It was an awkward match of man and mission: President Trump aspired to be a unifying political leader Tuesday night in his second State of the Union address, but he was also a candidate for reelection in 2020 whose campaign almost surely will set records for division. LA Times
VOA VIEW: A very good speech.
In his State of the Union address, the president toggled between conciliation and confrontation, and demanded a wall on the nation’s southwestern border. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Liberals are not smart enough to listen.
President Donald Trump told Americans on Tuesday his administration had accelerated talks for a political settlement in Afghanistan and would be able to reduce U.S. troops there as negotiations advance to end America's longest war. Rueters
Conservatives hungry for tighter immigration laws breathed easier on Tuesday night after President Donald Trump called again for a border wall, squashing concerns that he shared the conciliatory approach. Miami Herald
VOA VIEW: The wall must be built.
Tension between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on full display Tuesday as he delivered the State of the Union in a Democratic-controlled House for the first time. Though it was Trump at the lectern, many eyes in the chamber and on screens nationwide were looking over his left... LA Times
VOA VIEW: Pelosi looked like the fool she is.
During Donald Trump's State of the Union, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped at the commander-in-chief with a grin that caught people's attention.         USA Today
VOA VIEW: Fools follow a follow.
Stacey Abrams delivered a sharp rebuke of President Donald Trump in the official Democratic response to the State of the Union address Tuesday night, castigating Trump and the GOP over immigration, voting rights, health care and the economy, in a preview of the battle lines that could shape the... Baltimore Sun
VOA VIEW: A fool speaking for fools.
President Trump’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday won over even his staunchest critics — if only for a few moments — by bringing a contingent of female Democratic lawmakers to their feet in a display of the bipartisanship. The dozens of left-of-the-aisle legislators — clad in “suffragette white” in a show of solidarity... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Fools!
President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he will hold a two-day summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un Feb. 27-28 in Vietnam to continue his efforts to persuade Kim to give up his nuclear weapons. Trump has said his outreach to Kim and their first meeting last June in Singapore opened a path... Baltimore Sun


The U.S. Coast Guard has seized nearly 35,000 pounds (15,000 kilograms) of cocaine from apparent drug smuggling vessels in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The drugs were off-loaded Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cmdr. Michael Sharp told reporters the drugs were found over the last three months aboard fishing vessels and go-fast boats outfitted to conceal contraband and evade authorities. Six crews seized the drugs from 21 separate vessels stopped in Pacific waters off Mexico and Central and South America. Sharp said the drugs had a wholesale value of roughly $466 million. Houston Chronicle
VOA VIEW: Great job.
Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO and potential presidential candidate, plans policy speech at Purdue at 1 p.m. Thursday          IndyStar


Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote “American Indian” next to the designation of “Race” when she filed her registration card with the State Bar of Texas in the 1980s, according to a document that emerged on Tuesday. The registration card, which was obtained by The Washington Post through a records request, was filled out and signed by... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Warren has much to explain - finished as a presidential candidate.
Among those under scrutiny are Gregory Craig, President Obama’s White House counsel, as well as the lobbyists Tony Podesta, a Democrat, and Vin Weber, a Republican. New York Times

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The Taliban reiterated on Wednesday their long-held demand that all foreign troops get out of Afghanistan, rejecting a suggestion by U.S. President Donald Trump of a lingering U.S. focus on counter-terrorism after troops are drawn down. Rueters
VOA VIEW: The Taliban have nothing to gain.
The Vatican is clarifying comments by Pope Francis about a case of what he called “sexual slavery” within a French congregation of nuns, saying he was referring to an abuse of power that was reflected in instances of sexual abuse. Francis cited the case when responding to a question. Seattle Times
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
Iraq’s most senior Shiite cleric has expressed his criticism of President Donald Trump’s recent statement that U.S. troops should stay in Iraq to keep an eye on neighboring Iran. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is the latest Iraqi official to criticize Trump’s remarks made to U.S. media. Seattle Times
VOA VIEW: Iraq is a lost cause.


Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said Ocasio-Cortez 'had a rare bad night, looking not spirited, warm and original as usual.'         USA Today
VOA VIEW: Cortez is a byproduct of the liberal media.
Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she rejects the idea that “an overwhelming national security crisis” exists. In addition to pulling her own National Guard forces back, she asked that guardsmen assigned to New Mexico from several other states leave immediately. Washington Post
A West Virginia woman has been indicted on charges of threatening to kill President Donald Trump. A federal grand jury in Wheeling on Tuesday indicted 25-year-old Taryn Corrinne Henthorn of Middlebourne. Prosecutors say Henthorn made the threat on Facebook and elsewhere last month. Washington Times
Pope Francis has for the first time publicly acknowledged the scandal of priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns and says he committed to doing more to fight the problem. ABC
VOA VIEW: The only solution is to cancel the celibacy edict.

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Brady said this year's Super Bowl was "an emotional time for all of us." Brady’s entire family was by his side in Atlanta as he led the Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl win. He called the experience both “emotional” and “great” for his family. “You know, it's a long week for everybody,” he said of the countdown to Sunday’s game. “My middle son was sick so, you know, just like being a parent, you're on the road and you’ve got all these things going on. Your son's not feeling good.” ABC
Family of EJ Bradford, Jr. decries "cover up" by Alabama attorney general, say son was a "hero" CBS
Attorneys for Atlanta rapper 21 Savage on Monday acknowledged he’s an immigrant whose parents brought him to the U.S. as a child from the United Kingdom. The lawyers say he is being unnecessarily held by immigration authorities after a Sunday arrest even though he has a pending visa application. Atlanta Journal
VOA VIEW: Illegal is illegal.
The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) analyzed four of the president's trips during his first months in office. The government watchdog group was tasked with compiling expenses incurred by different federal agencies to finance security, logistics and other resources for the president's four trips to Mar-a-Lago from Feb. 3 to March 5, 2017. According to the GAO's findings, about $10.6 million of the funds covered operating costs for aircraft and boats, and $3 million was spent to pay for transportation, housing and meals for personnel accompanying the president. CBS
VOA VIEW: So, it is expensive to keep up with any president.

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President Donald Trump is widely expected to address infrastructure when he delivers his State of the Union address — but he'll have"three pretty tough bars to get over" to strike a deal, says Gene Sperling. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.
Google rolled out a new tool on Tuesday that helps keep your accounts safer by letting you know if it thinks a password to a site you're visiting might have been stolen. CNBC
President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, met with contractors at the White House to discuss building the border wall late last week, two sources with knowledge of the meeting told CNN. CNN
An Indiana man who’s faced prison time in the past for failing to inform his sexual partners that he’s HIV positive has apparently done so again -- pleading guilty to malicious mischief Monday in St. Joseph County. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The man should be put under a jail.
A military judge presiding over the court-martial of a decorated Navy SEAL leader alleged to have killed an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq dropped two of the charges that had been facing him. FOX News
VOA VIEW: All charges should be dropped.
Brexiters fear PM’s Belfast speech steps back from previous assurancesTheresa May fired a warning shot at Brexit supporters on Tuesday, insisting there was “no suggestion” Britain would leave the EU without an insurance provision to protect against a hard border in Northern Ireland.At a speech in Belfast, May would only accept that technology could “play a part” in any alternative arrangements and that she would not countenance anything that would disrupt the lives of border communities. Continue reading... Guardian
Seventeen non-governmental groups this week called on the U.N. Human Rights Council to send a fact-finding mission to the Xinjiang region of China to investigate the situation. Jerusalem Post
Russia delivered the defense system to Bashar Assad's regime in Syria in October, after Syria mistakenly downed a Russian plane during an Israeli strike on Iranian targets. Jerusalem Post
VOA VIEW: What's new.
Embattled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on Tuesday resisted calls to step down over a racist photo on his 1984 medical school yearbook page, with the state's main Democratic Latino organization joining the chorus urging his resignation. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Bad, but the media craze is worse.
A bank in Portugal has blocked Venezuela's attempt to transfer $1.2 billion to Uruguay, a lawmaker said on Tuesday as the opposition to President Nicolas Maduro warned of the theft of public funds, while the United States sent food and medical aid to the Venezuelan-Colombian border. Reuters
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres welcomed, on Friday, the announcement of a new Government in Lebanon; the result of eight months of negotiation, following general elections last May. UN News
A majority of Americans are satisfied with their personal lives, a Gallup poll released Tuesday indicates. UPI
VOA VIEW: Positive, but not realistic.
A migrant caravan of up to 2,000 estimated people, many of whom are seeking asylum, has arrived at the Texas-Mexico border. UPI
VOA VIEW: Illegal migrants must be stopped.

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