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John McCain: Trump Not Attending Late Senator's Funeral
US President Donald Trump will not attend the funeral of his political antagonist John McCain, a spokesman for the late senator has said. "The president will not be, as far as we know, attending the funeral," said McCain family friend Rick Davis. "That's just a fact." Mr Davis read out a posthumous message from McCain that appeared to take a thinly veiled dig at Mr Trump. In the message, McCain urged Americans not to "hide behind walls". BBC
VOA VIEW: The liberal spin.

John McCain's Final Message For The President
John McCain and President Donald Trump are not done with one another yet. Days of mourning for the Arizona senator, including a lying-in-state in the Capitol Rotunda and the pomp of a service in Washington's National Cathedral, are certain to become about more than simply honoring a singular political leader and national hero. In Washington, even death is political -- a fact McCain well understood as a sought-after eulogizer himself, and by planning his funeral rites to exclude the President, he will be making an unmistakable posthumous statement directed at the White House. CNN
VOA VIEW: Liberals want to make hay even with a death.

Jacksonville Deadly Shooting: Fellow Gamer Says 'Something Was Off' About Suspect David Katz
A suspect and two others are dead after a shooting at a downtown Jacksonville restaurant that was hosting a video game tournament, according to authorities. Nine additional victims were shot and injured, and two victims had other injuries. Authorities believe 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore is the suspect in Sunday's shooting. The suspect, who Sheriff Mike Williams said used a single firearm, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. ABC11


US Mexico Reportedly Reach Deal To Replace NAFTA
The United States and Mexico reached a deal on Monday to change the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and talks with Canada were expected to begin immediately, U.S. President Donald Trump said. “They used to call it NAFTA. We’re going to call it the United States-Mexico trade agreement. We’ll get rid of the name NAFTA,” Trump told reporters. The name had a “bad connotation,” Trump said. The agreement lifted financial markets and opens the door for Canada to return to the negotiations to rework the 1994 U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade deal. Huff Post
VOA VIEW: The liberal bias is clear and Trump is the winner, again.

Here's Gene Munster's Case For Apple Investing In Tesla
Now That Tesla Will Remain Public Wall Street is making the case for an Apple-Tesla investment, and the automaker's decision to stay public might force Tesla to make a deal, venture capitalist Gene Munster said in a blog post. "If Tesla successfully turns the corner to profitability, the combination of the two companies is nothing more than a fairy tale," the managing partner of Loup Ventures said. But if Tesla continues to burn money, "Apple gains the upper hand." CNBC

Cohen Lawyer Backpedals On Trump-Russia Claims
Michael Cohen’s lawyer is backpedaling on bombshell claims he made in recent weeks about his client's knowledge of President Trump's supposed awareness of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Lanny Davis, a longtime Clinton confidant who now represents the ex-Trump attorney, had been a source for reports saying his client had information that the president knew in advance about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr. and Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya. Davis also suggested that Cohen had “direct knowledge” of Russia hacking into emails of Democratic power players. Fox News
VOA VIEW: Fake news, again having to retract a lie.

Russia Says Sees Signs Of US Preparing For Possible Strike On Syria
The Russian Ministry of Defence said on Monday it had noticed Washington was building up its military forces in the Middle East in preparation for what Moscow feared was a possible strike on Syrian government forces, Russian news agencies reported. Major-General Igor Konashenkov was quoted by agencies as saying that the USS Ross, a guided-missile destroyer, had entered the Mediterranean on Aug. 25 armed with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles capable of hitting any target in Syria. Reuters


North Carolina Federal Court Throws Out Confressional Map
A panel of three federal judges in North Carolina ruled Monday the state's congressional map is an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander that favors Republicans, and said it may require districts to be redrawn before the November elections. Republicans hold 10 of the state's 13 seats in the House of Representatives, and a redrawn map could put more seats in play for Democrats -- potentially affecting control of the House. CNN

Manafort Sought Plea Deal Before Second Trial
Negotiations were said to have stalled after Mr. Mueller expressed concerns, according to the paper. It is not known why Mr. Mueller objected to the deal or what was discussed as a potential plea deal. Last week, Manafort was convicted on eight counts of bank and tax fraud, but the jury deadlocked on 10 remaining counts. His Washington, D.C., trial for lying to federal investigators and failure to register as a foreign agent is set to begin on September 17. Washington Times

Catholic Leaders Call On Pope Francis To Resign
Francis spent the weekend in a radically different Ireland than the one John Paul II encountered. It is richer, more educated, more secular — and deeply disillusioned after revelations of widespread clerical sexual abuse, the cruelty of church-run workhouses that took children away from their unwed mothers and repeated church cover-ups. NPR

North Korea Warns Pompeo That 'Talks" Are At Stake
Three sources with direct knowledge of the North Korean position on denuclearization said the letter stated that Kim's regime felt that the process couldn't move forward because "the US is still not ready to meet (North Korean) expectations in terms of taking a step forward to sign a peace treaty." The US has so far been unwilling to replace the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War with a permanent, legally binding peace treaty, which would require the approval of two-thirds of the US Senate. CNN
VOA VIEW: NK is making a major mistake.

For The First Time In 50 Years, A NASA Astronaut Candidate Has Resigned
A little more than a year ago, NASA introduced its newest class of 12 astronaut candidates. These talented men and women were chosen from a deep pool of 18,300 applicants, and after two years of training they were to join the space agency's corps for possible assignment on missions to the International Space Station, lunar orbit, or possibly the surface of the Moon. However, one of those 12 astronauts, Robb Kulin, will not be among them. On Monday, NASA spokeswoman Brandi Dean confirmed to Ars that Kulin had resigned his employment at NASA, effective August 31, "for personal reasons." Arstechnica

'Sleeper' Case Could Torpedo Mueller Report
A little-noticed court case stemming from the apparent murder of a Columbia University professor six decades ago could keep special counsel Robert Mueller from publishing any information about the Trump campaign and Russia that he obtains through a Washington grand jury. The substance of the case is entirely unrelated to Mueller’s investigation into whether any of President Donald Trump’s associates aided Russia’s efforts to intervene in the 2016 election. Politico
VOA VIEW: Bad for Mueller and good for Trump.

3-D Printed Gun Plans Must Stay Off The Internet For Now
A judge in Seattle extended a ban on publishing instructions for 3-D printed guns during state litigation over the controversial practice, handing a procedural victory to gun-control advocates. The ruling, handed down in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, marks the latest chapter in the ongoing battle over 3D-printed weapons. Defense Distributed, a non-profit defense firm, had planned to offer the blueprints for download starting Aug. 1 following a multiyear legal battle with the federal government. Fox

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Statue Of Liberty Evacuated After Construction Fire Breaks Out
The Statue of Liberty was evacuated Monday after a propane tank caught fire at a construction site on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, officials said. National Park Service spokesman Jerry Willis said the propane tank was located next to two or three other tanks but did not explode. One construction worker was injured, but the worker was treated and released at the scene, Willis said. There was no damage to the statue, and Liberty Island was not evacuated. The construction site was closed off to the public and the only people in the area would be construction workers, CBS New York reports. CBS

Arizona Voters Will Choose GOP Senate Candidate As The State Mourns McCain
The national GOP establishment's preference, Rep. Martha McSally, faces two hard-line conservatives -- former state Sen. Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio -- in Tuesday's Senate primary. McSally distanced herself from McCain during the campaign while Ward and Arpaio openly attacked him. All three candidates are embracing Trump in a sign of the President's power over Republican voters. CNN

US, Mexico Trade Deal May Be Bad News For China
Now that U.S. President Donald Trump has bagged a political victory in the form of a trade deal with Mexico, the country's ongoing dispute with China looks set to drag on, experts said. Mexico is "an important trading partner" of the U.S. and the deal offers Trump "some wins from a political perspective that the administration can point to ahead of the mid-terms", said John Woods, chief investment officer for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Bad for China.

Cohen's Lawyer Admits Being Source Of CNN Story
Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, admitted Monday to providing the information for an anonymously sourced CNN story that implied President Trump had advance knowledge of a controversial Trump Tower meeting. CNN reported in July that Cohen, Trump’s longtime attorney and “fixer,” claimed that the then-presidential candidate knew in advance about the confab among campaign officials and a Russian operative in June 2016. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is trying to pass on their fake news.

Kushner Companies Fined For Falsifying Construction Permits
Kushner Companies has been hit with $210,000 in fines by New York City regulators for filing false real estate paperwork over several years. President Trump's son-in-law — and current adviser — Jared Kushner was still at the helm of the real estate company as CEO when the New York City Department of Buildings says the company routinely falsified construction applications at 17 sites. The city's Building Department found the company frequently under-reported, and in some cases didn't report any rent-regulated tenants living in its buildings, despite renting to hundreds of them. NPR

Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Brings It Home Ahead Of Election Day
Andrew Gillum’s campaign slogan, “Bring It Home,” took on a special meaning this weekend. “Your son has come home,” his wife, R. Jai Gillum, told a crowd of supporters outside The Bethel Church in the Richmond Heights neighborhood of Miami, Florida Sunday evening, before Gillum, the current mayor of Tallahassee and a Democratic candidate for governor of Florida, took the stage. She meant it, too. As Gillam spoke that night, days ahead of the statewide primary elections, he addressed a lively crowd of supporters, many of whom live in the very community in which he grew up. The church where Gillum spoke is where he was baptized. As a child, he lived just around the corner. Think Progress

UN Says Facebook 'Slow' To Respond To Myanmar 'Genocide' Against Rohingya
Facebook has been “slow and ineffective” in tackling online hatred against Rohingyas, according to a United Nations report Monday that also called for Myanmar military leaders to be prosecuted for genocide. Investigators working for the U.N.'s top human rights body said the country’s military carried out mass killings and gang rapes against the ethnic minority with “genocidal intent.” Also on Monday, Facebook announced it was removing some Myanmar military leaders from its platform —including some of those identified in the U.N. report. NBC


Nation's Top Student Loan Official Resigns
The top government official overseeing the $1.5 trillion student loan market resigned Monday, citing what he says is the White House’s open hostility toward protecting the nation’s millions of student loan borrowers. Seth Frotman will be stepping down from his position as student loan ombudsman at the end of the week, according to his resignation letter which was obtained by The Associated Press. He held that position since 2016. Frotman is the latest high-level departure from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s budget director who has been also acting director of the bureau, took over in late November. Huff Post

Toyota Investing $500M In Uber In Driverless Car Pact
Toyota is eyeing a $500 million investment in ride-hailing giant Uber at an eye-popping valuation of $72 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. That's a significant jump from Uber's most recently stated valuation of $62 billion, based on a self-reported tender offer at the end of the first quarter. The company lost $659 million last quarter, marking a wider loss than its first-quarter figure, according to its own report. The new investment is tied to an autonomous driving partnership, the Journal reported, citing unnamed sources. In June, Toyota invested $1 billion in Southeast Asian Uber-rival Grab. CNBC

How Much Will I Get From Social Security If I Make $100,000?
How much will you get from Social Security if you earn $100,000 -- or any other amount, for that matter? It's a good question. After all, about 50% of married elderly Social Security beneficiaries and 71% of unmarried ones get 50% or more of their income from Social Security, per the Social Security Administration (SSA). Yahoo

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White House Flag Lowered Again For McCain
Roger Stone is predicting that special counsel Robert Mueller will soon indict him as part of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. "Robert Mueller is coming for me," Stone, a longtime associate of President Trump, said on Sunday in an email asking supporters to donate to his legal defense fund, according to an image posted by CNN. "I'm next on the crooked special prosecutor's hit list because I've advised Donald Trump for the past 39 years. I am being targeted not because I committed a crime, but because the 'deep state; liberals want to silence me and pressure me to testify against my good friend President Donald J. Trump." MSN

McCain's Final Statement: Americans Have 'More In Common'
Sen. John McCain expressed his deep gratitude and love of country in his final letter and implored Americans to put aside "tribal rivalries" and focus on what unites. Sen. John McCain expressed his deep gratitude and love of country in his final letter and implored Americans to put aside "tribal rivlaries" and focus on what unites. Rick Davis, former presidential campaign manager for McCain who is serving as a family spokesman, read the farewell message Monday at a press briefing in Phoenix. In the statement, McCain reflected on the privilege of serving his country and said he tried to do so honorably. He also touched on today's politics. US News

Iran President Asks Europe For Guarantees On Banking Channels And Oil Sales
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday urged the remaining signatories to its 2015 nuclear agreement to act to save the pact, although France’s leader called again for broader talks on Tehran’s missile program and its role in the Middle East region. In a phone call to French President Emmanuel Macron, Rouhani said Iran wanted the Europeans to give guarantees on banking channels and oil sales as well as in the field of insurance and transportation, according to the state-run Iranian news agency IRNA. Reuters
VOA VIEW: It''s clear that dealing with Iran will hurt relations with the US.

Tesla Convinces Judge To Dismiss Model 3 Production Lawsuit
Tesla has successfully convinced the court to dismiss the securities fraud lawsuit filed by shareholders over its Model 3 production issues. US District Judge Charles Breyer has officially dismissed the case on Monday, stating that federal securities laws don't punish companies for failing to achieve their production targets. The plaintiffs filed the case against the automaker in October 2017, accusing the company of knowing from the start that it was "woefully unprepared" to achieve its goal of manufacturing 5,000 Model 3s per week. They said the hype around Model 3 misled them into snapping up "artificially inflated" share prices, which dropped after the company cut its production target. Engadget

JetBlue Raises Baggage Fees Above American, Delta And United
Additional baggage fees are also going up on the JetBlue. According to Bloomberg, which broke the story on Monday morning, the fee for checking a second bag on JetBlue is also going up from $35 to $40 while the fee for checking a third bag is moving from $100 to $150. Oversized and overweight baggage fees have also gone up from $100 per bag to $150. Forbes

45% Of Americans Say Manafort Verdict, Cohen Plea Won't Affect Their Midterm Vote
Forty-five percent of Americans say Paul Manafort's guilty verdict and Michael Cohen's guilty plea last week will have no effect on their vote in November's midterm elections, according to a new American Barometer poll. The survey, conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company, found that 33 percent of voters said the recent legal news made them more likely to vote for Democratic candidates, while 22 percent said they were more likely to cast ballots for Republicans. The polling also revealed a sharp partisan divide, with only 5 percent of Republicans saying they were more likely to vote for Democratic candidates, and 5 percent of Democrats saying the same about GOP candidates. Hill

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Why Schumer Wants To Rename Senate Building After McCain
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proposed honoring the late Sen. John McCain by renaming the Russell Senate Office Building after him. McCain's office was in the beaux-arts style building, on Constitution Avenue, and it's where the committee he proudly chaired, the Senate Armed Services Committee, meets. It might seem like an odd proposal — after all, Richard Russell was a Democrat who represented Georgia in the Senate for 38 years and who was dubbed a "senators' senator" for his mastery of the chamber's arcane rules and procedures. Schumer's proposal would replace a fellow Democrat's name with a Republican's. NPR

Michael Avenatti Building Up His Policy Platform As He Becomes 'More Bullish Than Ever' About Running For President
Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, told Business Insider on Monday that he is "more bullish than ever" about a potential run for president in 2020, after his release of a policy platform he believes is "the most substantial" released by a 2020 contender so far. In the document, titled "What I Believe," Avenatti laid out his positions on a number of issues, ranging from climate change and criminal justice reform to taxes and trade. Avenatti's platform is built up of mainstream Democratic Party views on the subjects he lists: Business Insider
VOA VIEW: Avenatti is an idiot.

How The President Is Remaking The Republican Party
For months after Republican Adam Putnam entered the Florida gubernatorial race, he seemed almost unbeatable. He had a record of government experience and political success, a trove of endorsements, robust fundraising and a solid lead in most polls over his principal rival, GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis. Then Mr. DeSantis, a vocal defender of President Trump, picked up the president’s endorsement in June, touted it in a new ad, and appeared with Mr. Trump at a campaign rally in Tampa. WSJ

'Paycheck Protection' Labor Reform Faces Court Challenge From 7 Missouri Unions
Under the law, unions would be required to get permission every year before collecting dues and other fees from members’ checks to use for political purposes. The union would have to be re-certified every three years, a hurdle the unions say is too high. The lawsuit argues the new law violates several rights guaranteed under the Missouri Constitution, including the freedom of speech, association and petition; equal protection; protection against impairment of contracts and the right to organize and bargain collectively. Kansas City Star

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