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McCain To Lie In State At Capitol
“I appreciate my colleagues and the entire Senate and House family’s assistance with this honor,” McConnell added. Only 31 Americans have lain in state or in honor in the Capitol Rotunda since the structure was completed in 1824, not including unknown soldiers of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War who have been recognized. Most recently, evangelist Billy Graham lay in honor from Feb. 28 to March 1. Politico
VOA VIEW: Fitting!

Vigano Letter Exposes The Putsch Against Pope Francis
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s testimony proves one thing: The former Vatican ambassador to the United States is to the clergy sex abuse crisis what Oliver Stone is to the assassination of President John Kennedy, a trafficker in conspiracy theories who mixes fact, fiction and venom to produce something explosive but also suspicious. When you finish reading this testimony, as at the end of Stone’s 1991 movie “JFK,” you can only conclude that the product tells us more about the author than it does about the subject. NCR

Mexico And US 'Hours' Away From Agreement On NAFTA
U.S. and Mexican trade negotiators are “hours” away from squaring away bilateral differences on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) but work with Canada is likely to stretch into September, a top Mexican official said on Sunday. Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo told reporters that work with Canada, which has sat out the latest phase of NAFTA talks, would take at least a week, though he was optimistic Mexico and the United States were close to agreement. Reuters
VOA VIEW: A feather is Trumps cap.

Army Soldier Among 4 Dead When Skydiving Plane Crashes At Georgia Airport
The crash happened around 2 p.m. at the East Georgia Regional Airport in Swainsboro, located about 90 miles southeast of Macon, FOX54 reported. The Emanuel County Coroner's Office told FOX5 there were five people in the plane at the time. The lone survivor was taken to a trauma center in Augusta. The soldier who was killed was a member of U.S. Army Parachute Team, The Golden Knights, the Army announced in a Facebook post on Sunday. Fox


Iran MPs Vote To Remove Economy Minister Amid Financial Crisis
Mr Karbasian lost the vote of confidence by 137 votes to 121 with two abstentions. The result was broadcast live on state radio. President Rouhani, a political moderate, is facing criticism from hardliners but also from within the reformist bloc that supports his government. Elias Hazrati, of the reformist Hope faction, was among those who broke ranks to vote for Mr Karbasian's removal. BBC

Trump Approval 'Remarkably Stable' After Stormy Week Of Bad News
After a week that saw President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman convicted on eight counts of fraud and his former lawyer plead guilty to felony campaign finance charges, the president's job approval rating remains virtually unchanged, new polling from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal shows. But the stability in Trump's approval rating also comes as more than half of voters say he has not been honest and truthful regarding the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. And fewer than three-in-ten voters are convinced that Trump himself is not implicated in the wrongdoing of the six of his associates who have now either been convicted of crimes or have pleaded guilty. NBC
VOA VIEW: The liberal media doesn't like to hear good news about Trump.

Flake: Firing Sessions Would Be The 'First Domino To Fall'
Sen. Jeff Flake on Sunday warned that firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be a “big mistake” for President Donald Trump, downplaying the GOP lawmakers predicting Sessions’ exit later this year as “isolated voices.”In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Arizona Republican said the concern is that Sessions’ termination “would be the first domino to fall” in the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Politico
VOA VIEW: Flake is a "flake."

Sweden's Far Right Courts Immigrant Voters In Bid To Make Historic Gains
At the Malmedalen political festival in Rosengård, the Sweden Democrats tent was far and away the busiest. Inside, Jörgen Grubb was taking his message of restrictive immigration, draconian law and order, and Swedish cultural nationalism to a part of Malmö where close to 90% of people have a foreign background. And it was going surprisingly well. When a woman in a hijab raised Grubb’s party’s plans to ban full face veils, he clarified quickly that “what you have on you there, that’s absolutely OK”. Guardian

McCain Remembered As Maverick, Public Servant, Father
From McCain's years in the Senate, Former Vice President Joe Biden said he "cast a long shadow," and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) recalled McCain's "wicked sense of humor" that "made every tense moment come out better." Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) described McCain as one of a "few truly great people" he has ever met, and "a truth teller — never afraid to speak truth to power in an era where that has become all too rare." Schumer has proposed renaming a Senate office building in McCain's honor. Week


Before He Died, McCain Asked Trump Not Attend Funeral
McCain had a contentious relationship with President Donald Trump who had belittled the Vietnam veteran’s war record, blasted him for a critical vote that ended a repeal measure of “Obamacare” and snubbed him when he signed ca bill named for the senator without mentioning his name. Trump did not attend the funeral for first lady Barbara Bush earlier this year to avoid disruptions and out of respect for the Bush family, officials at the White House said in April. First lady Melania Trump was at the service. AJC

7 Arrested In Protests Over Confederate Statue At UNC Chapel Hill
Police in North Carolina arrested seven people at protests for and against the presence of a Confederate soldier statue at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, the university said. About 100 people faced off in "highly charged" demonstrations at the university's McCorkle Place — where until a group of protesters pulled it down on Monday, the statue known as "Silent Sam" had stood for more than a century. NPR
VOA VIEW: More arrests may cause people from disrespecting and abusing public or private property.

Trump Tweetstorm-Sunday Edition
Below are today’s tweets so far. The first four are retweets. We’ll update if the President comes back with more later in the day: "Social Media Giants are silencing millions of people. Can’t do this even if it means we must continue to hear Fake News like CNN, whose ratings have suffered gravely. People have to figure out what is real, and what is not, without censorship!" Deadline

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Judge Rules Trump Exceeded His Authority With Executive Orders
“President Trump’s illegal action was a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress specifically guaranteed to the public-sector employees across this country who keep our federal government running every single day,” said J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the largest of the federal worker unions. Cox’s organization, which represents about 700,000 of the approximately 2 million-member federal workforce, was first to challenge the executive orders, filing two lawsuits. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It's not over, until it's over.

Epic Games Slams Google For Sharing Fortnite Android App Exploit Info
Google essentially got slapped in the face when Epic Games, the developer of the super popular Fortnite, decided not to make the game available through the Play Store, but via its own app. Google warned Epic that doing so could potentially put Android users at greater security risk, but the game developer brushed it off, insisting on going it alone for several reasons — including not having to give Google a cut in-app revenue and "embracing open platforms." Mashable
VOA VIEW: Google and all other social media should be regulated.

Instagram Testing Virtual Communities For College Students
Once they're in, they'll be able to see lists arranged by members' classes, so they can find other people from the same year. They'll also be able to see members' public Stories from within those lists. Instagram is definitely the right venue to target the demographic, considering teens aren't that fond of Facebook anymore. But the platform will have to work on the feature a bit more to make sure nobody uses it creep on users. CNBC says one of its reporters was prompted to join the community for their alma mater as a current student even though they don't go there anymore. Instagram will likely address bugs like that in the development phase before it officially releases the feature if it ever decides to do so. Engadget


Can't Dance? AI Has You Covered
In brief: A new Artificial Intelligence has got your back if you’ve got two left feet: it can change a video of you standing still to one of you dancing like a pro.
A team of researchers at UC Berkeley have developed an AI that can copy actions from one person onto another. As described by the title of their report Everybody Dance Now the obvious thing to do is make videos of people dancing. Their AI takes a ‘source’ video of a person, in this case professional dancers, and overlays their actions to a ‘target’ video. Both people are turned into 3-dimensional stick figures which can be adjusted to their position in the frame. Then the music starts and the AI generates new frames of the target dancing. TechSpot

Facebook Has New Idea For Connecting You With Strangers
If you're bored of your friends and family, how about connecting with a few strangers to spice up your Facebooking? The social media site is testing a new feature that displays interests you have in common with people you aren't connected to – people who might be commenting on your friends' posts or pictures, for example.Tech Radar

FBI Swarms Family Home Of Jacksonville Landing Gunman David Katz
Heavily armed agents late Sunday have entered the upscale Baltimore townhouse that belongs to the father of the gunman who opened fire during a Madden 19 NFL tournament at a restaurant in Jacksonville, Fla., killing two and injuring 11 before killing himself. David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, was believed to have fired shots during the event at the Chicago Pizza restaurant and bar in The Jacksonville Landing, Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference. Williams did not speak about a possible motive. An FBI spokesman, Dave Fitz, confirmed agents had gone to the upscale townhouse home. But he did not immediately release any other specifics, citing an ongoing investigation. Fox

Elon Musk Explains Why He's No Longer Considering Taking Tesla Private
The Tesla CEO and erratic tweeter has shared a new blog post explaining his decision to keep the electric car company public instead of taking it private as he had previously suggested on Twitter. Though Musk initially believed taking Tesla private would allow the company to have better long-term sustainability, allowing it to focus on making great electric vehicles instead of answering to Wall Street every quarter for missing production schedules, he's now changed his mind. Mashable

McCain And Ted Kennedy Died Of The Same Cancer-Exactly 9 Years Apart
Sen. John McCain died exactly nine years after his friend Sen. Ted Kennedy — and of exactly the same thing. Kennedy, a Democrat, passed away Aug. 25, 2009 at age 77, after a battle with glioblastoma — the same rare type of brain cancer afflicting McCain, who died Saturday at age 81. McCain, a Republican, had fondly recalled their friendship despite their ideological differences. “Ted Kennedy had this unique way of doing hand-to-hand combat on the floor of the Senate,” McCain told CNN following Kennedy’s death. NY Post

Trump's Biggest Legal Danger Is From US Prosecutors In New York, Not Mueller
Dershowitz told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday that the biggest legal danger to the president is from an investigation by the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating whether the Trump Organization was involved in campaign finance violations connected to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. In connection to that probe, they have granted immunity to the Trump company’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg. ABC

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Pope Gives Profound Parenting Advice: "Parents Of Gay Children Shouldn't Condemn Them"
Pope Francis says parents of gay children shouldn’t condemn them, ignore their orientation or throw them out of the house. Rather, he says they should pray, talk and try to understand. Speaking to reporters after closing out a Catholic family rally in Ireland, Francis said: “There have always been gay people and people with homosexual tendencies.” Francis was asked what he would tell a father of a child who just came out as gay. Huff Post

North Korea Furious Over US Cancellation Of Nuclear Talks
Following Friday’s announcement that President Donald Trump had canceled the next round of talks over North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, Pyongyang on Sunday issued a blistering statement accusing the U.S. “double-dealing” and “hatching a criminal plot.” According to Reuters, the state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper ran a piece accusing U.S. special units stationed in Japan of staging air drills with the aim of infiltrating their capital. Think Progress
VOA VIEW: NK better get their act together.

Islamic State Leader In Afghanistan Killed In Raid
U.S. and Afghan forces killed the leader of Islamic State in Afghanistan on Saturday night in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, Afghan officials said Sunday, the third head of the terror group to be killed since July last year. The Afghan intelligence agency said Abu Saad Erhabi was killed along with 10 militants in a joint ground and air operation targeting two hide-outs of Islamic State-Khorasan, or IS-K, in the village of Jangali. WSJ

Natural Grocers Shrug Off Amazon, Whole Foods Threat
When Inc. bought Whole Foods last year, Kemper Isely worried about how his regional health-food chain would compete with the e-commerce giant. A year later, the chief executive of Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc. is sleeping better. Sales are up, shares have nearly doubled since January and the Colorado-based company is expanding its network of 147 stores. WSJ

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What We Know About Jacksonville Gunman David Katz
Authorities in Jacksonville, Fla., have identified a Baltimore man as the perpetrator of a mass shooting Sunday during a video game tournament. “The single suspect in this case is a white male,” Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference Sunday night. “We believe the suspect to be 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland.” Baltimore Sun

Fortnite Installer For Android Made Our Worst Fears Come True
To be clear, the wayward app in question isn’t Fortnite for Android itself but the Fortnite Installer for Android. This utility is necessary to download the game from Epic’s servers and has to be installed separately. It is also necessary to remain installed in order to update Fortnite itself, as some early testers have discovered. Unfortunately, the Installer app has a bug that enables what is called a man-in-the-disk attack. A cousin of the popular man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack, this basically means that some sleeper malware installed on the devices can monitor the Fortnite Installer when it’s about to download Fortnite, hijack the connection, and force it to download something else, usually the actual malware payload. Slash Gear

Tiger Woods Says 'You Have To Respect The Office' Of President After Questions About His Relationship With Trump
“He's the President of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office,” Woods said during a news conference just after the final round of the US PGA Northern Trust tournament. The comment was in response to a provocative reporter’s question that tried to get Woods to denounce Trump’s policies and feuds with NBA and NFL players, USA Today reported. Woods was asked whether he had anything to say to people who “find it interesting” that he maintains a rather personal relationship with the president who tightening immigration controls in the country and feuding with both NBA and NFL players. Fox
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts Dems.

Serena Williams Responds After Her 'Catsuit' Is Banned By French Open
Serena Williams has played down the news that her superhero-like 'catsuit' will be banned for the 2019 French Open. Bernard Giudicelli, the French Tennis Federation president, said in an interview with Tennis Magazine that Roland Garros, one of the four grand slams, is introducing a dress code. He insisted the new rules at the French Open -- a tournament Williams has won on three occasions -- won't be as strict as Wimbledon's all-white policy, but are being implemented because he thinks "that sometimes we've gone too far." CNN

New Charges Filed Against Inglewood Brothers In Alleged Immigration Fraud Case
Nearly two dozen new grand theft charges have been filed against two brothers who allegedly defrauded undocumented immigrants who came to their Inglewood consultancy seeking help in securing lawful permanent residence in the United States, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Friday. Edgardo Antonio Guerrero, 69, and Hector Humberto Guerrero, 48, through their operation of Oficina Guerrero, charged thousands of dollars for legal services they were not legally qualified to dispense and failed to maintain a required bond, the Attorney General's Office alleges. NBC

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