Trump-backed Troy Balderson takes narrow lead against insurgent Dem challenger in Ohio House special election, claims victory
Buoyed by a dramatic last-minute rally by President Trump, Republican State Senator Troy Balderson appeared to be inching closer to beating back a challenge by insurgent Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio's special election for a vacant House seat Tuesday. A victory in the race for the Ohio's historically conservative 12th Congressional District would deny Democrats the major upset they had sought ahead of the November midterm elections. The winner takes the seat previously held by Republican Pat Tiberi, who resigned in January to take another job.  Speaking to cheering supporters Tuesday night, Balderson said O'Connor ran a "hard race" and claimed victory. And in a tweet Tuesday night, Trump wrote that Balderson had won a "great victory during a very tough time of the year for voting." FOX
VOA VIEW: A couscous victory.

German Central Bank Blocks $400 Million Cash Delivery To Iran Ahead Of Crippling US Sanctions
The U.S. campaign to rein in Iran has scored a victory in the German financial sector, after the Deutsche Bundesbank? the country’s central bank? imposed a rule stopping a $400 million cash delivery to Tehran. Iran's cash-starved economy desperately needs hard currency ahead of crippling U.S. bank sanctions that will be introduced in November. Fox

Rick Gates Returns For Second Day Of Testimony Against Paul Manafort
All eyes were on Rick Gates Tuesday as the government's star witness testified against his former boss, Paul Manafort, in special counsel Robert Mueller’s federal tax trial against the former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump. ABC
VOA VIEW: Gates looks like and sounds like a thief, con artist and liar.

A Woman's 'Trump' Scorn: Women Showing Up In Droves, As Voters Head To Polls
As Michigan voters head to the polls Tuesday to select who will represent them in November's general election, they'll have more than twice as many women to choose from on the congressional level than in any other primary in the past two decades. UPI

FBI's Handling Of Alleged Feinstein Spy Spurs Claims Of Double Standard
Revelations that Sen. Dianne Feinstein's former driver and aide was probed by the FBI for allegedly acting as a Chinese spy have spurred claims of a double standard concerning how the bureau handled suspicions of Russian coordination with the Trump campaign. Fox
VOA VIEW: The double standard make the FBI and DOJ look very bad.


If GOP Loses Ohio Special Election, Impeachment Likely
CNN chief national correspondent and anchor John King on Tuesday noted that a Democratic win in Tuesday's special election in a heavily-red district in Ohio could signal a blue wave in the fall that would likely put impeachment "on the table." The perspective comes as GOP state Sen. Troy Balderson and Democratic Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor are battling for the open seat previously held by retired Rep. Pat Tiberi (R) in Ohio's 12th District, which President Trump won by 11 points in 2016. Hill
VOA VIEW: Foolish CNN wishful thinking.

Embracing 'Trumpism' In Primaries A Risky Choice For Some Establishment GOP Candidates
Republican candidates are facing an identity crisis of sorts in this election cycle, as uncertainty surrounds establishment GOP lawmakers running for higher office, after many who embraced President Donald Trump lost in favor of political novices who mirror 2016 candidate Trump. ABC
VOA VIEW: Those who don't follow and back Trump will make a major political mistake.

McCarthy Joins Push Asking Trump For More Wildfire Aid In California
California’s top House Republican on Tuesday joined the push for President Trump to send more federal aid to fight the massive wildfires raging through his state. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R), a close Trump ally, endorsed a bipartisan letter from California lawmakers urging the president to approve a request, submitted last week by Gov. Jerry Brown (D), for a major disaster declaration across a handful of counties ravaged by the blazes — a designation that would free up more federal relief for local governments and individuals alike. Hill


The Russia Meeting At Trump Tower Was To Discuss Adoption. Then It Wasn't.
President Trump’s latest explanation for the June 2016 campaign meeting with Russians at Trump Tower: It was to obtain dirt on his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and that’s “totally legal and done all the time in politics.” The president’s Sunday morning tweet marked a new twist in an account that has zigged and zagged since The New York Times first reported on the meeting last year. NY Times
VOA VIEW: Typical NYT liberal hogwash.

Homeland Security: More Than 600,000 Foreigners Overstayed US Visas In 2017
That figure represents only 1.15 percent of the more than 52 million foreigners who legally entered the U.S. through air and seaports in 2017, and is down from 1.25 percent the year before. But it marked the second straight year that more than 600,000 visitors stayed past the expiration of their visa, turning them into undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation. USA Today
VOA VIEW: They should be arrested and escorted out of the country.

In Debate, Dems Spar Over Advocacy, Leadership
The Democrat challenging U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano in next month's primary in a key Boston-area congressional district acknowledged Tuesday that if elected she would likely vote the same way as the incumbent, but insisted leadership was about more than casting votes. SF Gate

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Judge Rejects Motion To Move Case Over Confederate Statue
A Louisiana judge Tuesday rejected a motion by an African-American defendant to move his court case because of a Confederate monument in front of the courthouse. Ronnie Anderson and his attorney Niles Haymer argued Anderson couldn't get a fair trial in the same place where a "symbol of oppression and racial intolerance" stands. AP
VOA VIEW: Madness!

Trump's School Safety Commission: 'But We Can't Discuss Gun Control'
The day before she was to testify before President Trump’s school safety commission, Jennifer Johnston, an expert on media coverage of mass shootings, received a phone call from an Education Department advisor who asked her to “refrain” from any gun-control remarks. The official, Kent Talbert, cited a section of her pre-submitted testimony that called for federal officials to “greatly restrict the sale of semiautomatic and automatic weapons across states,” Johnston recalled. LA Times

Beto O'Rourke And Ted Cruz's Texas Senate Race Turns To Reddit Bots
Jake Lee spent much of last year attending rally after rally for Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic congressman from El Paso running for U.S. Senate. He felt inspired to become more involved with the campaign, but he didn’t know how. Last month, the 25-year-old from Austin found his answer. Lee, a longtime lurker on Reddit, developed the Beto_bot, a bot that gets the word out about O’Rourke’s campaign by spreading his policy stances to curious commentators on several subreddits. Dallas News


LeBron Or Not, Cleveland Cavaliers Get Milliions For Arena Renovation
Northeast Ohio offers a tale of two legacies. LeBron James departed for Los Angeles earlier this summer and left behind a spectacular gift for his hometown Akron, Ohio: a new elementary school for at-risk children and tens of millions of dollars for college scholarships. NY Times

Donald Trump On John McCain: 'Does Being Captured Make You A Hero?'
It was just over three years ago when President Donald Trump‘s feud with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) erupted. But it turns out, the signs of the president’s feelings about the Arizona Senator had been made clear years earlier. You probably recall Trump sparking major outrage in 2015 when he suggested that McCain was not really a war hero because he was captured. Trump, for his part, got five deferments during the Vietnam War, while McCain had to endure five years of physically-debilitating torture while imprisoned in Hanoi. Mediaite
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts - Trump is right.

Robinson: Trump's Unhinged Rhetoric Is Going To Get Somebody Killed
Everything you need to know about today’s Republican Party is summed up by a photo from President Trump’s political rally in Ohio on Saturday. Two men in the crowd look defiantly at the camera, proudly displaying the slogan on their matching T-shirts: “I’d Rather Be A Russian Than A Democrat.” The sound you hear is the GOP presidents of the Cold War era — Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Reagan — whirring like turbines in their graves. Mercury
VOA VIEW: Dems and liberals are the ones making threats and seeking confrontation.

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Jim Acosta's Dangerous Brand Of Performance Journalism
The verb to accost comes from the old French that meant “to sail up close to a ship or a shoreline.” CNN’s Jim Acosta lived up to his patronymic (which has comparable coastal roots in Portuguese and Spanish) when he confronted White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with guns blazing last week, demanding to know if she shared Donald Trump’s belief that the press is the enemy of the American people. Atlantic
VOA VIEW: Acosta is an idiot.

Rick Scott Invested In Firms That Did Business With Venezuelan Regime
As governor, Rick Scott has been very critical of the "brutal and oppressive" Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela, including calling on state investment fund managers to sever ties with firms that do business with that country. "Any organization that does business with the Maduro regime cannot do business with the state of Florida," Scott said in Miami last summer. Tampa Bay Times

Are Devastating Wildfires A New Normal? "It's Actually Worse Than That"
California Gov. Jerry Brown has called the devastating wildfires tearing through Northern California "part of a trend — a new normal." But one climate scientists says "it's actually worse than that." "A new normal makes it sound like we've arrived in a new position and that's where we're going to be," said Michael Mann, a professor of atmospheric science and the director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University. "But if we continue to burn fossil fuels and put carbon pollution into the atmosphere, we are going to continue to warm the surface of the Earth. CBS

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Unpaid Fine By Betsy DeVos PAC Subject Of Misleading Attack By Cordray On DeWine In Ohio
Democrat Richard Cordray says that his Republican opponent in the Ohio governor’s race, Attorney General Mike DeWine, has been remiss at collecting a fine from a member of President Donald Trump’s administration. "Education Secretary Betsy DeVos owes Ohio $5.3 million for campaign finance violations and Mike DeWine's office refuses to collect the fine," Cordray said in a July Facebook ad. Politifact

Rand Paul Has Suddenly Emerged As One Of Trump's Biggest Allies On Russia
Republican Sen. Rand Paul was once one of President Donald Trump's staunchest critics, particularly during the 2016 presidential election. But in recent months he's become one of his biggest allies on issues relating to what has been a constant thorn in the president's side: Russia. In the latest example, during a trip to Moscow on Monday, Paul invited Russian lawmakers to visit Washington, DC, expanding on Trump's efforts to improve US-Russia relations. Business Insider
VOA VIEW: As he should.

Snapchat Update Leaked Snapchat Update Leaked Some Of Its iOS App's Source Code
Snap's user losses aren't the only things the company has had to worry about as of late. A spokesperson has confirmed to Motherboard that a May update for the Snapchat iOS app exposed a "small amount" of its source code, and that someone posted that code to GitHub. The company used a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown request to have the material removed and said the leak "did not compromise our application." Engadget

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