The first tropical system to slam the US this year is expected to make landfall as a hurricane. But days before landfall, it was already walloping New Orleans with widespread flooding. CNN
VOA VIEW: Prayers are also powerful.
Some are watching old video of his previous testimony. Others are closely re-reading his 448-page report. Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Dems will act and look stupid - if it happens.
The United States admonished world powers seeking to preserve a deal with Iran on its atomic program on Wednesday not to give in to "nuclear extortion" from Tehran, which has ... Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Listening to Iran would be foolish.


By the time a new federal shelter opened for migrant youths in this central Texas oilfield town last month, hundreds of children had been stuck for weeks in squalid Border Patrol stations. But now the number of child migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has decreased, the backlog in Border... LA Times
A panel of federal judges in New Orleans sharply questioned attorneys defending the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, signaling that the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals may throw out at least part of the 2010 law. That would set the stage for another showdown before the Supreme Court, which has... LA Times
A senior military officer has accused the Air Force general tapped to be the next vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of sexual misconduct, potentially jeopardizing his nomination. Members of Congress have raised questions about the allegations and the military investigation that found insufficient evidence to charge him. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
The governor of Louisiana on Wednesday declared a state of emergency over a storm that’s already caused severe flooding in New Orleans. The treacherous system, which is spinning in the Gulf of Mexico, is expected to make landfall in the Pelican State on Saturday, either as a tropical depression or as a tropical storm nicknamed... New York Post
The Federal Reserve should demonstrate its independence by cutting interest rates — because the economy needs the help. New York Times
Federal Reserve officials argued the pros and cons of a possible policy tool that allows banks to borrow from the U.S. central bank using Treasuries and other securities as collateral, minutes of the Fed's June policy meeting released on Wednesday showed. Rueters


U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Wednesday that Facebook's plan to build a digital currency called Libra "cannot go forward" until serious concerns are addressed, comments that pressured the project and dented the price of the original cryptocurrency bitcoin. Rueters
VOA VIEW: Facebook is trying to flex its muscle.
"After everything America has done for Omar, and her family, she hates this country more than ever," Tucker Carlson said on his show Tuesday night.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Omar is an idiot.
Trump’s address, covering policies ranging from marine debris to hunting on public lands, comes as environmental issues are gaining traction in the 2020 presidential campaign. Washington Post
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is facing calls for resignation for his role in Jeffrey Epstein's plea agreement. ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems make their own rules.

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Sarah McBride, a prominent transgender activist, announced Tuesday that she is running for a seat in the Delaware State Senate. ABC
VOA VIEW: So be it, if it happens.
Hawaii Gov. David Ige declined to veto the bill, allowing it to become law. ABC
The US says it is concerned French plans for a 3% tax on tech giants unfairly target US firms. BBC
VOA VIEW: The French may be making a bad move.


The nation's central bank chief threw cold water on the idea that the current job market is the "strongest ever" CBS
VOA VIEW: Powell is a fool.
U.S. lawmakers weighed reforming pot laws in what advocates called a "historic" hearing Wednesday, with numerous members of Congress saying they wanted to loosen federal laws, even legalize marijuana. CNBC
"This was next-level in terms of the absolute deluge of water coming down so fast," a teacher visiting New Orleans said of the heavy rain that caused the flooding. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A serious problem.
Kim Jong Un's regime may be planning to make a move against a former US Marine accused of leading a raid on North Korea's embassy in Madrid. CNN
VOA VIEW: NK better not make a foolish move.
Five armed Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps boats unsuccessfully tried to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf Wednesday, according to two US officials with direct knowledge of the incident. CNN
VOA VIEW: Iran is pushing to have a confrontation with the US.

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Theresa May said to be considering controversial step of appointing new envoyKim Darroch: urbane diplomat who knew how to throw a partyBoris Johnson is under pressure over his role in Sir Kim Darroch’s resignation as British ambassador to Washington, with critics accusing the likely next prime minister of throwing the envoy “under the bus”.In a shock move which prompted the senior civil servant at the Foreign Office to call an all-staff meeting to reassure “shaken” diplomats, Darroch announced on Wednesday he could no longer continue in his role following a leak of official cables in which he criticised Donald Trump. Guardian
“I will not allow the uprooting of any settlement or any settler,” Netanyahu said as he stood under strobe lights on a temporary stage set up on an empty lot in the Revava settlement. Jerusalem Post
A second U.S. judge has rejected a Department of Justice request to replace its legal team in cases on the 2020 census as the Trump administration tries to add a contentious citizenship question. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Time will tell the final outcome.

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U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered an investigation into France's planned tax on technology companies, a probe that could lead to the United States imposing new tariffs or other trade restrictions. Reuters
VOA VIEW: A foolish French move.
A small majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump is a strong and decisive leader, but more than two-thirds find him to be dishonest, a Gallup poll released Wednesday indicates. UPI
VOA VIEW: False info from the left.
Revenues at the U.S. Treasury Department have so far fallen short of projections, leading to fears the United States may breach its debt ceiling far sooner than first expected, a new analysis shows. UPI
Authorities said Wednesday Libyan government forces have discovered multiple U.S.-made Javelin anti-tank missiles in rebel hands, prompting new concern about covert and illegal arm sales. UPI

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