Byun Hui-su, a staff sergeant who underwent gender assignment surgery, was dismissed from the military due to 'mental and physical disability.' LA Times
VOA VIEW: It had to be.
"It's not as though Mr. Avenatti dropped out of the sky and somehow had this huge public following," Judge Paul Gardephe told prosecutors during a nearly five hour hearing as they hashed out logistics before next week's trial. " New York Post
President Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow on Wednesday questioned why Democrats need more documents and witness testimony when they already have enough information to present hour upon hour of evidence. “We just went through two and a half hours of laying out their case to go with the 11 hours laying out their case last night.... New York Post
VOA VIEW: No more documents are needed if they say they have enough to impeach.


Downcast Democrats have virtually abandoned all hope that the witnesses they want will testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial. In a marathon debate on Tuesday which lasted until 2 a.m., 11 amendments submitted by Democrats to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s impeachment rules were voted-down along party lines. “I have to say, most... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The circus must end ASAP.
U.N. experts lent their weight to allegations that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince hacked the cellphone of Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, to “influence, if not silence,” its reporting. New York Times
With three of his top rivals pinned down at the Senate impeachment trial, Mr. Buttigieg has seized the opportunity to camp out in the state, largely below the radar. New York Times
VOA VIEW: A waste of time.
Beijing has responded faster to the new threat than it did with SARS, but it still silences and punishes those who veer from the official line, with potentially damaging consequences. New York Times
A day after they seemed to have brokered a truce, Joe Biden released a video criticizing “Bernie’s negative attacks” and Bernie Sanders responded with one blasting his rival’s record on Social Security. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Two liberal fools hurting each other.
The contamination of U.S. drinking water with man-made "forever chemicals" is far worse than previously estimated with some of the highest levels found in Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans, said a report on Wednesday by an environmental watchdog group. Rueters


Democrats accused President Donald Trump at the start of his impeachment trial on Wednesday of a corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine to help him get re-elected and warned that America's global prestige will suffer if the U.S. Senate acquits him. Rueters
VOA VIEW: Foolish Dems.
Troubled that former American spies are plying their trade for foreign governments, Congress has passed new legislation requiring U.S. spy agencies to provide an annual assessment detailing the risks such conduct poses for national security. Rueters
VOA VIEW: A needed law.
Democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard sued Hillary Clinton for defamation on Wednesday, seeking at least $50 million in damages for harming her reputation by suggesting last year that one of the party's White House contenders was a "Russian asset." Rueters
U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday ruled out a so-called witness trade in which Republicans call witnesses Democrats want in exchange for former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden testifying in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Rueters
VOA VIEW: It shows Biden is scared.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex are not amused the paparazzi still pursue them, nor that British media still publish their pictures.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: This is only the beginning of reality.
Sen. Bernie Sanders surged into first place in a new CNN poll, the first time a CNN poll did not find Joe Biden alone at the top since the race began.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Sanders cannot win.
Federal officials investigating practices at two Iowa care centers say they plan to visit next month and have asked the state for extensive documents, Iowa Department of Human Services officials said Wednesday. The state learned in November the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating ... Washington Times


The Senate passed a bill earlier this week that would allow a person who changed their sex to have a new birth certificate issued, something that the transgender community said will help eliminate problems experienced when their legal identification doesn't match their transition. Senate Bill 657 would ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Foolish paper work.
There's no keeping porn star Stormy Daniels and President Donald Trump out of California attorney Michael Avenatti's extortion case, a judge said Wednesday as he ordered the trial to commence Monday and refused the government's insistence that he ban mention of Daniels and Trump. The protests of ... Washington Times
A proposal by Democratic lawmakers in Delaware to outlaw homemade "ghost guns," which can't be traced by law enforcement agents because they don't have serial numbers or are fashioned from parts created with 3-D printers, has cleared its first legislative hurdle. A Democrat-led House committee voted ... Washington Times
He's delivering his pro-life message of support in person this time. President Trump will attend the upcoming March for Life on the National Mall on Friday, a massive annual event which has drawn as many as 500,000 participants in past years. "We are deeply honored to welcome President Trump ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Interesting point.
DC attorney general's office sues Trump inaugural committee for alleged abuse of nonprofit status ABC
VOA VIEW: More liberal obstruction.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are continuing to spar over support for Social Security spending, as the final push to the Iowa caucuses begins. ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems are cutting each other.
The Trump administration is coming out with new visa restrictions aimed at restricting a practice known as “birth tourism ABC
VOA VIEW: As US should.
The days of passengers bringing rabbits, turtles and birds on planes as emotional-support animals could be ending ABC
VOA VIEW: It's about time - the less or none is better.

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The US has warned it could taxing UK car exports if UK's tech tax goes ahead. BBC
A new Princeton study shows that on average, middle-aged white people with limited education are dying younger from suicide, drug overdoses and alcohol-related deaths due to job despair. Mark Strassmann reports from South Carolina. CBS
A Marist poll commissioned by the Knights of Columbus found 65% of Americans are more likely to support candidates in 2020 who allow abortion at most in the first three months of a pregnancy. CBS
VOA VIEW: Fear tactics from the left.
A new Toyota recall covers 2.9 million vehicles, including some Corolla, Matrix and Avalon models. Toyota said an electronic glitch can result in air bags not deploying in crashes. CBS
VOA VIEW: A major problem and mess.
The president has repeatedly taken the Fed and Chair Jerome Powell to task for aggressively raising rates. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The Fed has cost.
The District of Columbia alleges in a new lawsuit that the nonprofit Presidential Inaugural Committee violated the ban against using a nonprofit to enrich a private individual when it paid Trump's hotel more than $1 million to rent the ballroom for two events. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal thought only.
Ukrainian officials are preparing for the visit, scheduled for Jan. 30-31. CNBC
House impeachment managers begin making their case for removing President Donald Trump from office on Wednesday following a marathon opening session in the Senate's impeachment trial to approve the rules of the trial. CNN
VOA VIEW: Standard sleep-fest.
George Conway told CNN's Jake Tapper that President Donald Trump is a "pathological liar" and is incapable of telling the truth, even when it benefits him. CNN
VOA VIEW: George is a common anti Trump liberal.
The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted to repeal a law that compelled companies seeking city contracts to disclose whether they had ties to the National Rifle Association. FOX News
The time of year has arrived where American football celebrates its legacy with a final play off, attracting celebrities, super fans and hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. But with the massive numbers of travelers pouring into Miami this year for the event, the Feds are stepping in, training airport employees on security measures to combat trafficking at one of Florida’s busiest airports. As a record 90,000 travelers pour in and out of the party city, over 600 airport employees are getting on board with the training at what they call the gateway to the Americas. They hope their efforts will help stop criminal activity on the frontlines of entry. FOX News
The lead Democratic prosecutor accused President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday of setting up a corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine to help him win re-election this coming November. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Same crap heard many times before.
The U.S. Supreme Court appeared divided on Wednesday in a major legal battle over taxpayer funds going to religious schools, with Chief Justice John Roberts emerging as the potential pivotal vote in a Montana case that could open the door to more public aid for faith-based institutions. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, Roberts doesn't act foolish.
Iran's president told European powers on Wednesday not to copy the United States by undermining Tehran's strained nuclear pact with world powers, and said Tehran would not seek nuclear weapons whether or not the deal survived. Reuters
VOA VIEW: The so-called pact is over - Iran should wake up to the US.
U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday did not slam the door shut on the possibility of Joe Biden or his son Hunter testifying in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, but he said there was no need to hear from anyone unrelated to the charges. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Foolish saying.
U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he would prefer a longer impeachment trial so that current and former top administration officials could testify, but that having them appear would present national security concerns. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Makes sense.
U.S. President Donald Trump met with Pakistani and Iraqi leaders and spoke to the press before leaving the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Good - more than Dems accomplished the last two day.

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