Booker Releases Secret Kavanaugh Emails In Defiance Of Senate Rules, Drawing GOP Condemnation
New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker injected chaos into Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing Thursday by releasing confidential Kavanaugh emails with the backing of fellow Democrats in violation of Senate rules, calling it an act of “civil disobedience” and drawing condemnation from the Republicans on the committee. “I am going to release the e-mail about racial profiling and I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate,” Booker said at the beginning of the third day of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. After announcing plans to do so, Booker released 12 pages of emails -- which had been marked "committee confidential" -- online for the public to read. The emails included internal post-9/11 discussions surrounding issues of racial profiling. The New Jersey Democrat said he would “knowingly” violate the Senate rules to release the emails. Fox
VOA VIEW: Booker is a disruptive fool.

Trump Wants WH Official Behind Op-Ed ID'd
In the piece, titled "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration," the author wrote that the alleged actions by White House officials were not part of "the popular 'resistance' of the left." Trump responded by questioning whether the anonymous senior White House official even existed, tweeting: "Does the so-called 'Senior Administration Official' really exist, or is it just the Failing New York Times with another phony source? If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once!" By late Wednesday night, Trump lamented in a tweet that he was "draining the Swamp" but the "Swamp was trying to fight back." However, the president vowed, "We will win." Fox
VOA VIEW: Most hate an anonymous coward.

Kavanaugh Protestors Flood Grassley's Office Ahead Of Hearing
Protesters took over Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley's office as the committee entered its third day of Supreme Court hearings to — once again — call on lawmakers to deny the confirmation of nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Roughly two dozen people crowded inside Grassley's Washington, D.C., office in the Hart Senate Office Building early Thursday. The demonstrators, made up mostly of various women's rights groups, clapped and chanted as they demanded Grassley's ear. “Chuck Grassley, come out, we’ve got some things to talk about," the protesters repeated. Capitol Police are aware of the protesters and are "standing by" to remove them if necessary, Fox News confirmed Thursday morning.  Fox

Nerve Agent Poisoning: Theresa May Says Russian Intelligence Officers Carried Out Attack On Ex-Spy In Salisbury
British authorities on Wednesday named two Russian suspects wanted for a brazen attack with the nerve agent Novichok on a former Russian spy and his daughter in the English city of Salisbury. For the first time, Prime Minister Theresa May said the suspects were both Russian military intelligence officers who had traveled from Moscow to London, using Russian passports with false names. British authorities posted on Wednesday detailed surveillance camera images and other information tracking the two men moving through busy Gatwick Airport, crowded London train and subway stations and the streets of Salisbury — all while allegedly carrying the military-grade poison. Washington Post


Whodunit? Social Media Users Search For Anonymous Trump Official Who Penned Scathing NYT Essay
 It's a true whodunit case and it seems like the entire nation is hot on the trail. Social media has awoken and is after the identity of the "senior official in the Trump administration" who authored a scathing and anonymous rebuke of the president in The New York Times. Online sleuths are pointing to phrases and particular words in the essay, hoping to narrow down who the author could be, while some former Trump officials are offering clues.  "All of official Washington has become a giant game of Clue: 'Colonel Mustard, in the Cabinet Room ...'" wrote Eamon Javers, a reporter for CNBC. Indeed, social media was filled with people across the nation casting names into the deep-dark web, hoping one could be a winner. USA Today
VOA VIEW: A liberal fake news story or assault.

Trump's Tariffs Could Hit $200 Billion Of Chinese Goods This Week
The United States could impose tariffs on roughly half of all Chinese goods entering the country by the end of the week. President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods could go into effect as soon as Friday when a public comment period on the taxes concludes. It's unclear whether the new tariffs will be set at 10% or 25%. It could be the most painful round of tariffs the United States has imposed on Chinese products this year. The Trump administration slapped 25% tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports in July and another $16 billion last month. China was also on the receiving end of the aluminum and steel tariffs that the United States imposed on imports from much of the world. CNN International
VOA VIEW: China will lose a trade war with the US.

Dems Accuse Republicans Of Blocking Investigation Into Trump Administration's Hurricane Maria Response
A new report finds Republican legislators blocked a credible investigation of the Trump administration's response to the hurricanes that ravaged the country last year, specifically the one that struck Puerto Rico. House Democrats accuse Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, of failing to conduct a "fact-based investigation of what went wrong and who was responsible." House Democrats also said the Republican response was to "insulate President Trump and his aides from scrutiny" and "disregard the lessons learned after Hurricane Katrina." Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017, and an estimated 2,975 deaths have been attributed to the storm -- a death toll that was significantly higher than first reported by Puerto Rican officials, the White House and Mr. Trump himself. CBS


Sick Passengers And Crew Aboard Emirates Flight Test Positive For Influenza
The patients hospitalized after arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport in a plane carrying sick passengers and crew have tested positive for influenza, according to a New York City official. About 100 people aboard Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai complained of illness, citing symptoms like cough and fever. Emirates said Wednesday that 10 passengers “were taken ill.” Eric Phillips, press secretary for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, said test results on the 10 patients taken to the hospital found influenza. Some test results came back inconclusive on other viruses, which is a common occurrence, he said. Time
VOA VIEW: Eating mass cooked food could be unhealthy.

US, India In Talks About Halting Iran Oil Imports
The United States and India are engaged in "very detailed conversations" over Washington's request to completely stop India's oil imports from Iran, a senior U.S. State Department official said on Thursday. President Donald Trump this year ordered the reimposition of economic curbs on Iran after withdrawing his country from a 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers. The United States has since been trying to persuade countries to economically isolate Iran. IBT

Hurricane Florence Churns Toward Bermuda As Gordon Soaks US
Hurricane Florence became the first major storm of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season Wednesday as it moved on a path that could take it toward Bermuda. Florence has been downgraded to a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 mph.  The eye of the hurricane is centered about less about 1,170 miles east-southeast of Bermuda as Florence moves in a northwest direction at 12 mph. That path is expected to continue through the night, when it's forward speed is expected to decrease in speed. Sustained winds have decreased from 130 mph Wednesday when Florence was classified as a Category 4 hurricane. CBS

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VP Pence Denies Writing Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed
Vice President Pence denied being the senior administration official who wrote an anonymous New York Times op-ed criticizing President Donald Trump – following online speculation that a clue in the piece may have pointed to him. “The Vice President puts his name on his Op-Eds,” Pence’s chief of staff Jarrod Agen said in a tweet. “The @nytimes should be ashamed and so should the person who wrote the false, illogical, and gutless op-ed. Time
VOA VIEW: No intelligent person suspected Pence.

North Carolina Hit With Subpoena For Millions Of Voter Records By Federal Officials Investigating Fraud
The official request is “the most exhaustive on record” for election officials, North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement (NCSBE) attorney Josh Lawson said to the assistant U.S. attorney named on the subpoena in an email, which was provided to Fox News. The request comes just weeks after Justice Department officials charged 19 foreign nationals with illegal voting in North Carolina in the 2016 election. The cases are also being investigated by the Immigration and Custom Enforcements (ICE) agency. The defendants – from numerous countries, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Germany – were accused of filing a false claim of citizenship in order to vote or illegal voting.  Fox

2003 Email Reveals Different Tone On Abortion By Kavanaugh
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation tumbled into highly charged arguing Thursday over whether key documents were being withheld, and one Democrat risked Senate discipline by releasing confidential material. A newly disclosed email revealed that President Donald Trump's pick once suggested Roe v. Wade was not settled law. The finger-pointing over the unusual vetting process for Trump's nominee made for a rough start for the final day of questioning of Kavanaugh who has so far avoided major missteps that could block his confirmation.  Houston Chronicle


Have Facebook, Twitter And Google Have Failed To Protect Us?
What are social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google doing to address online foreign disinformation campaigns meant to disrupt our November midterm elections, and potentially undermine America’s democratic system? Following Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on “Foreign Influence Operations’ Use of Social Media Platforms,” we can give out some quick grades. This one is simple. While Facebook sent Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter was represented by CEO Jack Dorsey, Google (and its parent Alphabet) was represented by an empty chair. Senators on both sides of the aisle expressed anger at this dereliction of responsibility. Fox
VOA VIEW: There must be regulations.

Facebook Thinks Saying 'All Men Are Trash' Is Hate Speech
I recently wrote an article about an Instagram account that documents disturbing messages women receive on dating apps from men they’ve rejected. After it was posted on Facebook, it didn’t take long for the messages to roll in: “I call bullshit on this story,” “Women are con artists — if you do anything I don’t like I will bury you. MGTOW [Men Going Their Own Way] is the way,” and “Feminists should be burnt on a bonfire! Let the witch hunt begin!” Thanks guys… After this somewhat expected response from the friendly MGTOW community, our social media manager thought it would be fitting to make the article’s Facebook caption: “This Instagram account proves that all men are trash.” Which resulted in TNW’s first 24-hour ban on Facebook. TNW

North Korea 'Will Denuclearise In Trump's First Term'
Donald Trump has claimed he and Kim Jong-un will “get it done together” amid continued controversy over the US’s stalled goal of North Korean denuclearisation. “Kim Jong Un of North Korea proclaims ‘unwavering faith in President Trump.’ Thank you to Chairman Kim,” Trump tweeted on Thursday. “We will get it done together!” The US president’s comments came after Kim reportedly said his faith in him was unchanged and that Pyongyang aimed to achieve denuclearisation within Trump’s first term in office, which is due to end in January 2020. The South Korean national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, delivered a letter on Wednesday to Kim from South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Talk is cheap.

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CBS In Negotiations For Moonves Exit
The CBS board is deep in settlement talks with CEO Les Moonves that would result in his departure and the appointment of COO Joe Ianniello as his interim replacement, people close to the negotiations told CNBC. The talks have been going on for some time but have yet to reach a conclusion given continued back-and-forth about his exit package, the sources said. While under his contract he is due as much as $180 million in severance and a production deal, the board is offering a roughly $100 million exit package made up almost entirely of CBS stock, sources said. They said the board also wants the right to claw back some of the compensation if it's determined that sexual harassment allegations against Moonves are confirmed. CNBC

Fox News, MSNBC Feud: Tucker Carlson And Chuck Todd Turn Up Rhetoric In Latest Cable News Tussle
The feud between Fox News and MSNBC has taken a personal turn, with Fox News host Tucker Carlson accusing “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd of being aware of NBC’s decision to kill a story by Ronan Farrow detailing sexual harassment charges against movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Carlson offered no evidence in asserting that Todd, the political director of NBC News, knew about an NBC decision to not run Farrow’s story, but argued it was implausible to think that he was not aware of internal network talks surrounding the story. “NBC gets the biggest scoop of the year and then kills it mysteriously, of course Chuck Todd knew. What does he think of that?” said Carlson, who once hosted an MSNBC program. Hill
VOA VIEW: Carlson and Fox will defeat Todd and MSNBC.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Care What You Think Of Her. And She Isn't Going Anywhere
Nancy Pelosi stopped caring about what people think of her a long time ago, so she has no qualms about eating ice cream for breakfast with a stranger. Dark chocolate, two scoops, waffle cone. It’s a freezing January morning in Baltimore’s Little Italy, where Pelosi grew up in the 1950s. “You know what’s good about ice cream in this weather?” she says. “It doesn’t melt down your arm while you’re eating it.” We are sitting in an Italian café on Albemarle Street, alone save for the staff and Pelosi’s security detail, to whom she has offered coffee. The Trump era has many Democrats in a panic, but Pelosi inhabits a more cheerful reality. She is convinced that America has hit bottom, has seen the error of its ways and is ready to put her back in charge. Time

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The Judge Pryor Controversy Around Brett Kavanaugh, Explained
Senate Democrats think they have caught Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a lie about his involvement in the nomination of a controversial anti-Roe v. Wade judge. In 2004, Kavanaugh said he did not "personally" handle the nomination of Judge William Pryor, who currently sits on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) and was on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court shortlist. Pryor, a conservative George W. Bush judicial nominee, is somewhat of a liberal bogeyman, famously calling Roe v. Wade, the legal right to abortion, "the worst abomination in the history of constitutional law." Kavanaugh, who worked in Bush's White House counsel office in the early 2000s, distanced himself from Pryor's nomination in 2004, during his own confirmation hearings for the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Google News
VOA VIEW: Google shows its liberal bias.

Booker Releases Kavanaugh Documents But GOP Insists They Were Already Cleared
Brett Kavanaugh emerged from two days of tough questioning in the Senate Judiciary Committee without making any obvious missteps that could imperil his confirmation as the justice who will pull the Supreme Court to the right and hand Donald Trump a generational presidential legacy. He avoided ceding ground on the most contentious issues, either by saying he wanted to keep "three zip codes" away from politics or by arguing that he could not comment on "hypothetical" cases that could come before him on the nation's top bench.  CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN and Booker are idiots.

InfoWars Founder, Alex Jones, Suspended From Twitter
Twitter banned far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars from its platform Thursday afternoon, a month after several of its Silicon Valley counterparts did so.Jones was suspended from Twitter for one week last month after he posted a video in which he said, "Now is time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag." But Twitter did not ban him from its platform then, even after YouTube, Apple and Facebook each kicked him off. In a series of tweets from its  @TwitterSafety account, Twitter said, "Today, we permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope. We took this action based on new reports of Tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy, in addition to the accounts' previous violations." CNN

Elizabeth Warren: Time To Use 25th Amendment To Remove Trump From Office
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, seizing on an explosive op-ed from an anonymous administration official, said Thursday that it's time to use constitutional powers to remove President Donald Trump office if top officials don't think he can do the job. "If senior administration officials think the President of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment," Warren told CNN. "The Constitution provides for a procedure whenever the Vice President and senior officials think the President can't do his job. It does not provide that senior officials go around the President -- take documents off his desk, write anonymous op-eds ... Everyone of these officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. CNN
VOA VIEW: Warren wants to promote the circumvention of the will and vote of the people,

State Investigations Of Sex Abuse By Catholic Priests Expands To New York And New Jersey
Attorneys general across the United States are taking a newly aggressive stance in investigating sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy, opening investigations into malfeasance and issuing subpoenas for documents. On Thursday alone, the New York State attorney general issued subpoenas to all eight Catholic dioceses in the state as part of a sweeping civil investigation into whether institutions covered up allegations of sexual abuse of children, officials said. The attorney general in New Jersey announced a criminal investigation.  NY Times

Trump Administration Proposes Rule To Allow Longer Detention Of Migrant Children
The Trump administration is proposing to lift court-imposed limits on how long it can hold children in immigration detention. Under proposed regulations set to be published in the Federal Register on Friday, the administration seeks to replace the Flores settlement, a decades-old agreement that dictates how long the government can hold migrant children, and under what conditions. The administration wants to detain migrant families together for as long as their immigration cases are pending. The proposed regulations will satisfy the "basic purpose" of Flores, the administration argues, by making sure that children are treated with "dignity, respect, and special concern for their particular vulnerability as minors."  NPR

Trump On Verge Of New Syria Strike
President Donald Trump's made it very clear that the US may soon carry out a military strike on Syria for its suspected chemical weapons use on civilians, but saving Syria's bombarded civilians wouldn't be the real purpose of such a strike. Currently, the Syrian government, along with its Iranian and Russian backers, is preparing a massive offensive to take back the last rebel stronghold in a seven-year-long war that started with Syrian President Bashar Assad putting pro-democracy protestors to death in 2011. Since then, the war has seen 500,000 deaths and millions of Syrians displaced, spawning a refugee crisis across Europe. A generation of Syrian children have grown up under fire and knowing nothing but war, likely fueling extremism for decades to come. Business Insider

2 Million Ford Trucks Recalled
Some two million Ford F-150 pickup trucks are being recalled by the company after more than 20 reports of smoke or fire coming from the seat belts. The recall, which was announced Thursday, applies to certain Regular Cab and SuperCrew Cab vehicles from model years 2015-18. The problem, according to the company, is with a part of the driver and front passenger seat belts called a pretensioner. The pretensioner is a component attached to the base of a seatbelt clip. During a crash, it automatically forces the clip down, which is meant to protect the occupant by pulling them into the seat. Sometimes, this piece involves explosives. You can see a pretensioner deploy in this video from The Slow Mo Guys: NPR

First Lady Condemns Anonymouse NYT Op-Ed Writer As 'Cowardly'
First lady Melania Trump stepped into the White House's war on its anonymous critics, condemning the unnamed writer of a New York Times op-ed on President Donald Trump's fitness for office as "cowardly" in a statement to CNN. "Unidentified sources have become the majority of the voices people hear about in today's news," Trump's statement lamented. "People with no names are writing our nation's history." The first lady has not been known to regularly weigh in on the Trump administration's media coverage, certainly not in the open and vociferous way the president has since he took office. But her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said she issued the first lady's statement Thursday after CNN asked her if she had a response to the op-ed essay published late Wednesday, in which an anonymous "senior administration official" described himself or herself as "part of the resistance inside the Trump administration." USA Today

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