they gathered at Israel's national Holocaust Memorial to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz. Reuters
VOA VIEW: About time.
John Stumpf, the former CEO of Wells Fargo, must pay a $17.5 million fine for the bank's creation of thousands of fake customer accounts, the U.S. government announced Thursday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Interesting change of fate.
A vote by the Iraqi parliament to expel U.S. troops in the country raises concerns about whether their absence will leave minority communities vulnerable to attacks by the Islamic State. UPI
VOA VIEW: And much more.

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A group of insurance providers has pledged to spend $55 million to create a new non-profit company to manufacture generic prescription drugs at lower costs. UPI
More Americans are now dissatisfied with some aspect of U.S. abortion laws than they have ever been, Gallup said in a new survey. UPI
VOA VIEW: The abortion laws are getting too much.
North Korea may not be issuing anti-American stamps this year, a possible sign the regime is interested in resuming dialogue with the United States. UPI
VOA VIEW: About time.
Sweeping tax reform plans offered by Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders would adversely affect the U.S. economy by the end of the decade, an analysis by Penn Wharton said. UPI
VOA VIEW: The fools have lost.

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