GOP Rep Claims FBI Leaked Info, Used Stories To Get FISA Warrants
A Republican congressman touched off a firestorm Tuesday after claiming on Twitter that his office had information suggesting the FBI leaked information to the press and used the resulting articles to help obtain surveillance warrants. "We've learned NEW information suggesting our suspicions are true: FBI/DOJ have previously leaked info to the press, and then used those same press stories as a separate source to justify FISA's," House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., tweeted overnight. Fox
VOA VIEW: The FBI and DOJ look like sneaky, conniving liars.

Former President Jimmy Carter On How The Presidency Has Changed
At 93 years old, former President Jimmy Carter is still actively finding ways to serve his country. He and his wife Rosalynn have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity since 1984. Together, they have helped build or remodel thousands of homes. "CBS This Morning" co-host John Dickerson spoke to Mr. Carter on a project outside South Bend, Indiana, about his commitment to service, how presidency has changed and also met some other famous volunteers. CBS
VOA VIEW: Carter was and is a joke.

Brennan: It's Not Just The Intelligence Community That Needs To Speak The Truth
John Brennan praised the late Sen. John McCain for his "principled positions" and ability to be a check on power in an interview Tuesday morning on MSNBC. The former CIA director said that "it is not just the intelligence community" that has the job to "speak truth to power," but members of Congress, "especially in this White House." "I'd like to think that there are going to be senators now, who will be thinking about Senator McCain's legacy and what he stood for and who adopt some of the very same principled positions and speak truth to power," Brennan said to MSNBC's Hallie Jackson. RCP
VOA VIEW: Brennan is a lying fool.

Lawyer Tries Trump Argument That Flippers Should Be Outlawed
A New York defense lawyer wasted no time in trying to use President Donald Trump's argument that cooperators, or flippers, in criminal cases "almost ought to be illegal." Kafahni Nkrumah didn't get very far in his closing argument Thursday when he tried to bring up Trump's statement to disparage a cooperator who was testifying against his client in a drug case. A judge disallowed it, calling the attempt "out of line." "I am not going to permit you to argue here regarding statements made by the president of the United States in a case that has nothing to do with this one," U.S. District Judge Gregory H. Woods said in a conversation with lawyers outside earshot of the jury. US News


New Study On Hurricane Maria Death Toll, Raises Questions About Trump
The findings call attention again to past comments made by President Trump, who commended his administration's response to Maria. According to the study from George Washington University's Milken School of Public Health, the island saw a significant increase in deaths compared to mortality patterns from 2010-2017. The official government death toll attributed to Hurricane Maria currently stands at 64, according to the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety. ABC

Mollie Tibbetts' Father Praises Iowa Latinos
It did not take long, after authorities in Iowa named a suspect in the killing of 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts, for her death to be turned into a political weight. Seizing on the fact that the 24-year-old suspect police arrested, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, is a Mexican national who authorities said was in the country illegally, many Republicans, from President Trump on down, used the death to advocate for harsher immigration laws. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal media propaganda.

Lindsey Graham Says Any New Attorney General Must Let Special Counsel Mueller Finish Job
Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, R-S.C., said Tuesday that if President Donald Trump replaces Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his new nominee would have to promise the Senate that he would allow special counsel Robert Mueller to complete his investigation. Graham raised eyebrows last week when he seemed to give Trump his blessing to fire Sessions, telling reporters that the president was "entitled to an attorney general he has faith in." SF Gate


In Senate Primary, Arizona Republicans Compete Over Who Loves Trump Most
A contentious three-way U.S. Senate battle in Arizona on Tuesday among Republicans fighting to prove the depth of their allegiance to President Donald Trump tops the last big day of state nominating contests before Noevmber’s elections. Voters there and in Florida were heading to the polls to pick candidates for Nov. 6, when Democrats will try to pick up 23 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and two seats in the Senate to gain majorities and slam the brakes on Trump’s legislative agenda. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Dems will lose big in November.

Fox News Ratings Beat MSNBC, CNN For 200th Consecutive Month
Fox News was the most-watched network on basic cable for the 26th consecutive month in August while also topping its cable news competitors for the 200th straight month, according to data released Tuesday Nielsen Media Research. The milestones for Fox News, which launched in 1996 and rose to the top of cable news in 2001, comes despite a strong finish to the month by rival MSNBC. The progressive network surged over the past week following frenetic news events last Tuesday involving the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen's guilty plea to charges of bank and tax fraud and campaign finance law violations, and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort being found guilty on charges of bank and tax fraud. Hill

US Warns Russia, Syria Against Chemical Weapons Use
Senior U.S. officials warned the Russian and Syrian governments Tuesday against chemical weapons use in Syria as forces allied with its President Bashar Assad prepare for an offensive on a rebel stronghold. The United States "will respond to any verified chemical weapons use in Idlib or elsewhere in Syria ... in a swift and appropriate manner," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters in Washington. Nauert said senior U.S. officials engaged with their Russian counterparts to "to make this point very clear to Damascus." She said the use of chemical weapons "will not be tolerated." Yahoo
VOA VIEW: Syria is looking for another attack.

Fatal Heart Attacks Could Be Predicted In Years In Advance
Fatal heart attacks could be predicted years in advance after a new method of reading routine heart scans that can pinpoint those most at risk proved successful in its first major trial. The technology, based on analysis of computed tomography (CT) coronary angiograms, will “undoubtedly” save lives, according to its creators. Heart attacks are usually caused by inflamed plaques – fatty deposits on artery walls – rupturing and blocking blood flow to the heart. The challenge for doctors is knowing which plaques are most likely to cause blockages, and therefore which patients should be treated with more aggressive therapies. iNews UK

Trump In Private Talk-President Warns Of Violence If GOP Loses Midterms
In a private meeting with Christian ministers, Donald Trump warned of “violence” if Republicans do not maintain control of Congress in the midterm elections, according to an audio recording of the meeting obtained by the New York Times. At a state dinner for evangelical Christian ministers on Monday night at the White House, Trump urged religious leaders to use the power of their pulpits to make sure that “all of your people vote” in November, the New York Times reported. “You’re one election away from losing everything you’ve got,” Trump reportedly told them. Guardian

Trump Folds On Flag
USA Today: ‘The U.S. flag flying over the White House was brought back down to half-staff Monday afternoon after an outcry over the decision to raise it just two days after the death of Arizona Sen. John McCain In his first formal statement on McCain’s death, President Donald Trump said he respected McCain's service and ordered the flags back down. … Amid an outpouring of praise for McCain – a former prisoner of war, a longtime lawmaker and two-time GOP presidential candidate – Trump made only a brief statement about the senator's death, offering condolences to his family on Twitter but no words of praise for McCain himself. The two had a long history of mutual disdain. Monday, veterans groups criticized the decision to lower the flag for only two days.” Fox

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Momentum Slows For Renaming Senate Building For McCain
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, on Tuesday delayed efforts to rename the Russell Senate Office in honor of Sen. John McCain by creating an official group to vet a variety of memorial options. McConnell announced plans for the bipartisan committee just days after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. first suggested renaming the building to memorialize McCain, who died Saturday at 81. Republican reaction to the Schumer proposal was mixed, even as Sen. Jeff Flake, McCain's fellow Arizona Republican, signed on as a co-sponsor. NPR

Senators Criticize Google CEO For Declining To Testify
Google’s Sundar Pichai is facing bipartisan criticism for refusing to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing next week, but the panel’s chairman signaled he’s unlikely to issue a subpoena to force the chief executive officer to appear. “I don’t normally subpoena people to be part of the solution," Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina said when asked if he’s considering such a step. "Google chooses not to participate and being part of the solution. That’s a decision they made.” Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: Google should be regulated ASAP.

Gov. Edwards Appoints New Coastal Protection And Restoration Authority Director
A North Carolina environmental consultant with a history in state government and private wetland restoration has been selected by Gov. John Bel Edwards as the new executive director of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Michael Ellison is principal consultant of Arrowwood Research, Inc., of Cary, N.C., which provides state and federal policy analysis and strategies for implementing ecosystem restoration projects. NOLA

Global Stocks Soar On US-Mexico Breakthrough As Canada Is Sidelined
Stock markets worldwide rose to a six-month high on Tuesday as fears of a global trade war receded after Donald Trump announced a US-Mexico trade deal. Global stocks reacted positively to the breakthrough, with investors expressing optimism the deal could signal a change in the Trump administration’s provocative stanceon global trade. The US treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, said he was optimistic that Canada will join Mexico in signing up to the proposed restructuring of the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) trilateral trade pact. “I think our objective is to try to get Canada on board quickly,” he said, speaking to CNBC on Tuesday. Guardian

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Eliminating Bail For Suspects Awaiting Trial
Suspects awaiting trial in California will now have their bail eliminated, according to a bill signed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday. In lieu of bail, suspects will be gauged under a risk-assessment system, although the details of the program, which will take effect in October 2019, were not immediately clear. Suspects looking at serious, violent felonies won’t be eligible for release prior to trial but the majority of suspects arrested for nonviolent misdemeanors will be let go within 12 hours of being booked, according to the legislation. Fox
VOA VIEW: Crazy!

Tucker Presses Clinton Supporter: Would You Be Fine With Trump 'Spying On Dem Opponent's Aides?
Tucker Carlson challenged former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein on his fellow liberals finding no problems with "spying" on President Trump's presidential campaign. "The left doesn't have any problem with the fact that the last administration (Obama) spied on its political opponents," he said, adding that "all the civil libertarians have left [the Democratic Party]," he said. Goodstein said Carlson "insulted his audience" by accusing the government of spying on anyone in that regard. He said that ex-Trump aide Carter Page was an "agent of the Soviets" (sic) and that U.S. intelligence rightfully surveilled some of his activities. Carlson disagreed, noting that no one in Trump's campaign orbit has been charged with espionage, and that Page himself has not been convicted of anything. Fox
VOA VIEW: Madness!

Feds Crack Down On Marijuana Growers Using Federal Land
Marijuana growers who flout the law and plant crops on federal land are the subject of stepped-up enforcement operations by federal officials and law enforcement partners in California and Mexico. California officials gathered reporters near Sacramento Tuesday to tout the interim results of their statewide "surge operation" that is cracking down on people- and drug-trafficking organizations that cultivate marijuana on federal land like national parks and forests. The U.S. Forest Service is leading the charge and cooperating with state officials in a bid to kick pot growers off federal land. Washington Examiner

Trump Jokingly Questions If Alleged Chinese Hackers Of Clinton's Emails Were Actually Russian
President Trump joked Tuesday night that the alleged Chinese hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails was actually done by Russians. “Report just out: 'China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email Server.' Are they sure it wasn’t Russia (just kidding!)? What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this? Actually, a very big story. Much classified information!” Trump posted to Twitter. The D.C.-based Chinese company was able to access Clinton’s emails in real time due to a code embedded in the server that made copies of the emails, according to the report. “We do know the name of the company. There are indications there are other ‘cutouts’ that were involved. I would be in a lot of trouble if I gave you the name,” an unnamed former intelligence officer told the Daily Caller. Washington Examiner


Women, Suburban Republicans Key To US Midterms
Women and well-off suburban Republicans will play decisive roles in countering President Donald Trump's loyalists in November's midterm elections, according to Ipsos pollsters who are armed with new tools to face their first big test after the billionaire's shock 2016 victory. Trump's capture of the White House took the entire polling industry by surprise, as election forecasters blew it by predicting a Hillary Clinton win. This year, in order to obtain a more comprehensive view of a complex electorate, Ipsos is using an amalgam of three sources of information - traditional polls, expert analysis from the University of Virginia, and social media trends - in a new tool, available for free online and presented Tuesday in Washington. VOA

Trump Honors Anniversary Of MLK 'I Have A Dream' Speech Touting His Policies, Hope For America
President Trump issued a message commemorating one of America’s most treasured modern historical figures. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 55 years ago, “stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March for Jobs and Freedom, and spoke passionately for his dream of equality and justice for all,” Trump’s message declared, observing the “I Have a Dream” speech. “We remain ever optimistic of our shared future as children of God and citizens of this great Nation,” Trump’s message said. “May the memory of Dr. King, and the efforts we have made to fulfill his dream, remind us of the bonds of love and mutual respect that unite us.” Fox
VOA VIEW: What are libs and Dems going to say negative about this?

In Closed Door Meeting, Trump Told Christian Leaders He Got Rid Of A Law, He Didn't Get Rid Of
In a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders Monday night, President Donald Trump repeated his debunked claim that he had gotten "rid of" a law forbidding churches and charitable organizations from endorsing political candidates, according to recorded excerpts reviewed by NBC News. In fact, the law remains on the books, after efforts to kill it in Congress last year failed. But Trump cited this alleged accomplishment as one in a series of gains he has made for his conservative Christian supporters, as he warned, "You're one election away from losing everything that you've got," and said their opponents were "violent people" who would overturn these gains "violently." Trump addressed the law and the upcoming midterms in private remarks Monday during a dinner with evangelical supporters at the White House after the press had left. NBC

Trump Favorite, Rep. DeSantis, Captures GOP Gubernatorial Win In Florida
Ron DeSantis, a three-term Republican congressman riding the endorsement of President Trump, surged to win Florida’s GOP gubernatorial primary Tuesday and will face the mayor of Tallahassee, who captured the Democratic nomination in a major upset. With more than 90% of precincts reporting, DeSantis, 39, an Iraqi War veteran and three-term congressman from the Jacksonville suburbs, held a commanding 56% to 37% lead over Adam Putnam, Florida’s agricultural commissioner and the onetime favorite to succeed GOP Gov. Rick Scott. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Dems have lost all sense of purpose.

Agriculture Department Will Pay $4.7B To Farmers Hit In Trade War
The Department of Agriculture will pay $4.7 billion to farmers growing soybeans, cotton and other products hit by tariffs in the Trump administration's hard-line trade war with China, announcing the first batch of payments from a $12 billion government aid package. Starting next Tuesday, the agency will take applications from farmers who produce corn, cotton, dairy, hogs, sorghum, soybeans and wheat — products that were targeted in China's retaliatory tariffs, after the U.S. imposed a 25 percent levy on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports. NPR

Facebook Bans Myanmar Military Chief And Says It Was 'Too Slow' To Act
How controversy changed Facebook's mission Facebook has banned 20 organizations and individuals in Myanmar, including a senior military commander, from using its service and acknowledged that it was "too slow" to prevent the spread of "hate and misinformation" in the country. The social network said in a statement Monday that it had imposed the bans after the United Nations "found evidence that many of these individuals and organizations committed or enabled serious human rights abuses in the country." This is the first time a military or state actor has been banned from its platform, a Facebook spokesperson said. CNN

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Giuliani's Telling Admission: All That Matters Is That Mueller Is Undermined
This is not the first time that Giuliani has copped publicly to the game he’s playing. He has admitted that he aims “to attack the legitimacy of the investigation” and said he’s mostly preparing for the potential impeachment battle lying ahead — given that it appears Mueller doesn’t believe he can indict a sitting president. “It is for public opinion, because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach, not impeach,” Giuliani said in May. Washington Post

Popular French Environment Minister Quits In Live Interview: 'World Is Not Doing Enough'
Shortly after the U.S. announced its withdrawal from the Paris accord, a global pact to combat climate change, French President Emmanuel Macron assumed the mantle of environmental crusader with a pointed rebuke of the Trump administration: "Make our planet great again," he declared just hours later. Now, more than a year later, Macron's environment minister has delivered his own stinging rebuke — only this time, it's Macron who came in for the condemnation. Nicolas Hulot stunned the hosts of his live radio interview Tuesday by declaring his resignation in protest of the French president's environmental policy. NPR

CENSORED! How Many Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech
Like it or not, social media is the communication form of the future — not just in the U.S., but worldwide. Just Facebook and Twitter combined reach 1.8 billion people. More than two-thirds of all Americans (68 percent) use Facebook. YouTube is pushing out TV as the most popular place to watch video. Google is the No. 1 search engine in both the U.S. and the world. War is being declared on the conservative movement in this space and conservatives are losing — badly. If the right is silenced, billions of people will be cut off from conservative ideas and conservative media. News Busters
VOA VIEW: Facebook, Google and other social media are against conservatives.

Manafort's Defense Hints At Major Strategy Change For Second Trial
During Paul Manafort‘s Virginia bank and tax fraud trial, Manafort’s defense attorneys declined to put on a defense, significantly limiting witness testimony, cross-examination and the length of the trial. The latest information provided in court documents indicates that Manafort’s team may be more inclined to mount a defense the second time around. The problem appears to be that they haven’t worked out yet exactly how they will execute that defense.  Law & Crime

Who Is Carlo Maria Vigano, The Man Accusing Pope Francis Of Covering Up Sex Abuse?
The Roman Catholic Church went into crisis mode this week after a Vatican official published an 11-page letter alleging that Pope Francis and U.S. Catholic leaders covered up sexual abuse by an American cardinal. In the unusually detailed and direct letter, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former Vatican ambassador to the U.S., made unsubstantiated claims that Francis and several American cardinals and archbishops had teamed up over the years to protect Theodore McCarrick, who as a cardinal was one of the most powerful figures in the church. LA Times

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White Texas Police Officer Found Guilty Of Murder For Fatally Shooting Black Teen In Car
A former Texas police officer was found guilty of murder on Tuesday for shooting into a car carrying a group of teenagers, killing a 15-year-old boy. Roy Oliver, who is white, was found guilty in the death of high school freshman Jordan Edwards, who was black. The teen was in the passenger seat of a car leaving a house party when the officer opened fire in April 2017. Oliver was found not guilty on two aggravated assault charges. NBC

'Better Be Careful' President Trump Warns Tech Companies After Google Tweets
President Donald Trump says Google and other tech companies are “treading on very, very troubled territory.” Trump’s warning came as he was meeting in the Oval Office with the president of FIFA, the international governing body of soccer. Trump had claimed in a pair of tweets earlier Tuesday that Google search results are “RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD.” Trump says companies including Google, Twitter and Facebook “better be careful” because “you can’t do that to people.” He claims that “literally thousands and thousands of complaints” have been received, adding, “It’s not fair to large portions of the population.” Time

What Happens When You Search For Trump News On Google
President Donald Trump on Tuesday made a bold accusation: that Google is intentionally promoting negative news stories about him in its search results, and "silencing" conservative voices. That assertion, which Trump posted on his Twitter account, is backed up by scant evidence, and Google quickly responded by saying that "Search is not used to set a political agenda, and we don't bias our results toward any political ideology. "Trump stated that "96% of results on 'Trump News' are from National Left-Wing Media," calling the issue "very dangerous." But that figure stems from an unscientific study conducted by conservative opinion blog PJMedia, which published a blog post on Saturday stating that the majority of all Trump-related search results on Google's News tab come from outlets that PJMedia categorized as "liberal." Business Insider
VOA VIEW: Google is bias.

Dollar Steady, Sticks To Tight Range As Investors Await Trade News
The dollar inched higher on Wednesday, sticking to a tight range after touching a four-week low overnight as optimism over the U.S.-Mexico trade deal gave way to caution ahead of an upcoming deadline in the China-U.S. trade dispute. The dollar index .DXY against a basket of six major currencies stood little changed at 94.772 as of 0056 GMT, after trading as low as 94.434 during the U.S. session, its lowest since July 31. After dipping to its four-week low, the greenback made up losses as the U.S. consumer confidence index came in higher than expected, reaching its highest level since October 2000. Reuters

Hurricane Maria Death Toll Estimate Climbs To Nearly 3,000
The governor of Puerto Rico on Tuesday raised the government’s official death toll for Hurricane Maria from 64 to 2,975 people following the release of a new report. The announcement comes just weeks after officials in Puerto Rico conceded that the hurricane killed more than 1,400 people on the island last year ? over 20 times the official death toll. An independent analysis commissioned by Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Roselló and published Tuesday by researchers at George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health estimated the hurricane killed 2,975 people. That would make it the deadliest U.S. natural disaster in over 100 years. Huff Post

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