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Newseum Apologizes For 'Fake News' Shirts
The Newseum in Washington DC, a monument to journalism and the First Amendment, has removed from its gift shop shirts emblazoned with the phrase "Fake News," saying stocking the items was a "mistake." The museum pulled the shirts and issued an apology on Saturday -- a day after criticism erupted from both the public and journalists for selling a shirt with a catchphrase used by President Donald Trump to disparage the media. CNN
VOA VIEW: They backed off because of liberal outrage.

Rocks, Bottles Thrown At Police During Right Wing Rally
Small scuffles broke out Saturday as police in Portland, Oregon, deployed "flash bang" devices and other means to disperse hundreds of right-wing and self-described anti-fascist protesters. Just before 2 p.m., police in riot gear ordered people to leave an area downtown, saying demonstrators had thrown rocks and bottles at officers. AP
VOA VIEW: Liberals can picket, protest and riot.

Osama Bin Laden's Son Married 9/11 Hijacker's Daughter
Seven years after Osama bin Laden's death, the mother of the September 11 mastermind has spoken publicly about her son for the first time. Guardian journalist Martin Chulov, who interviewed Alia Ghanem and other relatives, revealed on Saturday that the family believes bin Laden's son married the daughter of the lead 9/11 hijacker. CBS

Russia Appoints Actor Steven Seagal As 'Special Representative'
The Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday that it has appointed American actor Steven Seagal as a "special representative" for Russian-American humanitarian relations. "The task is to promote the further development of Russian-American relations in the humanitarian sphere, including interaction in the field of culture, art, public and youth exchanges and more," the ministry said on its official Facebook page, according to a translation of the post. Hill


Trump Tries Another Do-Over About Putin-Bipartisan Criticism Still Growing
With The Washington Post reporting that "everyone around Trump" was urging him to be tough on Vladimir Putin—and that he largely ignored 100 pages of briefing materials—it's reminiscent of a phrase that his own advisers coined for him long ago. As I detail in my book Media Madness, they call it "defiance disorder," when he blows past his advisers' urgent warnings and says whatever he wants to say. Fox
VOA VIEW: If true - it shows Trump thinks for himself - good.

Hope Hicks Spotted Boarding Air Force One Ahead Of Trump Rally
Former White House communications director Hope Hicks was seen boarding Air Force One on Saturday. A White House pool report stated that Hicks was among those who boarded the plane in Morristown Municipal Airport in New Jersey, to travel with President Trump for Saturday evening's campaign rally in Ohio. Hill

Gingrich On Mueller Interview: Trump 'Unwise' To Walk Into Perjury
Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on the midterms, Republican efforts to choose the next Speaker of the House and reports special counsel Robert Mueller responded to President Trump's inquiry about a potential interview. RCP


Obama Likely To Avoid Conflict With Trump As He Dives Back Into Campaign Mode
Barack Obama will significantly raise his profile in the coming months as he campaigns for Democrats in the November midterm elections but he is unlikely to take on President Donald Trump more directly, allies of the former president said. The two-term Democratic president is planning to re-emerge as a regular fixture at fundraisers and on the campaign trail after Labor Day, but will continue to strive for an above-the-fray style, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss emerging strategy. USA Today
VOA VIEW: Obama dare not confront Trump.

US Delivers Trump Letter To Kim To North Koreans
A letter from President Donald Trump to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was delivered by a U.S. delegation on Saturday, the State Department said. The latest communication between the two leaders came as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he had a "polite exchange" with his North Korean counterpart on the sidelines of a regional meeting in Asia. Politico

Trump And Rubio Talk China
President Donald Trump gave Sen. Marco Rubio a call on Friday and they discussed China "and the long term threat it poses to the U.S.," the Florida Republican's spokeswoman said. Trump is at his Bedminster residence this weekend and also Friday called Sen. Cory Gardner, Rep. Mark Meadows, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Vice President Mike Pence, according to the White House. Tampa Bay Times

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Robert E. Lee Statue Vandalized On Richmond's Monument Avenue
A statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee on Richmond’s famed Monument Avenue has been vandalized. Red paint was splattered on the statue’s base. The letters BLM, an apparent reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, was also sprayed on the base. Seattle Times
VOA VIEW: Liberals and blacks can memorialize their wrong doing.

Career Of Manafort Shines Light On Legal Gray Area Of Foreign Lobbying
Paul Manafort was already known as a boundary-pusher in the world of political lobbying when he began working in 1985 for Ferdinand Marcos — the strongman of the Philippines who was looking to repair his reputation and keep his hold on power after 30 years in office. Manafort’s firm — Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly — signed on to “lobby, represent, advise and assist in the promotion of the political and economic objectives” of Marcos, according to a Foreign Agents Registration Act filing at the time. Mic

Kushners Reach Deal To Exit Controversial Manhattan High Rise
The family of Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and elusive White House adviser, has closed a long-term lease on 666 Fifth Avenue, a Manhattan retail-and-office high-rise. The deal will include a large upfront rent payment, allowing the Kushners to escape a debt load that had been an existential threat to their real estate business – and, which, after the 2016 election, invited serious scrutiny from Trump critics. Fortune


As Questions Swirl Over Trump Interview, Judge Guts Potential Defense
As President Donald Trump's legal team continued its will-he-or-won't-he dance this week on a sit-down interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, a federal judge in Washington issued a tome on why Mueller's appointment was rock-solid in the first place. Chief Judge Beryl Howell's decision is not entirely novel; it falls in line with two other district court judges in DC and Virginia who have rejected challenges to Mueller's appointment. CNN
VOA VIEW: Expected from a libleral judge.

Another Republican House Incumbent Loses A Primary
House Republican Diane Black lost the hotly contested Tennessee GOP gubernatorial primary on Thursday, making her the fifth House Republican this election cycle to lose a primary for statewide office. It's a potentially ominous sign for Republicans. Yahoo
VOA VIEW: Liberal nonsense propaganda.

Trump Trolls Sen. Feinstein For Having Chinese Spy On Her Staff
President Trump ridiculed Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein Saturday night for allowing a Chinese spy on her staff, questioning why she is “leading the Russia investigation” into possible collusion with the Trump campaign. “The leader of the Russia investigation, Dianne Feinstein, had a Chinese spy as her driver for 20 years,” Mr. Trump told a campaign audience in central Ohio. “And she’s leading the Russian ‘witch hunt.’ Isn’t that something?  Washington Times

Farmer Questioned About Missing College Student Thinks 'Some Guy Has Her'
The Iowa hog farmer being grilled by federal agents about the disappearance of college student Mollie Tibbetts said he has “no idea” who she is — but suspects “some guy has her,” according to a report. An FBI agent spoke to Wayne Cheney for about 10 minutes on Friday afternoon, Fox News reported. Afterwards, Cheney insisted that he has “nothing to hide,” the outlet reported. He did not provide any more details about the “guy” he mentioned. NY Post

Social Media Offers NRA 'Thoughts And Prayers' For Going Broke
They’re sending their “Thoughts and Prayers” to the NRA. The Twittersphere had a snarky response Saturday to the National Rifle Association’s claim that it’s going broke, responding by sending exactly the same cliche that gun-loving politicians use when every time there’s another mass shooting. “Don’t send money,” Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr tweeted. “Thoughts and prayers should suffice.” NY Post

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Trump Wants To Run Against The Media In November
CNN media reporter Brian Stelter said President Trump’s attacks on the media show that he wants to run against the press in November's midterm elections. The "Reliable Sources" host said on BBC’s "Newsnight" on Friday that while most Americans know the press is not the “enemy of the people,” the president is using the phrase as a “rhetorical device.” Hill
VOA VIEW: The fight is clear - Americans trust Trump more than they trust the liberal press.

Manafort Was In Deep Debt-Saw Opportunity In Trump
Paul Manafort’s services did not come cheap. His consulting work helped prop up foreign strongmen, who in turn kept him in $12,000 bespoke suits from Beverly Hills. But by 2016, Mr. Manafort was broke. His longtime cash cow, the Ukrainian president Viktor F. Yanukovych, was out of office, living in exile. Mr. Manafort had $1 million in clothing debt alone, his business was hemorrhaging money and he was angling for bank loans to stay afloat. NY Times
VOA VIEW: The NYT info and reports cannot be trusted.

Pope's Death Penalty Stance Bolsters Conservative Push To End Executions
Tears of relief began to fall from Vicki Schieber's eyes early on Thursday morning when she heard on the radio that Pope Francis had declared the death penalty unacceptable in all cases. As a Catholic, it's something she's worked to end in the United States since her daughter Shannon was raped and murdered in her Philadelphia apartment 20 years ago. Schieber has forgiven her daughter's murderer, but now Francis's declaration had helped her mission to put an end to the death penalty take a giant step forward. NBC

Bill Russell: Being Criticized By Trump Is The 'Biggest Compliment You Can Get'
NBA legend Bill Russell praised LeBron James and CNN host Don Lemon after President Trump attacked the two men, saying they “must be doing something right.” Russell also cited Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.), as well as NFL players attacked by Trump, saying that at “this time & place for any African American…to be criticised by @realdonaldtrump means you must be doing something right!” Hill
VOA VIEW: Idiots!

Trump: I 'Destroy' Careers Of Republicans Who Say Bad Things About Me
President Trump bragged about his prowess in defeating the Republicans who oppose him, saying at an Ohio rally that he “destroys” the careers of GOP politicians who dare defy him. “How do you get 100 percent of anything? We always have somebody who says ‘I don’t like Trump, I don’t like our president, he destroyed my career,' ” Trump said. Hill

Locked In Tight Re-Election Ted Cruz Speaks In Austin
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said the biggest challenge in his re-election campaign against Democrat Beto O’Rourke is complacency within GOP circles. Speaking to more than 200 conservatives at a political conference in Austin, Cruz said he’s having to spend a lot of time convincing people that while Democrats haven’t come close to winning a U.S. Senate seat in decades, this year is very different. Houston Chronicle

The Press Isn't The Enemy, It's The Protector
It is a sad day for democracy when the leader of the free world repeatedly calls the press the "enemy of the people," and his chief spokeswoman can't bring herself to say that isn't so. Yet that is what happened Thursday at a White House press briefing. CNN's Jim Acosta -- who was aggressively jeered at a Trump rally Tuesday -- asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to acknowledge that the mainstream news media is not in fact the enemy of the people -- as Ivanka Trump had done earlier that day. St. Louis Post
VOA VIEW: Acosta is a idiot.

Trump Says US Now Has The Upper Hand On China In Tariff Battle
President Donald Trump defended his use of tariffs that have inflamed tensions with China and Europe, telling an audience of diehard supporters on Saturday that playing hardball on trade is “my thing.” “We have really rebuilt China, and it’s time that we rebuild our own country now,” Trump said Saturday during about an hour of free-wheeling remarks at a rally outside Columbus, Ohio. He added that Chinese stocks are down, weakening that nation’s bargaining power in the escalating trade war. Bloomberg

Judge's Ruling Invalidates FEC Regulation Allowing Anonymous Donations To 'Dark Money' Groups
A U.S. District Court judge on Friday issued a ruling invalidating a Federal Election Commission regulation that has allowed donors to so-called dark-money groups to remain anonymous, the latest development in a years-long legal battle that could have major implications for campaign finance. Judge Beryl A. Howell ruled the FEC's current regulation of such groups, including 501(c) 4 non-profits, fails to uphold the standard Congress intended when it required the disclosure of politically related spending. Politico

Trump Says Russia Meddles In US Affairs, But So Do Others
President Donald Trump acknowledged during a rally Saturday in Ohio that Russia, China and possibly North Korea have meddled in U.S. affairs and that such activity may increase as the nation’s economy booms. “It's a lot of people. We have to stop it. We have to stop meddling and stop everybody from attacking us," Trump said. "But there are a lot. Russia is there, China is there. We are doing well with North Korea, but they're probably there.” NBC
VOA VIEW: We meddle too - the truth hurts.

Is Betsy DeVos America's Last Secretary Of Education?
If President Trump moves to merge the Departments of Labor and Education, as the Office of Management and Budget proposes, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos could be the nation's last education secretary. CBS News "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan will sit down on Sunday with Arne Duncan, who was education secretary under President Barack Obama, to ask him what he thinks about the possibility. Duncan is the author of a new book called, "How Schools Work." CBS

Trump Praises Hannity, Fox News As 'People Who Love Us', Calls MSNBC 'Disgusting'
President Donald Trump took a few minutes while stumping for Republican state senator Troy Balderson at an Ohio rally on Saturday to give a shoutout to “the people that love us” – aka Fox News. Trump couldn’t hold back his affinity for the cable network, rattling off the names of several hosts in quick succession: “[Sean] Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Steve Doocy, Ainsley [Earhardt], Brian [Kilmeade],” Trump said, along with “the great Lou Dobbs” and Maria Bartiromo. Wrap

Murdered Journalists Were Onto Something Dangerous For Putin
When Russian journalists Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguyev and Orkhan Dzhemal, arrived in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Friday last week, they wanted to spend a fortnight investigating a private Russian security company operating in the country and to gather information about Russia’s interests in diamond, gold and uranium mining in the restive nation. Although there are some conflicting accounts, it appears the trio departed the capital, Bangui, late Monday night on their way to meet with a United Nations representative in the town of Bambari, about 380 kilometers away. But they never got there. They reportedly were ambushed and killed by about 10 men wearing turbans and speaking Arabic, according to the driver of their vehicle who survived the attack. Google News

Senators Grill Google Over Rumored China Search Engine
Google refused to confirm if it's truly been developing a censored search engine for China after reports about the project's existence came out, but it might soon have no choice but to come clean. A group of six Democratic and Republican Senators led by Marco Rubio has penned a letter addressed to Google chief Sundar Pichai demanding concrete answers. They want to know once and for all whether the tech giant is conjuring up a version of its search engine that'll work behind the Great Firewall. The Senators called the move "deeply troubling" if true, pointing out that that it "risks making Google complicit in human rights abuses related to China's rigorous censorship regime." Engadget

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Trump Blasts Pelosi, LeBron Before Ohio Campaign Rally
President Donald Trump is seizing on the prospect of Democrat Nancy Pelosi becoming House speaker again as he makes his pitch for Republican candidates. Trump was traveling Saturday to Ohio to hold a rally for state Sen. Troy Balderson, who is running in Tuesday's special election for an open congressional seat against Democrat Danny O'Connor, the Franklin County recorder. The seat opened up when Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi resigned in January to lead the Ohio Business Roundtable. ABC

Facebook's Post-Cambridge Analytica Log-In Changes Hurt Mobile Game Makers
Alterations that Facebook Inc. made after the Cambridge Analytica data-privacy scandal damaged large videogame publishers that rely on its Login service, leading Facebook to loosen some of the new requirements. Activision Blizzard Inc.’s popular “Candy Crush” series, and Zynga Inc., responsible for games such as “Words With Friends,” saw reduced revenue due to changes and bugs in Facebook’s Login software that smooths the sign-up process, company executives and financial analysts said this week. Market Watch
VOA VIEW: Face book must be regulated.

If A.I. Doesn't Replace Your Job, It May Make It Much More Pleasant
From The Matrix to Wargames and iRobot to Metropolis, movies and novels have threatened us with a revolution of AI and robots for decades, whether that’s through a violent uprising or just replacing us at our jobs. Today, those theoretical dystopian futures seem more realistic than ever. With the growth of smart assistants and advanced machine learning, there is a growing concern that in the decades to come, there may be very little work for humans to do. But for just a moment, let’s set aside our apocalyptic tendencies and consider that working with AI could actually provide a better, more fulfilling workspace in the future. Digital Trends

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