President Donald Trump was dismissive about the future political prospects of former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, saying in an Oval Office interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday that the Democrat could not defeat incumbent U.S. Sen. David Perdue in a statewide battle.  Atlanta Journal
VOA VIEW: Abrams is a fool with no chance winning.
The House intelligence committee will launch a broad new investigation looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election and President Donald Trump's foreign financial interests, Chairman Adam Schiff announced Wednesday, moving ahead with the aggressive oversight that Democrats have promised. Baltimore Sun
VOA VIEW: Schiff is an idiot.
Robert Barnes has been a reporter and editor at The Washington Post for more than 30 years. For the past 12, he has covered the Supreme Court . This week he experienced something he says was a first in his career: a storm of commentators, many anonymous, swarming his social media accounts and email. Baltimore Sun
VOA VIEW: Ginsburg should retire.


A Honduran citizen convicted and deported for multiple sex offenses on Wednesday was charged for illegally re-entering the U.S., according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Southern District of Texas. Marvin Mejia Ramos, who the federal prosecutor's office says has also operated under the names Ricardo Morales Rodriguez and Martin Jose Ramirez, was convicted in 2007 in California for sexual abuse and lewd acts on a child, according to court records. Houston Chronicle
A recent California Supreme Court decision that makes it harder for companies to misclassify workers as independent contractors will negatively affect strippers, who in most cases would be better off as independent contractors, argued adult film star Stormy Daniels in a Tuesday op-ed. FOX News
All along, the White House had hoped that President Donald Trump's torment over Russia would end with Robert Mueller's final report. CNN
VOA VIEW: Its called Dem obstruction and waste.
President Trump mocked House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) after he announced a broad investigation into President Trump's finances. CNN
I am a retired U.S. Marine who served 22 years and I am experienced in force protection. Yes, barriers are an important part of security, and built properly, in the correct locations, they are deterrents. Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: A wall will save money and lives.
Only days ago, Democrats believed they had an obvious fix for a sudden political crisis after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was found to have a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page. The solution came with moral clarity and easy resolve: Northam had to go. Moral clarity has gotten a lot. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Dems are at a loss.


The House Intelligence Committee, now under Democratic control, said Wednesday it intended to expand its work to probe any alleged foreign influence over President Trump, whether it comes from Moscow or anywhere else. The decision ensures ongoing headaches for the White House. LA Times
VOA VIEW: More foolish waste.
A senior Russian diplomat says that another U.S.-Russian nuclear pact is in danger following the U.S. move to withdraw from a Cold War-era arms control treaty according to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei. Miami Herald
The federal government has turned a small Arizona border city into a prison-like “battle setting” — with countless rows of razor wire stacked across its entire southern border wall, according to officials. “In Nogales we are used to seeing the federal government make decisions about our surroundings,” said Evan Kory, a local who spoke out. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.
President Trump Wednesday railed against Democratic leadership in New York and suggested upstate New Yorkers will find prosperity only by moving out of state. “If New York isn’t going to treat them better, I would recommend they go to another state where they can get a great job,” Trump said in an interview. New York Post

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Casting socialism as a threat could become the kind of rhetorical touchstone of President Trump’s re-election campaign that sounding the alarm about “criminal illegal aliens” was in 2016. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Socialism is a major battle.
Prime Minister Theresa May was in Brussels on Thursday to plead with EU leaders to change the Brexit divorce deal she negotiated last year, in order to get it through parliament, after they offered little hope they were willing to do so. Rueters
Germany's antitrust watchdog ordered a crackdown on Facebook's data collection practices after ruling the world's largest social network abused its market dominance to gather information about users without their knowledge or consent. Rueters


San Diego City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to repeal a 35-year-old law that has made it illegal for people to live inside vehicles. Supporters of the repeal say they hope it will be a key step toward ending the local criminalization of homelessness. “It’s in line with a number of homeless people we have. San Diego Tribune
President Donald Trump told regional reporters he wants more legal immigration because additional workers are needed by companies returning to U.S.         USA Today
The cost of President Trump’s deployment of active-duty troops and National Guard forces to the U.S.-Mexico border could approach the milestone by the end of the fiscal year if the missions continue apace until then, Department of Defense figures and independent reports say. Washington Post
VOA VIEW: Put up a wall - it's cheaper.
Soon after President Trump appealed for bipartisanship in his State of the Union address, a campaign adviser compared the Democratic women wearing white to the KKK. Washington Post
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced he would nominate David Malpass, the Treasury under secretary for international affairs, as the next president of the World Bank, a pick that has already generated significant backlash from supporters of the institution. "My administration has made it a top priority to ensure that U.S. taxpayers' dollars are spent effectively and wisely, serve American interests and defend American values,” Trump said in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. “David has been a strong advocate for accountability at the World Bank for a long time.” ABC
VOA VIEW: Trump gets to make the pick.

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Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee say they will push for "sensible" gun safety laws the public is demanding after a series of mass shootings in recent years ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems will go to far.
The US president says territory held by the group may be freed "100%" as early as next week. BBC
Groups set up during Hugo Chávez's years as president say they are ready to fight for Venezuela's revolution. BBC
VOA VIEW: Those who benefit will support evil.

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First, it was Virginia's governor​. Then, the lieutenant governor​. Now the state attorney general​ CBS
VOA VIEW: A pitiful ordeal.
Warren apologized for claiming that she was of "American Indian" origin in a Texas Bar registration card from 1986 CBS
VOA VIEW: Warren is politically finished - no trust.
Economists boosted their forecasts for U.S. fourth quarter growth Wednesday after a surprise narrowing of the trade gap in November due to a drop in imports. CNBC
Apple's show of strength in its services business in its latest earnings report has helped its stock price recover. CNBC
Vanessa Tyson, the woman who has accused Democratic Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault, issued a statement Wednesday describing the alleged 2004 incident. CNN
VOA VIEW: 2004 us too long - any attack should be made known ASAP.
CNN's Don Lemon says Gov. Ralph Northam is taking a page out of President Trump's playbook after he apologized for a decades-old racist photo that resurfaced then later said it was not him in the photo. CNN
VOA VIEW: There can only be one truth.
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admitted Wednesday that he appeared in blackface at a 1980 party, further plunging Richmond into chaos as Democrats here struggle to overcome a trio of scandals rocking their three top statewide elected officials. CNN
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
A Milwaukee police officer was shot and killed Wednesday morning while serving a warrant, the police department confirmed. FOX News
A brazen daytime murder on a populated subway platform, ominous graffiti scrawled on a politician’s office building and the appearance of warring factions meting out their brand of brutal street justice show the infamous MS-13 gang is growing its presence in another heavily-populated area of New York. FOX News
Letter offers Labour’s support if PM makes five binding commitments – including joining a customs unionJeremy Corbyn has written to the prime minister, offering to throw Labour’s support behind her Brexit deal if she makes five legally binding commitments – including joining a customs union.The Labour leader held private talks with Theresa May last week for the first time since her deal was rejected by a historic margin of 230 votes in January. Continue reading... Guardian
Gabbard has disputed Duke’s interpretation of her anti-intervention rhetoric, which Duke evidently equates with standing up to Israel; instead she says she opposes “regime-change wars. Jerusalem Post
VOA VIEW: A victim of vocal stupidity.
The survey shows that close to half (47%) of couples have relations at least once a week, more than couples in most of the rest of the Western world. Jerusalem Post
Barely a month into the new Congress, financial lobbyists in Washington are already strategizing how to handle the star power of rookie Democrat lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Cortez will be a nobody when the liberal media stops giving her free notice.
Desperate Venezuelans asked on Wednesday how they would gain access to U.S. food and medicine aid due to arrive via the Colombia border after President Nicolas Maduro's government blocked the frontier crossing to any humanitarian shipments. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Force may be a solution.
In the wake of data released by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO), showing the past four years were officially the ‘four warmest on record,’ UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for urgent climate action and increased ambition, ahead of his climate summit in September.   UN News
More than six in 10 children globally lack access to social protection, leaving them particularly vulnerable to falling into chronic poverty, the UN said on Wednesday, warning also that some governments are cutting State cash entitlements, amid continuing economic uncertainty. UN News
The U.S. Army will purchase Israeli-made and battle-tested Iron Dome missile defense system, it announced on Wednesday. UPI
The U.S. government's budget for fiscal year 2020 is expected to be released beginning on March 11, with the Pentagon expecting the spending plan to be about $750 billion. UPI

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The special counsel's indictments have so far stopped short of tying Trump and his associates to a broader conspiracy, blanks that will eventually get filled in. Wired
VOA VIEW: The big question is what Mueller is making up?
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