California Sen. Kamala Harris says she expects impeachment proceedings to move quickly in the House because of growing evidence President Donald Trump has committed ... Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Harris is a hypocrite.
North Korea said Thursday it has carried out its first underwater-launched ballistic missile test in three years, in an apparent bid to dial up pressure on the United States ahead of ... Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Un and NK should be isolated and Trump should not meet.
On a recent day in a remodeled brick church in the Rio Grande Valley, a caregiver tried to soothe a toddler, offering him a sippy cup. Las Vegas Sun


Energy Secretary Rick Perry is expected to step down next month, a report said Thursday. Perry’s expected departure in November is unrelated to his contact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Politico reported, citing two people familiar with his plans. Still, Perry, who met with Zelensky three times while in office, said Wednesday that he would... New York Post
Criticism is mounting against Rep. Adam Schiff for his handling of the whistleblower complaint — and how he’s conducting the Trump impeachment inquiry. Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chair leading the impeachment proceedings, was ripped Thursday over the closed-door testimony of former US envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan stormed out of... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Schiff is a conniving liar.
Fiery freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will take the stand in Brooklyn federal court next month — to explain to a judge why she blocks people on Twitter. The Bronx-born congresswoman will testify at a Nov. 5 hearing as part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who claims the Democratic darling wrongfully... New York Post
VOA VIEW: AOC is a nut case.
Scottish whisky makers, Spanish vintners and French dairy farmers were among those wringing their hands Thursday, anticipating a hit from US tariffs on their goods later this month. The concern follows Wednesday’s ruling by the World Trade Organization in favor of the US on a longstanding dispute with the EU involving subsidies. New York Post
The Midwest mayor is making an appeal to rural voters and hoping a massive ground game delivers a top-tier caucus finish. New York Times
Facebook Inc Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg defended his decision to encrypt the company's messaging services on Thursday, despite concerns about its impact on child exploitation and other criminal activity. Rueters
VOA VIEW: It's indefensible.


The timing of the decision draws fresh attention to American military assistance that has been at the center of the Trump-Ukraine scandal.       USA Today
A CNN spokesperson said that the Trump campaign ad attacking Biden does not meet its advertising standards because it includes "demonstrably false" claims.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: CNN should be fined for and have all political commercials banned.
Trump 'hasn’t figured out that when you solicit the help of a foreign government to interfere in the election of the President of the United States, you may be impeached' Harris stated.        USA Today
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's declaration of an impeachment inquiry is barely a week old, and it's already running into serious challenges on the legal front. A top Republican told a federal judge Thursday that Mrs. Pelosi's move is only words and carries no real weight. It can't for example, unlock ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Pelosi would be wise to drop her crusade,

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came to Foggy Bottom last year vowing to get the State Department "its swagger back," a motto that was music to the ears of career diplomats after the plunging morale that gripped the department during the brief tenure of President Trump's first secretary of state, ... Washington Times
As Sen. Bernie Sanders recovers from a heart procedure to clear a clogged artery, his campaign promises he will be on the debate stage in less than two weeks. ABC
VOA VIEW: Sanders should face the facts - he will not be president.
Attorney General Bill Barr and officials from the U.K. and Australia have penned a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. ABC
VOA VIEW: Facebook must be split.


Britain's latest proposals for leaving the EU fall short of what is required to get a deal, the bloc's leaders say. BBC
Russian president Vladimir Putin said there was a need to be "realistic" about renewable energy. BBC
Two years after the deadly Las Vegas shooting, MGM Resorts International will pay up to $800 million to settle a lawsuit with victims and families of those killed. As Mireya Villarreal reports, thousands will be eligible. CBS
VOA VIEW: A lot of money.
President Trump publicly urged not one, but two nations to investigate Joe Biden and his son. That prompted the chair of the Federal Election Commission, to tweet that it's illegal for anyone to solicit or accept anything of value from a foreign nation in connection with a U.S. election. Weijia Jiang reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: Trump should be careful in how he says things.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday publicly live streamed a Q&A session with his employees after recordings from a similar meeting in July were leaked and published earlier this week. CNBC

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Former Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday at a fundraiser in Palo Alto, California that his campaign raised $15 million in the third quarter. CNBC
Trump suggested pharmaceutical companies could be helping to drive "the hoax," what he calls the House's impeachment inquiry. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It may be true.
The former US special envoy for Ukraine told House lawmakers on Thursday that he warned President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani that the information he was receiving from Ukrainian political figures about former Vice President Joe Biden and his son was not credible, The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing two people familiar with his testimony. CNN
VOA VIEW: Volker was no the squealer the Dems thought.

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Frustrated with news coverage, Trump suggests launching own network. This poll number proves how powerful Trump's misinformation machine really is CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN false information.
CNN's Miguel Marquez talks to voters in Michigan about the impeachment inquiry President Donald Trump is facing. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is scared of a Trump 2020 victory.
George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, criticized President Trump's "erratic behavior" and says Trump is "unfit to be president" in a new op-ed published in The Atlantic. CNN's Jake Tapper reports. CNN
VOA VIEW: Conway and CNN are on the same page - back stupidity page.
House Democrats’ ramped-up efforts to investigate President Trump have redoubled support for the president of some of his most loyal champions. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Older people are more knowledgeable.
Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says PM’s pledge of no hard border contradicts written proposalJean-Claude Juncker has called on the British government to publish its Brexit plan in full after Boris Johnson was accused by Ireland’s prime minister of misleading parliament over the impact on the Irish border.The move came on a dramatic day during which Johnson’s hopes of securing a deal by the time of a crunch summit appeared to unravel: Continue reading... Guardian
Carrie Lam warned against ‘slip towards authoritarianism’ as leak reveals police relaxed guidelines on lethal force Hong Kong’s leader plans to use harsh colonial-era emergency powers for the first time, banning face masks in a bid to curb the city’s protests.Opposition politicians warned it represented a slide towards authoritarianism and risked further inflaming tensions. Continue reading... Guardian
The US was previously one of the largest donors to the Palestinians and the PA, providing upwards of half-a-billion dollars a year through the United Nations and other venues. Jerusalem Post
VOA VIEW: The Palestinians a losing more and more.
If China were to act on U.S. President Donald Trump's surprising request on Thursday to start an investigation into Democratic rival Joe Biden and his family, it would be breaking one of its stated rules: do not meddle in another nation's internal politics. Reuters
U.S. President Donald Trump's public attacks on the unidentified whistleblower at the center of a Democratic-led impeachment inquiry are complicating negotiations for the person to testify to Congress, according to three people familiar with the matter. Reuters
VOA VIEW: False excuses.
A new survey Thursday indicates President Donald Trump's job approval rating among Americans is higher than his support as a person. UPI
VOA VIEW: Liberal findings - Trumps rating are higher than being reported.

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