Congressional Democrats pressed President Donald Trump on Monday to intervene with Senate Republicans and demand passage of a bipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun purchases ... Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Trump should make no deal with Dems.
Fifty U.S. states and territories, led by Texas, announced an investigation into Google's "potential monopolistic behavior." The Monday announcement closely followed one from a separate group of states ... Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Google must be stopped.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday offered a rosy view of the US economy, minimized the impact of President Trump’s trade war with China — and teased a “middle-class tax cut” as the 2020 election looms. “I think there’s no question the US economy is in very good shape. As we look around the world,... New York Post
VOA VIEW: It is the truth - Dems and the liberal media hate the truth and the US.


It’s good news for dateless teens everywhere. A new study by the University of Georgia found that teenagers who don’t date are less depressed and fared better or equal to their dating peers. The study found that adolescents in middle and high school who were’t dating were far from awkward misanthropes, but had good social... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Questionable!
American intelligence officials had previously tried to extract the source from Russia in 2016, but the informant had initially refused. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Thanks to Dems.
A federal judge on Monday ordered Facebook Inc to face most of a nationwide lawsuit seeking damages for letting third parties such as Cambridge Analytica access users' private data, calling the social media company's views on privacy "so wrong." Rueters
VOA VIEW: Good, they must be stopped.
The U.S. House Judiciary Committee plans to hold hearings and seek documents into the Justice Department's decision to open an antitrust investigation into four major automakers' voluntary agreement with California to adopt compromise vehicle emissions requirements. Rueters
VOA VIEW: The Dems have no shame.
A new AT&T investor, which owns the company that CNN is under, announced Monday he wants to make changes to AT&T.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: CNN is a mess.
After a supporter used an offensive term to talk about the president at her event, Kamala Harris laughed and said "Well said."        USA Today


The endorsements of immigration attorney Jessica Cisneros in southern Texas and marketing consultant Marie Newman in the Chicagoland district offer Warren, a Massachusetts senator, an opportunity to underscore her alliance with the more liberal wing of the Democratic party.        USA Today
Sometimes the art of the deal is turning down the deal on the table. Critics feared President Trump's career as real-estate mogul turned reality-TV star would find him all too ready in the Oval Office to accept foreign policy offers that promised favorable coverage and won a few news cycles. ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: America First.
The National Rifle Association sued San Francisco on Monday over the city's recent declaration that the gun-rights lobby is a "domestic terrorist organization." The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, accuses city officials of violating the gun lobby's free speech rights for political reasons ... Washington Times
Republican Sen. Martha McSally says it was a mistake for state GOP chairman Kelli Ward to write in a fundraising email that the party would stop Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly "dead in his tracks." McSally responded to the Ward's email Monday in an interview on Phoenix ... Washington Times

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NOAA’s Acting Chief Scientist announced an investigation into a NOAA statement backing Trump over its own experts at the National Weather Service. ABC
The number of migrants found crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has continued to decline in recent weeks. ABC
North Korea has said it was willing to meet with the U.S. in late September to resume talks focused on its nuclear weapons program. ABC
VOA VIEW: NK cannot be trusted.


Poverty a "life-threatening issue for millions of people," Sen. Bernie Sanders says of government's longevity findings CBS
VOA VIEW: Less stress.
The "Keep America Great" rally comes one day before a special election in the state CBS
President Trump said the alternative to Camp David was the White House, and he didn't like that idea CBS
VOA VIEW: The Taliban are an evil group.
The ratings service said Ford's outlook remains stable, but its cash flow and profit margins are below expectations and the performance of peer companies in the auto industry CNBC
Nearly all the nation's state attorneys general are probing Big Tech companies, which will likely put pressure on federal investigators. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The large tech companies have to be controlled.

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Wendy's plans to invest about $20 million to support its U.S. stores to prepare for the nationwide launch of breakfast. CNBC
President Donald Trump seemed to contradict his acting Customs and Border Protection head Monday over what would happen to Bahamian refugees landing in the US without proper documentation. CNN
VOA VIEW: As it should be.
The Trump campaign is fending off questions about recent actions and comments from campaign manager Brad Parscale amid a torrent of criticism over the last few weeks from advisers inside the President's expansive cutthroat network of confidants and aides. CNN

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It's a wrenching scene that plays out every time a natural disaster strikes. Thousands of people are homeless and searching for refuge, and many of them end up on America's doorstep. CNN
VOA VIEW: It has to be reality.
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci reacts to President Trump's feud with with John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen. CNN
VOA VIEW: Scaramucci is a loser.
The Chinese woman accused of illegally entering President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort with several electronic devices and then lying to the Secret Service about it is finally about to have her day in federal court -- but the bizarre case took an even stranger turn Monday when jury selection was reportedly interrupted by the defendant's lack of underwear. FOX News
Fresh setback for PM as he moves to shut down parliament for five weeksBrexit latest – liveBoris Johnson shut down parliament in the early hours of Tuesday morning following his sixth parliamentary defeat in six days, as MPs voted to block a snap election and to force the publication of No 10’s secret preparations for a no-deal Brexit.The prime minister moved to stop parliament sitting for five weeks and repeatedly refused to countenance any delay to leaving the EU, even though the bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit on 31 October passed into law on Monday and MPs refused him a general election before that date. Guardian
North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles on Tuesday morning, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said, hours after a senior diplomat announced Pyongyang would be willing to resume negotiations with the United States later in September. Reuters
VOA VIEW: NK cannot be thought as being seriously wanting peace.
President Donald Trump dismissed three Republican challengers to his 2020 re-election as "the Three Stooges" on Monday and expressed doubt about ever agreeing to meet them on a debate stage. Reuters
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
A U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee will hear testimony this month about a lack of transparency in the federal courts, with a focus on judges who routinely keep important evidence secret at the public's expense. Reuters
The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee said on Monday it will consider steps this week to formalize an investigation that could lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Fools!
A federal judge on Monday reinstated a nationwide injunction on the Trump administration's asylum ban. UPI
VOA VIEW: A liberal fool.
Major U.S. stock markets reverted from earlier gains at the end of trading Monday afternoon. UPI
VOA VIEW: The Dems want to leave the country broke.
The existence of extraterrestrial flying objects is one of the longest enduring conspiracy theories in history, and a new survey says almost two-thirds of Americans believe the government knows more than it's saying. UPI
VOA VIEW: The must be some secrets.

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