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Bolton brands Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua a ‘troika of tyranny’ in sanctions rollout
National Security Adviser John Bolton on Thursday branded Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua a “troika of tyranny” and announced new measures against the socialist countries -- promising they “will feel the full weight of America’s robust sanctions regime.” Bolton told the audience at Miami Dade College that under President Trump, “we will no longer appease dictators and despots near our shores in this Hemisphere.” “The troika of tyranny, this triangle of terror stretching from Havana to Caracas to Managua, is the cause of immense human suffering, the impetus of enormous regional instability, and the genesis of a sordid cradle of communism in the Western Hemisphere,” he said.  Fox
VOA VIEW: The facts are clear.

Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms
In the most racially charged national political ad in 30 years, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party accuse Democrats of plotting to help people they depict as Central American invaders overrun the nation with cop killers. The new web video, tweeted by the President five days before the midterm elections, is the most extreme step yet in the most inflammatory closing argument of any campaign in recent memory. The Trump campaign ad is the latest example of the President's willingness to lie and fear-monger in order to tear at racial and societal divides; to embrace demagoguery to bolster his own political power and the cause of the Republican midterm campaign, CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is fake news and anti America.

Heather Nauert is Trump's top choice for UN ambassador
President Donald Trump has told advisers that Heather Nauert, the State Department spokeswoman, is his leading choice to become US ambassador to the United Nations and he could offer the post as soon as this week, two sources familiar with his pick told CNN. If named Nauert, who met with Trump Monday, would leave her role at the State Department to take over from Nikki Haley, who surprised White House officials last month when she announced her decision to step down at the end of the year. People close to the President cautioned that his pick is not final until it is formally announced. The White House declined to comment on the matter. Nauert has been keeping a low profile this week after meeting with Trump on Monday. CNN
VOA VIEW: A good pick if true.


Dems Encouraging Illegals to Break Our Laws So They Can Sign Up for Free Welfare
During a rally in Estero, Fla., President Donald Trump accused the Democrat Party of “openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws” and violate the U.S. border, because they want to sign them up for free welfare, health care, education and the right to vote.  He said a win for Democrats will send “a bright flashing invitation to traffickers, smugglers, and gang members all over the world” to come to the United States. While illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote in national U.S. elections, some jurisdictions in the state of Maryland for instance, allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. CNS
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.

'Not in Vein' Documentary Says Strong Southern Border is Crucial to End Opioid Crisis
A new documentary entitled Not in Vein illustrates how Mexican drug cartels smuggle billions of dollars’ worth of opioids through the southern border of the United States, drugs that eventually end up killing thousands of Americans every year. According to Fox News contributor and investigative journalist Sara Carter, who co-produced and narrated Not in Vein, the opioid epidemic “is a real national security crisis, which is why we have to secure the southern border.” In 2017, President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a national Public Health Emergency.CNS
VOA VIEW: The liberals hate truth as much as they hate Trump and reality.

Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting suspect pleads not guilty as funerals continue for the slain worshippers
The man accused of massacring 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue entered a not guilty plea Thursday as three of his alleged victims were laid to rest. Suspect Robert Bowers, 46, showed no emotion during his Thursday morning court appearance, only raising his voice to answer with an emphatic “yes!” to the question of if he understood the charges. He was charged Wednesday in a 44-count indictment that includes federal hate crimes. The charges include 11 counts of obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death and 11 counts of use and discharge of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence. ABC


Georgia governor race: Poll shows Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp nearly tied
The newest NBC News/Marist College poll shows that Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams are virtually tied in the Georgia gubernatorial race. Kemp is leading Abrams among likely voters 46 percent to 45 percent, in the poll. Libertarian Ted Metz garnered support from 4 percent of likely voters. The Georgia gubernatorial race is one of the most contentious races in this year's midterm elections, due to extreme ideological differences between Abrams and Kemp and allegations of voter suppression. If elected, Abrams would be the first black woman elected governor in the United States. . She has the support of 84 percent of black voters, and 74 percent of Atlanta metro voters, who traditionally vote Democratic. CBS News
VOA VIEW: Adams will not win regardless how much the liberals would like it to happen.

Federal health care website up and running after slow start
The federal website where consumers can get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act was up and running Thursday after a slow start as sign-up season for 2019 opened days before the midterm elections. During early morning hours, people accessing the site were directed to a screen that said work was underway. A recording at the call center conveyed a similar message. Things seemed to be running normally by about 9 a.m. EDT. With health care a major issue in Tuesday's elections, this sign-up season under the Trump administration is getting close scrutiny. In earlier years, technical problems with the site created major headaches for the Obama administration. Las Vegas Sun

Former Goldman Sachs bankers charged in multibillion-dollar money-laundering scandal
Most of the embezzled $4.5 billion was allegedly used to buy luxury real estate, a yacht, and to invest in films like "The Wolf of Wall Street." Federal prosecutors announced Thursday that they have charged Malaysian financier Jho Low and two former Goldman Sachs bankers in a multibillion-dollar money-laundering scandal.
Low and Roger Ng, a Malaysian banker at Goldman Sachs, were indicted on three counts of conspiracy to commit money laundering, bribery, and circumvention of accounting controls, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Ng was arrested Thursday in Malaysia. Low, who is believed to be in China, remains at large.

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Lachlan Murdoch says he has no plans to change Fox News
Lachlan Murdoch, in his first substantive interview Thursday since being named the prospective CEO of "New Fox," said he won't apologize for Fox News. "I'm not embarrassed by what they do at all," Murdoch said during an interview at The New York Times Dealbook conference in New York. Murdoch, who will take over the company once the sale of its entertainment assets to Disney is finalized, said his own political views were broadly independent and did not fit into a "left-right, Republican-Democrat" framework. He added that Fox News critics are people who are most likely not watching it.  NBC

U.S. says Khashoggi remains should be located, returned to family
The remains of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi should be located and returned to his family for a burial as soon as possible, U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino told reporters on Thursday. Turkey’s justice minister on Thursday said the country wants Saudi authorities to reveal the whereabouts of the body of the murdered journalist, who was killed last month in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkey had expected Saudi Arabia to cooperate in its investigation, minister Abdulhamit Gul told reporters. Reuters

Fed's Powell Says Reduced Immigration Could Slow U.S. Economy
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, in written responses to a Democratic senator, said reducing immigration could slow the economy over the longer run by limiting growth in the U.S. labor force. The comments came in a written response to Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a Nevada Democrat who asked Powell if he agreed with pro-immigration comments by Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari. Kashkari, whose parents came from India and wife is from the Philippines, called immigration “as close to a free lunch as there is” for the American economy, according to a Wall Street Journal opinion column in January. The Fed chairman’s remarks in the August letter to the senator underscore some of the contradictions of the administration’s economic policies. Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: Illegal immigration is costly to all taxpayers.

Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc will remain jailed and moved to New York, attorney says
Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc will agree to remain jailed — for now — and to be transferred to New York City to face criminal charges he targeted prominent Democrats and other critics of President Donald Trump, his defense attorney said Thursday. That means an appearance Friday morning in federal court in Miami will be more of a formality than was expected. Sayoc, a former male stripper, pizza deliveryman and DJ, had previously indicated he wanted to try to persuade a magistrate judge to release him on bond and to contest his extradition to New York.  Sun Sentinel

Trump hammers away on immigration at Missouri rally
President Donald Trump continued his campaign-season barrage on illegal immigration to a receptive audience at a political rally here Thursday night. "We’re going to keep these people out of our country," Trump said. "Vote Republican." Trump was in town to campaign for fellow Republican Josh Hawley, the state attorney general, whose race against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill is so tight that neither has led by more than four points in a publicly released poll this year. While Trump trashed McCaskill — calling her a "far left Democrat" — and praised Hawley as "a star," his focus remained on the caravans of migrants making their way from Central America toward the U.S. "These are tough people," Trump said. "These are not angels. NBC


Trump reveals plan to limit asylum claims at border and create 'massive cities of tents' – midterms live
President says White House is finalizing plan to ‘end the rampant abuse’ of asylum system. Trump says migrants throwing rocks “viciously” at the military, and that he wants the military to treat anyone doing that as if they are armed with a deadly weapon. “When they throw rocks consider it a rifle,” Trump said. Trump announces a comprehensive executive order that he expects to release and sign next week that will radically revamp the US asylum process and policy on the border. “I don’t want them in this country,” Trump said. Guardian

Mohammed bin Salman 'told White House' Khashoggi was a dangerous Islamist
Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, reportedly told the White House that Jamal Khashoggi was a dangerous Islamist in a phone call days after the journalist was murdered. Crown Prince Mohammed told Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and John Bolton, the president’s national security advisor, that Mr Khashoggi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Washington Post. The prince’s private disparagement of the murdered journalist is at odds with his public comments, where he described Mr Khashoggi’s killing as “repulsive” and said it was “very painful for all Saudis”. Telegraph
VOA VIEW: Finding the killing repulsive is not at odds with finding the same individual a dangerous person.

Trump says he always tries to tell the truth when he can
US President Donald Trump says he always tries to tell the truth when he can, despite how the media portrays him. "I do try," he told ABC News in an interview aired on Thursday. "I always want to tell the truth. When I can, I tell the truth." Mr Trump has faced repeated criticism from US media and opponents for lying and distorting the truth around issues. At times, conservatives have also censured the president for his claims. "Sometimes it turns out to be where something happens that's different or there's a change, but I always like to be truthful," Mr Trump told ABC's Jonathan Karl. The president also mentioned he was "pretty good" at estimating crowds during his interview, though one of the first times he clashed with the media was over the size of his inauguration crowd.  BBC

Midterms: Mike Pence, casting himself as the 'Walmart' politician, is a 'secret weapon' for many 2018 candidates
After Josh Hawley decided to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in the 2018 midterm elections, he got plenty of campaign advice from a seasoned fellow Republican: Vice President Mike Pence. The vice president talked to Hawley about messaging and pressed him on his plan for raising money to compete with McCaskill, a prolific fundraiser. It was Pence, in fact, who had helped convince Hawley to enter Missouri's Senate race, what has become one of the most closely watched contests in Tuesday’s elections. Pence’s involvement in the midterm elections that will decide control of Congress has taken him to at least three dozen states over the past 10 months for rallies, fundraising events and to sell the GOP tax cuts. Indy Star

How Vermont lives with both Sen. Bernie Sanders and its GOP governor
The politically idiosyncratic state may end up with one of the oddest election results on Tuesday. How does the most liberal state in the country end up with a Republican governor apparently cruising to re-election this year? Ask his Democratic opponent, Christine Hallquist — she voted for him in 2016. "So I get it," she said in an interview over lunch in this quaint college town. But Hallquist, who would become the nation’s first transgender governor if she wins Tuesday, says she now realizes Gov. Phil Scott is "a wolf in sheep’s clothing" who doesn't live up to the independent image he projects, citing his vetoes of bills to raise the minimum wage and enact paid family leave, and alleged outsourcing of political dirty work to others.  NBC

Loyalty to Trump defines the GOP rivalry in Mississippi’s Senate special election
When Cindy Hyde-Smith, the first female senator from Mississippi, stood before a room brimming with supporters on a Friday in a northern pocket of the state about seven miles from Southaven — where President Donald Trump rallied for her last month — she delivered an impassioned, pro-Trump closing argument in her soft-spoken southern twang. "It is so great to be here," she began. "When President Donald Trump came into Desoto County and I got to ride in the motorcade with him … Seeing the streets lined with people trying to get a glimpse of the president, what a great day that was for Desoto County, what a great day that was for Mississippi and for the country." ABC
VOA VIEW: This election is about Trump and Trump will win.

Trump pledges asylum crackdown, tent cities
President Donald Trump said Thursday he plans to sign an order next week that could lead to the large-scale detention of migrants crossing the southern border and bar anyone caught crossing illegally from claiming asylum — two legally dubious proposals that mark his latest election-season barrage against illegal immigration. Trump also said he had told the U.S. military mobilizing at the southwest border that if U.S. troops face rock-throwing migrants, they should react as though the rocks were “rifles.” “This is an invasion,” Trump declared, as he has previously on a subject that has been shown to resonate strongly with his base of Republican supporters. Seattle Times

Democrats and Republicans rush to avert third party spoilers
Two congresswomen running for U.S Senate in Arizona are crisscrossing the state, raising millions of dollars and trying to exploit every possible advantage to eke out a win. The wild card: Angela Green, a Green Party candidate who could win votes that might have gone to Democrat Krysten Sinema, clearing a path to victory Republican Martha McSally. But on Thursday, Green suddenly announced she would drop out of the race and endorsed Sinema. "After watching the debates and seeing everything, Sinema's stance on a lot of things are very close to mine," Green said in an interview with Channel 12 news in Phoenix. The about face demonstrates the significance third party candidates are playing as Election Day nears and key races tighten across the country. Tampa Tribune

Trump regrets that recent tragedies hurt ‘GOP momentum’
President Trump expressed disappointment that two recent terror incidents — including a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue — hurt the “GOP momentum” going into next week’s midterm elections. Trump lamented the consequences of the pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and the killing of 11 people by a white supremacist during a campaign rally in Missouri on Thursday. “We did have two maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible, because for seven days nobody talked about the elections,” he said. “It stopped a tremendous momentum.” Trump then emphasized that “we have to take care of our people, and we don’t care about momentum” before again mentioning the alleged recent gains by the GOP. New York Post

Bolton: Somebody must be held accountable in Cuba attacks
White House national security adviser John Bolton says the Trump administration will seek retribution for the alleged attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana. During an exclusive interview with el Nuevo Herald and the Miami Herald Thursday, Bolton added that the administration is also considering new sanctions on the Cuban government. “I think it’s very important that somebody must be held accountable for what happened to our diplomats. It’s a fundamental principle of how America operates in the world, that Americans abroad do not get harmed with impunity,” he said. Miami Herald

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Apple shares fall despite rise in revenues and profits
Apple's strategy of charging more for its phones has paid off, with revenues jumping in the last three months despite relatively flat sales. The firm sold 46.9 million iPhones in the quarter to end-September, compared with 46.7 million in the prior year. But higher prices lifted revenue 20% to $62.9bn, while profits also climbed, rising 31% year-on-year to $14.1bn. But a warning of possible weaker sales in coming months sparked a more than 4% fall in the share price after-hours. The total number of smartphones sold by all makers globally declined for the first time in 2017. BBC

Political incitement to violence against journalists is ‘toxic’
A group of independent, UN-appointed human rights experts have called on world leaders to stop inciting hatred and violence against the media, citing the hundreds of journalists killed or forcibly detained because of their work, and ensure that those responsible are held accountable. On Wednesday, the experts, including David Kaye, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Agnes Callamard, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions; and Bernard Duhaime, Chair of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, released a statement ahead of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, on 2 November. UN

Shift in Mexico drug policy would focus on legalization, health
Mexico's incoming president is preparing to drastically change the country's drug policy in an effort fight organized crime and the soaring murder rate. Alejandro Encinas, who will serve as deputy interior minister for human rights under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, laid out the strategy this week at a conference in Mexico City for drug policy reformers from across Latin America and the Caribbean. The plan includes the legalization and regulation of cannabis and a willingness to turn opium poppies from an illicit crop to a legal one. On Wednesday, Mexico's Supreme Court legalized cannabis for all uses.  UPI

White House concerned Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke violated federal rules
The White House is growing increasingly concerned about allegations of misconduct against Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, according to two senior administration officials, and President Trump has asked aides for more information about a Montana land deal under scrutiny by the Justice Department. Trump told his aides that he is afraid Zinke has broken rules while serving as the interior secretary and is concerned about the Justice Department referral, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter. But the president has not indicated whether he will fire the former Navy SEAL and congressman and has asked for more information, the officials said.  Washington Post
VOA VIEW: Fake news or truth - time will tell?

Roger Stone Sold Himself to Trump’s Campaign as a WikiLeaks Pipeline. Was He?
When the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, appeared on a video link from Europe a month before the 2016 presidential election and vaguely promised to release a flood of purloined documents related to the race, the head of Donald J. Trump’s campaign, Stephen K. Bannon, was interested. He emailed the political operative Roger J. Stone Jr., who had been trying to reach him for days about what Mr. Assange might have in store. “What was that this morning???” Mr. Bannon asked on Oct. 4. “A load every week going forward,” Mr. Stone replied, echoing Mr. Assange’s public vow to publish documents on a weekly basis until the Nov. 8 election. New York Times

Despite Stigma of Khashoggi Killing, Crown Prince Is Seen as Retaining Power
A month after the killing of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, the growing international consensus that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was behind it has done almost nothing to weaken his grip on power over the kingdom. The crown prince owes his apparent impunity partly to the nature of power in Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy and to his own proven ruthlessness. But he also owes it to the Trump administration. It has decided to stand by him, according to three people familiar with the White House deliberations. Barring a surprise intervention by his aging father, King Salman, there is every expectation that Prince Mohammed, 33, will succeed him and dominate Saudi Arabia for a half-century to come.  New York Times

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Trump ratchets up racially divisive messages in a bid to rally support in the midterms
President Trump, joined by many Republican candidates, is dramatically escalating his efforts to take advantage of racial divisions and cultural fears in the final days of the midterm campaign, part of an overt attempt to rally white supporters to the polls and preserve the GOP’s congressional majorities. On Thursday, Trump ratcheted up the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has been the centerpiece of his midterm push by portraying a slow-moving migrant caravan, consisting mostly of families traveling on foot through Mexico, as a dangerous “invasion” and suggesting that if any migrants throw rocks they could be shot by the troops that he has deployed at the border. . Washington Post

In Georgia, Mike Pence vies for the spotlight with Oprah. ‘I’m kind of a big deal, too’
Vice President Mike Pence is used to taking a back seat to his boss. But playing second fiddle to celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Will Ferrell is another story. Campaigning in Georgia Thursday for gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, Pence noted that Democrat Stacey Abrams was getting help from Winfrey and Ferrell. Well, I’d like to remind Stacey and Oprah and Will Ferrell, I’m kind of a big deal too," Pence told the GOP crowd, as he stretched out his arms and put on a “What about me?” expression. Some in the twitterverse poked back at Pence.  USA Today

Trump blasts Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill after she distanced herself from party members
President Donald Trump touched down for the second time this year in the battleground state of Missouri, blasting a Democratic incumbent senator who recently echoed some of the president's own words to distance herself from her party. Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has repeatedly managed to win statewide elections in the red-leaning Show Me State, has drawn attention for cozying up to Trump, including with a radio advertisement in which she declared she's "not one of those crazy Democrats."
Like other vulnerable Democrats heading into next week's midterm, McCaskill has touted her bipartisan bona fides and called attention to bills she sponsored that Trump signed into law.. USA Today
VOA VIEW: McCaskill is a liberal Dem.

Trump says Pelosi subpoena threat 'illegal,' grounds for Supreme Court battle
President Trump said Thursday that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s threat to weaponize committee subpoena power if Democrats win Congress is illegal and grounds for the administration to fight any subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court. “Pelosi says she’s going to mechanize the speakership and use it as a great negotiation with the president. That’s an illegal statement,” Mr. Trump said in an exclusive interview with The Washington Times. The president remained optimistic about Republicans retaining their House majority, but he fumed about Mrs. Pelosi’s subpoena threat should her party prevail in the midterm elections Tuesday.  Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The country cannot afford a Pelosi prediction.

Alleged Mueller accuser fails to show up at press conference
A Republican lobbyist’s plan to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller by smearing him with sexual harassment allegations fell apart Thursday when the lobbyist failed to produce the woman. Jack Burkman, a GOP activist and lobbyist, had scheduled a Thursday press conference in Arlington, Virginia, to produce a woman he said was going to disclose sexual misconduct allegations against Mr. Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. But Mr. Burkman did not reveal the woman, saying only that she is “fearful for her life” and now wishes to remain anonymous, according to media reports. Washington Times

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