On Saturday, Americans will mark the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Here's a look back at the deadly attack.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: As it should be.
Pete Buttigieg has a nondisclosure agreement that keeps his consulting work for McKinsey & Company a secret. LA Times
VOA VIEW: So he says.
The US will not designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups, President Trump said Thursday — after threatening to do so last month. Trump announced he would scrap the plan in two tweets Friday, saying he had discussed the matter with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “All necessary work has been completed to declare Mexican... New York Post
“The test of a first-rate intelligence,” F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote, “is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” I make no claim to being a first-rate intelligence. I’m not even sure I can claim to function on many days. Regardless, I... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Take it to the bank.


President Trump and his allies are pushing debunked claims of corruption by Mr. Biden as a counternarrative to impeachment. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Sounds like a effective and realistic tactic.
A member of the Saudi Air Force visiting the United States for military training is the suspect in a shooting that killed four people and injured eight at a U.S. Navy base in Florida on Friday, the state governor and other officials said. Rueters
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn clashed over Brexit on Friday in the last televised debate before next week's election that will determine the path for Britain's departure from the European Union. Rueters
McDougal's lawsuit alleges the network allowed its host Tucker Carlson to make "demonstrably false" accusations against her.        USA Today
The Supreme Court temporarily blocked the Trump administration from resuming federal executions, in a setback for Attorney General William Barr.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Questionable!


Trump's shakedown of Zelensky looks a lot like a payoff to Putin that's also an invitation for help in 2020. The remedy is impeachment and removal.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Dumb fake news.
The U.S. government has announced a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Mexican drug lord Fausto Isidro Meza Flores. He heads the Meza Flores drug cartel, which is named after him. He is better known by his nickname “El Chapo Isidro,” ... Washington Times
The winter flu season in the United States is off to its earliest start in more than 15 years ABC
The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows continued signs of growth in the U.S. economy. ABC
VOA VIEW: Thank Trump.

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President Donald Trump and three of his children are asking the Supreme Court to shield records held by Deutsche Bank and Capital One from House Democrats ABC
VOA VIEW: It will happen.
Three people are dead, including the gunman, after a shooting on the Florida Navy base. CBS
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday put a temporary hold on a court ruling that would require records held by Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp to be handed over to Democratic-led congressional panels. CNBC
VOA VIEW: As it should be.


California Rep. Duncan Hunter who pleaded guilty in federal court to a single felony count of misuse of campaign funds said Friday said he will resign after the holidays. CNBC
"They certainly don't need to ease to help the labor market. It's doing great all by itself," says former Fed vice chairman Donald Kohn. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Facts are facts.
Haley went on to say that the national media, which "came in in droves" after the shooting, "wanted to make it about racism." CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal PC view.
Democrats should consider at least four burning questions before moving forward with impeachment. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It would be desperation foolishness.
A group of moderate Democrats are growing impatient with leadership, warning that any effort to include charges that the President obstructed justice in potential articles of impeachment could severely hurt the frontline members who help make a majority of the caucus, according to conversations with Democratic aides and members. CNN

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Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, one of two Democrats to vote against formalizing the impeachment inquiry, said he plans to vote against all the articles of impeachment "unless there's something that I haven't seen, haven't heard before." CNN
VOA VIEW: Smart move.
A senior adviser at the State Department once said he thought then-President Barack Obama was a Kenyan and called House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi a Nazi whose Botox had worn off. CNN
Counsel Pat Cipollone: ‘You should end this inquiry now’Judiciary committee to hold hearing on Trump on MondayUS politics live – rolling coverageCalling the impeachment proceedings “completely baseless”, the White House on Friday dismissed a Democratic invitation for Donald Trump to participate in hearings in the House of Representatives, which the president has framed as a partisan escapade. Related: Pressure builds for Giuliani as associate enters talks over potential plea deal Guardian
VOA VIEW: It would be foolish to play in the hands of Dems.

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The White House said on Friday it would refuse to take part in hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives set for next week that will consider what articles of impeachment to bring against President Donald Trump. Reuters
Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg said on Friday that Donald Trump would easily defeat any of his Democratic White House rivals in next year's election, bluntly declaring: "Donald Trump would eat 'em up." Reuters
VOA VIEW: Including Bloomberg.
Republicans on the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee want Hunter Biden, Democratic congressman Adam Schiff and a whistleblower to be among the witnesses they want to testify at impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump, the top Republican on the panel said in a letter on Friday. Reuters
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee urged Uber Technologies Inc to take action after the company disclosed on Thursday it received over 3,000 reports of sexual assault related to its 1.3 billion rides in the United States last year. Reuters
Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Friday that a Dec. 15 deadline is still in place to impose a new round of U.S. tariffs on Chinese consumer goods, but President Donald Trump likes where trade talks with China are going. Reuters
VOA VIEW: China must not get off the hook.
Democratic presidential hopeful and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in good physical health for her age of 70, her physician said in a medical report Friday. UPI
North Korea could be expanding its social media monitoring operations to track developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain, according to a South Korean press report. UPI
More than four out of every 10 American families have at least one member with a pre-existing medical condition, a new survey said Friday. UPI
Judges in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have lifted several injunctions that blocked a rule change by the Trump administration that's designed to limit government benefits to immigrants. UPI
VOA VIEW: They feared rebuffed by the Supreme Court.

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