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Obama Administration Granted Citizenship To 2,500 Iranians During Nuclear Deal
Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour, who is chairman of Iran’s parliamentary nuclear committee and a member of its national security and foreign affairs committee, made the allegations during an interview with the country’s Etemad newspaper, cited by the country’s Fars News agency. He claimed it was done as a favor to senior Iranian officials linked to President Hassan Rouhani, and he alleged the move sparked a competition among Iranian officials over whose children would benefit from the scheme. Fox
VOA VIEW: Obama was dirty.

Vet Wounded By Iranian IED Salutes Trump For Pulling Out Of Iran Deal
An Army veteran who was seriously wounded by a roadside bomb manufactured by Iranians saluted President Donald Trump for deciding to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett was wounded in 2005, and said his truck commander, William Brooks, was killed in the incident. "I was cut in half [from] temple to jaw," Bartlett said, recalling the attack on his Humvee. "Thirteen years ago last Thursday we got blown up." Fox

Michael Cohen 'Loyal To Family And US' Over Donald Trump
Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has said his loyalty will "always" be to his family and country over the US president. He also indicated to ABC News he would co-operate with federal prosecutors, even if that were to go against the president's interests. Mr Cohen said previously said he was so loyal to Mr Trump he would "take a bullet for him". The lawyer is under investigation for his business dealings. BBC
VOA VIEW: Cohen is playing all.

Payday-Loan Mogul Indicted For Masterminding Phantom Debt Scheme
A one-time payday-loan mogul was indicted on federal charges that he made up millions of fake debts and sold them to bill collectors, victimizing people across the country. Joel Tucker, 49, was able to pull off the scheme because he already had his victims’ personal information from loan applications, according to an indictment unsealed June 29 in Kansas City, Missouri. Bloomberg

Trump and Mexico’s New Leader, Both Headstrong, Begin With a ‘Good Conversation’
President Trump reached out to Mexico’s new populist president-elect on Monday in an early, but potentially short-lived, show of détente, saying the two leaders engaged in a “good conversation” about border security and the North American Free Trade Agreement. NY Times
VOA VIEW: How long will detente last?

Schumer Forced To Call In After Canceling Town Hall Due To Plane Issues
Schumer, instead, reportedly conducted a teletownhall, and took calls from attendees. The topics varied. One person asked why he cooled down Rep. Maxine Water’s rhetoric on harassing President Trump’s administration officials in public. Another called on the senator to use his leadership position to unite the party and oppose any extreme Supreme Court pick to replace Anthony Kennedy. Fox
VOA VIEW: Two dumb questions.

US Retail Vacancies Marginally Rise In Second Quarter
The closing of Toys ‘R” Us stores  pushed U.S. retail vacancies up marginally in the second quarter, according to a report by the real estate research firm Reis. Vacancies rose to 10.2 percent as Toys "R" Us stores across the United States marked their final day in business on Friday. The store closings impacted the quarter's statistics "more than any other retailer has in any quarter over the last nine years," Reis said. Fox


Weinstein Charged With 3 New Counts Of Sex Assault
Disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein was indicted on three additional sexual assault charges on Monday, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said in a statement. He now faces charges in connection with alleged incidents involving three women. Weinstein, 66, was charged by a grand jury with one count of commiting a criminal sexual act in the first degree for an alleged forcible sexual act against a woman in July 2006, as well as two counts of felony predatory sexual assault, Vance said. CNN
VOA VIEW: It may be too late for those who may have true or untrue info on Weinstein.

Someone Bought Toys-R-Us Right Before Stores Went Out Of Biz
An anonymous shopper gave Toys 'R' Us a parting gift just before its stores around the country prepared to close their doors for the last time. It was a gift so big that a Raleigh, North Carolina, store didn't even open for its last scheduled day on Friday. The price tag: $1 million, which employees say the buyer spent on whatever toys were left in the store, according to CNN affiliate WNCN. And the toys' destination: into the arms of needy children, WNCN reported. CNN

Trump 'Probably Not' Going To Ask SCOTUS Nominees About Roe V. Wade
President Donald Trump said over the weekend he is looking at a list of five to seven potential nominees to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court, and he plans to announce his pick on Monday, July 9. "Are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on Roe vs. Wade?" Fox News's Maria Bartiromo, host of "Sunday Morning Futures," asked the president in an interview that aired yesterday. CNS

Duckworth: Abolishment Of Roe V. Wade Could Deny Those Seeking IVF Fertility Treatment'
Among the concerns Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) has about President Donald Trump nominating a pro-life Supreme Court justice who could overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, is how it will affect people seeking fertility treatments. CNS


US Gives Big Tech $9.3B In Tax Breaks In 5 Years
Giant technology companies in the US, which include some of the world’s most profitable firms, have been pledged at least $9.3bn in state and local subsidies over the last five years – much of it coming from the coffers of cities and states with failing infrastructure, struggling schools and broken budgets. The analysis by watchdog group Good Jobs First shows that the size of individual handouts appears to be growing. The latest – and largest – award of $4.8bn went to Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer of the iPhone, PlayStation and other electronic goods, for its enormous new plant in Wisconsin. Guardian

Cohen Loses Bid For Avenatti Restraining Order
US district judge James Otero said Cohen had not shown he would suffer “immediate, irreparable injury” without emergency relief against Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Daniels claims to have had a sexual relationship with Trump. In October 2016, Cohen set up a limited liability corporation, Essential Consulting, that was used to pay Daniels as part of a hush agreement. Cohen was reimbursed by the president. Guardian

'It Stinks': Twitter Gets Wind Of Oddly Named Trump Tariff Bill Draft
Don Moynihan, a professor of government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, noted that Trump might struggle to get the world to take his policies seriously given the naming snafu. He wrote on Twitter: “‘The world is laughing at us,’ says Trump, before proposing the FART Act (Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act).” Journalists delighted in the name, while others suggested it could be a subtle act of rebellion from a disillusioned staff member. Guardian

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Brian Rose Leaving ABC
ABC News’ Brian Ross — who was suspended last year as chief investigative correspondent for a faulty report on Michael Flynn — is leaving the network, Page Six has exclusively learned. ABC suspended Ross last December for a month without pay for a botched report on ousted White House national security adviser Flynn that reported President Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Russian officials. The mistake even sent stocks tumbling, and ABC issued an apology saying: “We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error.” NY Post
VOA VIEW: Ross is still a liberal and liar.

Trump Says New Mexican President May Help US With Border Issue
Trump, speaking to reporters during a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, said he and Lopez Obrador also discussed the North American Free Trade Agreement and a possible separate trade deal between Mexico and the United States. Reuters

Trump Meets With Supreme Court Contenders, 2 In Focus
Trump told reporters at the White House that he will meet with two or three more candidates and decide on a nominee in the next few days. He was expected to name his choice in a week for a successor to retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. With a second Supreme Court pick less than 18 months into his presidency, Trump is poised to cement conservative control of the court and fire up supporters eager for a rightward shift on divisive social issues like abortion and gay rights. Reuters

President Trump Says He's Interviewed Four Candidates For Justice Kennedy's Supreme Court Seat
President Donald Trump interviewed four prospective Supreme Court justices on Monday and had plans to meet with a few more as his White House aggressively mobilizes to select a replacement for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Eager to build suspense, Trump wouldn’t divulge whom he’s talking to in advance of his big announcement, set for July 9. But he promised that “they are outstanding people. Time

David Hogg Tweets, Deletes Call For Flags To Be Lowered For Annapolis Vicims
Gun-control activist David Hogg picked another fight with President Trump on Monday evening — this time over the Annapolis newspaper shootings — and then reconsidered. Apparently reacting to reports earlier Monday evening that Mr. Trump had rejected a request from the Annapolis mayor to fly U.S. flags at half mast in mourning for the five Capital Gazette workers killed last week, Mr. Hogg called for lowering the flag. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Hog is a nobody.

DOJ Enployee Who Chased Kristjen Nielsen From Restaurant Could Face Discipline
Federal Hatch Act investigators have opened a complaint file on the Justice Department employee who was part of a mob that chased Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from a restaurant earlier last month. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which polices employees who illegally engage in politicking as government employees, has assigned a case number and a lawyer to the complaint against Allison Hrabar. Washington Times

Mike Pompeo To Visit N Korea This Week For Nuclear Talks
Mike Pompeo will travel to North Korea on Thursday in an effort to press the Pyongyang regime on commitments the US said it gave at a summit last month in Singapore, the state department has confirmed. In preparation for the two-day trip, US and North Korean officials are reported to have met in the demilitarised zone between the two Koreas over the weekend, amid reports that Pyongyang is stepping up its nuclear and missile programmes since last month’s Singapore summit. Gaurdian

First Confirmed Image Of A Newborn Planet Revealed
It is a moment of birth that has previously proved elusive, but astronomers say they now have the first confirmed image of the formation of a planet. The startling snapshot shows a bright blob – the nascent planet – travelling through the dust and gas surrounding a young star, known as PDS70, thought to be about 370 light years from Earth. Guardian

Asia Stocks Fall As Yuan-Slide Contagion Assessed: Markets Wrap
Stocks in Asia extended declines and the yuan slumped once again amid debate surrounding the impact of an escalating trade war and fear of contagion to emerging markets. Treasury yields dipped and the dollar steadied. Shares in Tokyo reversed earlier gains after China’s currency tumbled past 6.7 per dollar, a level that some had thought would trigger intervention from authorities. Bloomberg

Detained US Asylum Seekers Must Get Parole Reviews
A federal judge ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement to follow its own rules and release asylum seekers on parole if they aren’t a flight risk or a danger to the community. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington ordered ICE, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, to review on a case-by-case basis whether an asylum seeker, who has passed an initial interview to determine whether they have a credible fear of persecution or torture, should be denied parole. “This opinion does no more than hold the government accountable to its own policy, which recently has been honored more in the breach than the observance,” the judge said in a decision issued Monday. Bloomberg


Facebook Bug Let As Many As 800,000 Blocked Users See Content-Shocker
The company said Monday that the bug was active between May 29 and June 5. While the person who was unblocked by this bug could not see content users shared with their friends, they could have seen things that were posted to a wider audience. Facebook says the problem has been fixed. It’s the second software bug in less than a month that the company has notified users about. In June, Facebook disclosed that a software bug led some users to post publicly by default regardless of their previous settings. That bug affected as many as 14 million users over several days in May. USA Today
VOA VIEW: Facebook is a joke and should be abolished.

Conservatives, Don't Put Too Much Hope In The Next Justice
Late in his life, Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court sighed wistfully to an interviewer that his victories were “damn few.” He was right. While Justice Scalia was best known for his originalism and textualism, the most distinctively conservative feature of his jurisprudence was to accord great weight in adjudication to longstanding customs and traditional social practices. That approach has had at best limited influence in the many cases decided by the Supreme Court involving hotly contested cultural issues like same-sex marriage and abortion rights. NY Times
VOA VIEW: NYT liberal stupidity.

New York City Considers New Pay Rules For Uber Drivers
New York City’s taxi commission is considering new pay rules for drivers for Uber and other ride-hailing apps — a move that would make it the first major American city to regulate driver pay rates amid growing complaints about low wages in the industry. The initial proposal, which will be outlined in a study to be released on Monday, would establish a minimum rate for drivers of $17.22 an hour after expenses. The policy would increase driver earnings by about 22.5 percent on average, or $6,345 per year, for those who would get increases under the proposal, according to the study by two independent economists. NY Times

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Mattis Hints France Could Edge Out America's Closest Ally
The US could dump the UK in favor of France amid fears of Britain’s eroding military power, a leaked letter between American Defense Secretary James Mattis to his British counterpart Gavin Williamson has revealed. In the letter, Mattis raises concerns over the UK’s military spending and power. The letter also saw the being UK compared to France, with Mattis highlighting France’s significant increases in their defense budget. RT

Fox News Suddenly Questions Michael Cohen's 'Credibility'
Apparently all Michael Cohen had to do to lose Fox News was sit down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Following an off-camera interview in which Cohen pledged his loyalty not to President Trump but to his family and his country, the hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered came down hard on the full-time fixer and sometime lawyer, openly questioning his “credibility” ahead of his potential cooperation with two separate investigations into the president. Google News
VOA VIEW: Liberals have found that the truth hurts.

Melania Struck Royalty Deal With Getty Images
Melania Trump licensed 187 photos to Getty Images for use in “positive stories only” as part of a royalty deal that made the first lady between $100,000 and $1 million, according to a report from NBC News. As a result, many news organizations—including NBC News, Marie Claire, and the Houston Chronicle—have made “indirect” payments to the Trump family by using Getty’s photos. The deal was revealed by NBC after Trump released his 2017 financial disclosure; many outlets removed the images after they were contacted for NBC’s story. Google News

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China Dismisses Report About North Korean Missile Factory Upgrades
China dismissed a report that North Korea is continuing to upgrade a missile manufacturing facility, touting instead the “momentum” behind the denuclearization process. “I don’t know where they come from or on what basis those U.S. officials made the relevant comments,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. “I think you may have to seek clarification from them.” Washington Examiner

Biden: Trump's Foreign Policy Makes Me Feel 'GUILTY' That I Don't Want To Run In 2020
Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that President Donald Trump’s contentious and oftentimes baffling treatment of American allies makes him feel “guilty” that he doesn’t want to run for President in 2020, according to a Tuesday Washington Post report. “It makes me feel guilty about not wanting to [run for President],” he told the Post. “But it doesn’t make me want to. I’m not looking to live in the White House, I’ve seen it up close.” TPM
VOA VIEW: Biden doesn't want to lose big.

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