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A Microcosm Of A Bigger Fight, Dems Vie For Progressive Mantle In Michigan Governor's Race
Ahead of the state’s Aug. 7 primary, Democrats in Michigan are fighting a pitched battle that is symbolic of the one raging within the party in races across the country this midterm cycle: which candidate best embodies the modern progressivism that is making its way into the mainstream of Democratic politics? ABC
VOA VIEW: There is nothing mainstream of Dems politics.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Risky Road Show
Abdul El-Sayed is currently running third in Michigan's Democratic primary for governor. The 33-year-old former Detroit health commissioner is young, progressive, Muslim and an undeniable underdog. But he also happens to be one of eight candidates around the country who have earned the blessing of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist wunderkind from New York City who convulsed the political world by pulling off the upset of the year in her late June primary defeat of Rep. Joe Crowley. US News

UN Warns It Is 'Running Out Of Cash' In Urgent Appeal To Members
In a letter to staff this week, seen by Fox News, Guterres says he has warned member states of a “troubling financial situation facing the United Nations," which he says is caused by late payments to the U.N. by member states. “Our cash flow has never been this low so early in the calendar year, and the broader trend is also concerning; we are running out of cash sooner and staying in the red longer,” he says. Fox
VOA VIEW: The US should not bail out the UN.

Union Supporters Fan Out Across Metro To 'Get Out The Vote' Against Right-To-Work Law
“We need to absolutely destroy Prop A,” Pat “Duke” Dujakovich, president of the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO, told dozens of union members and others who gathered Saturday morning at the Pipe Fitters Local 533 Union Hall in Kansas City. “The Republicans have already said they’re going to wait and see the outcome to determine when they re-pass right-to-work in Missouri. Kansas City Star
VOA VIEW: Unions are fight for their life.


New EPA Chief Closes Dirty-Truck Loophole Left By Scott Pruitt
Andrew R. Wheeler, the acting administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has reversed the final policy act of his predecessor, Scott Pruitt: granting a loophole that would have allowed more highly polluting trucks on the nation’s roads. Mr. Wheeler’s decision, outlined in a memo to his top air policy staff, formally vacates the move Mr. Pruitt made on his last day in office, earlier this month, before resigning amid a host of ethics investigations. Mr. Pruitt had told manufacturers that the agency would not enforce a cap on what are known as “glider” trucks — vehicles with older and less efficient engines installed. NY Times
VOA VIEW: Wheeler won't last long.

Giuliani Strikes Back
President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani is set to hit the Sunday show circuit this week as his legal team pushes back on claims from the president's former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen surrounding a key meeting at the center of the Russia probe. Lawmakers are also expected to pay a visit to the morning shows this week as attention ratchets up for the final stretch of campaigning heading into this year's midterms, with Sunday marking 100 days until the November elections. Hill

Trump Endorses 'Star' John James In Michigan Senate Primary
President Donald Trump on Friday endorsed John James in Michigan's Republican primary for U.S. Senate, calling him a "spectacular" candidate with "such great potential." The 37-year-old African-American business executive and Iraq War helicopter pilot is running against detergent manufacturer Sandy Pensler in the Aug. 7 contest. The winner will advance to face third-term Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow in November. Yahoo


Nafta Talks Now Making 'Amazing' Progress, Trump Aide Says
The U.S. is now making “absolutely amazing’’ progress toward renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, and a deal could come as early as this fall, according to White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett. “My guess is that we will see something by the fall,’’ Hassett said in an interview that aired Saturday on ewFox News.  Bloomberg

New Bill Would Prohibit Federal Law Enforcement Officials From Having Sex With People In Custody
A new bill would make it illegal for federal law enforcement officials to have sex with people in their custody, targeting a legal loophole that has allowed authorities to claim that instances of alleged assault or rape were consensual. California Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat, and Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Republican, introduced the bill to the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, their offices announced. Yahoo

New Orleans Shooting: 2 Gunmen On The Loose After 3 Shot Dead, 7 Injured
Two gunmen were on the loose in New Orleans Sunday after firing "indiscriminately" into a crowd outside a daiquiri shop and killing three people, according to police. Seven more were injured. "Two individuals clothed with what we believed to be hoods ... approached from behind and opened fire — one with, we believe, a rifle and one with a handgun," New Orleans police superintendent Michael Harrison told reporters late Saturday. "They stood over one of the individuals and fired multiple rounds and fled on foot." NBC

Meet The Woman Digitalising The Democrats
Jessica Alter is the co-founder of Tech for Campaigns, a 7,000-strong volunteer organisation that enables Silicon Valley employees to use their digital skills to help Democratic election candidates. “The aim is to become a permanent digital arm for progressive and centrist campaigns, and give access to campaigns at any level to the people, technology and resources they need,” she says. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Dems need all the help they can get.

Pope Francis Accepts Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's Resignation
Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former Washington, D.C. archbishop who faces allegations of sexually abusing a minor 47 years ago when he was a priest in New York, the Vatican said in a statement Saturday. The statement said Francis received the U.S. prelate's offer to resign from the College of Cardinals a day earlier. USA Today

Italy's Interior Minister: EU Trying To 'Swindle' Britain
Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has accused the European Union of trying to cheat Britain out of the Brexit it voted for, according to extracts from a newspaper interview published late on Saturday. “There is no objectivity or good faith from the European side,” Salvini was quoted as saying in an interview with Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper. Reuters

Trump, RNC To Send Cash To Republican Candidates Nationwide
President's Trump re-election campain and the Republican National Committee (RNC) will be donating funds to 101 different candidates and incumbents in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a list provided to CBS News. The RNC and Trump campaign announced Thursday that they would be contributing funds to candidates in an effort to preserve the GOP's congressional majorities. CBS

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Arizona Senate Candidate Uses Photo With Trump Even Though He Asked Her Not To
Kelli Ward, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, is distributing a campaign flier with a photo of herself standing alongside President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Trump agreed to pose for a photo with Ward during the December 2017 visit, but specifically asked that it not be shared, according to a White House official who witnessed the brief exchange but is not authorized to speak publicly about it. USA Today
VOA VIEW: The truth is ...

Trump: Without ICE, We Wouldn't Have A Country
President Trump said a critical lesson of 9/11 is that immigration enforcement saves lives in his weekly address. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: On Sept. 11, 2001, America suffered the worst terrorist attacks in our history. Real Clear Politics

GOP Lawmakers Wants Answers On FBI's Alleged Southern Poverty Law Center Ties
In a letter obtained by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., says the FBI has “admitted to working with the SPLC,” in a development he describes as “surprising and worrisome.” Fox


Hannity Renews Support For Jim Jordan's Speaker Bid
Fox News host Sean Hannity renewed his support on Friday for GOP Rep. Jim Jordan's (Ohio) bid for House Speaker. Hannity, who had previously endorsed Jordan in May, told the House Freedom Caucus's founding member on his Friday-night show that the far-right caucus had been the most loyal of any group to the president. Hill

Trump And Putin Raise Possibilities Of Another Meeting
Rarely has an RSVP been so complicated. President Donald Trump is open to visiting Moscow — if he gets a formal invitation from Vladimir Putin, the White House said. Russian President Putin said he’s game for a trip to Washington — but his answer came only after Trump retracted his invitation for a fall sit-down. PBS

Dems Drill Money From Conservative Stronghold Fort Worth
Fort Worth billionaires Robert and Anne Bass — frequent liberal donors in the heart of one of the country’s largest, urban conservative strongholds — are among the top contributors to national Democrats’ efforts to flip the Senate this fall. Whether any of that money makes it back to Texas, where Democrat Beto O’Rourke is waging a spirited campaign against Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, remains uncertain. Miami Herald

British Lawmakers Urge Tougher Rules For Facebook, Twitter
A British parliamentary committee said government officials should hold social media companies responsible and liable for harmful, illegal content on their platforms. In the report, the committee said misinformation and fake news is threatening democracy. It was given to news organizations and embargoed until Sunday, but was leaked by Dominic Cummings, the campaign director of the Vote Leave group. UPI
VOA VIEW: Great!

New York Moves To Kick Spectrum Out Of State
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration moved to ban Charter Communications from New York on Friday, ordering the internet, television and phone behemoth to leave the state and hand over its business to another company. NY Times

Koch Brothers Rebrand Underway, Still Conservative Force
The Democrats' super villains for much of the last decade have quietly launched a rebranding effort that may vanquish the "Koch brothers" moniker from American politics. The catalyst came earlier in the year when ailing billionaire conservative David Koch stepped away from the family business, leaving older brother Charles as the undisputed leader of the Kochs' web of expanding political and policy organizations. Fox News

Pair Of Women Replace Dropouts From State House, Senate Races
The results are in for a pair of Democratic candidates that will fill in vacancies for two people who bowed out of state Senate and House races, Oregon Democrats confirmed on Twitter. Courtney Neron and Sarah Grider will replace Ryan Spiker and Paul Diller, respectively, for House District 26 and Senate District 13. Two conventions made of precinct committee persons met in Wilsonville to nominate a candidate for each seat. Oregon Live

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An Oral History Of John McCain's Thumbs Down Vote On Repealing The ACA
In the early hours of July 28, 2017, one year ago Saturday, Sen. John McCain slowly walked onto the floor of the Senate. The chamber was tense; two other Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, had already announced they would vote against the GOP's "skinny repeal" bill — a measure that would have permanently repealed the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, among other provisions. Washington Post
VOA VIEW: McCain betrayed the nation.

Trump Pulls Off A Suprising Victory On Trade
The Republican Party’s free-trade wing has been showing signs of life. As Donald Trump makes the case for tariffs on Chinese imports, and as U.S. agricultural producers brace themselves for the fallout from China’s retaliatory measures against soybeans and other products, a parade of congressional Republicans has been castigating the president for threatening to unravel a trade relationship that has greatly enriched the lives of millions of Americans, GOP voters very much included. Atlantic

Trump Jokes He Could Have Had Tom Brady As His Son In Law: 'Instead I Got Jared Kushner'
A report from  The New York Times  detailed senior White House adviser Jared Kushner's sometimes tense relationship with his father-in-law, President Donald Trump. Five sources told the Times they heard Trump joke several times that he "could have had Tom Brady" as a son-in-law. "Instead, I got Jared Kushner." Trump's first wife Ivana has  claimed the president  tried to get Brady and his eldest daughter, Ivanka to date, but Ivanka "wasn't into it." Business Insider
VOA VIEW: Anything reported by the NYT cannot be trusted.

Trump Re-Election Campaign Denies Report 'Keep America Great' Flags Are Being Made In China
President Trump’s campaign fired back on Saturday at recent reports that his 2020 reelection campaign was producing its flags in China, denying reports and viral images that suggest the contrary. Reuters reported earlier this week that a factory in eastern China was producing thousands of “Keep America Great!” banners for Trump’s anticipated 2020 reelection bid. Hill

Apple And Amazon Lead the Pack To $1 Trillion Market Value
Apple, at $939 billion, remains the highest-valued private company on the global markets—and could well cross the $1 trillion finish line after it releases its quarterly results Tuesday. But Amazon is right behind: on Friday, its market cap reached $917 billion, before finishing at $882 billion, thanks to quarterly figures well received by investors.

A Coffee Company Gave Up $40,000 Deal With Salesforce To Protest A Contract With US Border Control
Trouble continues to brew for Salesforce over the company's contract with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which came under scrutiny last month as Americans grappled with a Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. The latest act of protest comes from the San Francisco coffee company  Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters  , which turned down a $40,000 contract with Salesforce in protest of its work with the agency,  according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Business Insider

Trump Officials May Be About To Bring The Hammer Down On Facebook And Other Tech Giants
As if Facebook didn’t have enough to worry about, now we have word the Trump administration is working behind the scenes on potential legislation to better protect consumer privacy on the Internet. And that Commerce Dept. officials have been meeting with tech giants like Facebook and Google, as well as such Internet providers as AT&T, ahead of moving forward on any proposal. BGR
VOA VIEW: Great!

Tehran Supplying Taliban With Iranian-Made Weapons
The Afghan Taliban have been accused of using Iranian weapons in the war against the  authorities in Afghanistan, preventing the establishment of security and peace in the country, which has been through many wars in the last four decades. Alarabiya

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As New York Looks Into Whether The Trump Foundation Broke The Law, Criminal Charges Remain Unlikely
The state tax probe is just the latest example of the legal trouble the president’s foundation faces. In addition, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is suing the foundation for allegedly violating state laws governing charities. And she has alerted the IRS and the Federal Election Commission about the foundation’s possible federal tax and campaign law violations. Salon

Can A Pharmacist Legally Deny A Patient A Prescription? It Depends.
Susanne Koestner was 32 years old, just out of graduate school, and about to start a new job when an unexpected turn of events at her local pharmacy transformed her from a customer into a patient advocate. Koestner wanted to refill a birth control prescription in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had been on birth control since her late teens, and didn't expect to encounter any problems. NBC

German Defense Minister: Trump Has No Strategy For Dealing With Putin
Germany's defense minister unloaded sharp criticism of President Trump's relationship with Russia and its government, saying Trump has "no recognizable strategy" for dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ursula von der Leyen condemned Trump in an interview with German magazine, Der Spiegel, saying that the meeting earlier this month between Trump and Putin left European allies in the dark. The content of the two leaders' discussions at the Helsinki, Finland, summit remain largely unknown. Hill

Marijuana Worth $12M Seized From Chicken Farm-Georgia
Deputies from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office had gone to a farm earlier in July, the department said on Facebook, and what they discovered prompted them to request a search warrant. Authorities described finding “a ‘large scale’ marijuana grow” at the site. Fox

Authorities Hopeful Missing University Of Iowa Student 'Still Alive'
It's been 10 days since 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts mysteriously vanished in a rural Iowa town, but investigators say they haven't given up hope that they will find her alive. "At this point, we don't know her exact whereabouts but we continue to look. We are hopeful that she is still alive and so we will continue to think that way until told otherwise," Richard Rahn, special agent in charge of the Iowa Department of Public Safety's Division of Criminal Investigation, told ABC News on Friday night. Yahoo

Billion Dollar Warner Bros. World Theme Park Opens In Abu Dhabi
Does the UAE need another theme park? Abu Dhabi thinks it does -- and so this week opens the doors to its new billion-dollar Warner Bros. World, one of the largest indoor theme parks ever built. The new attraction features six immersive lands for visitors explore, from DC's Gotham City, the haunt of Batman, to Cartoon Junction, based around classic Looney Toons characters. CNN

Tom Brady Passes On Question About Personal Trainer Alex Guerrero
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady met with reporters Saturday but cut short the session when a question involved his personal trainer. Brady brushed aside one question about a reported rift with head coach Bill Belichick that surfaced last season and continued to make headlines when he failed to participate in voluntary offseason workouts for the first time since 2010. UPI

Taliban Member Says Group Spoke For First Time With A US Official
The Taliban held its first direct contact with a U.S. official in a preliminary discussion about future peace talks on Afghanistan, a senior official with the insurgent group said Saturday. It marked one of the most significant developments amid efforts to find a negotiated end to the country's protracted war. LA Times

Turkey: US Relationship Can Be Salvaged If Security Taken Seriously
The spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday if the United States addresses Turkey's security concerns, the two countries' relationship can be saved. The remarks by spokesman Ibrahim Kalin were published in a column in a government-supported newspaper, the Daily Sabah. UPI

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