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Trump Rips Media For Ignoring Angel Families Killed By Immigrants
President Trump on Friday blasted what he described as a media double standard on immigration, as he honored families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants and accused the press of ignoring them to focus on the plight of migrants caught crossing the border. After a week of saturation coverage on illegal immigrant parents separated from their children -- a policy Trump reversed under public and political pressure -- the president stressed that so-called Angel Families have been “permanently separated.” Fox
VOA VIEW: The liberal media is America's biggest and worst enemy.

Non-Profit Faces Questions Over Big Money, Involved In Immigrant Kids' Housing
As debate continues over the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy, questions are being asked about a non-profit group that has collected huge amounts of government money to house and care for thousands of immigrant children being held in the system. Texas-based Southwest Key Programs has taken in roughly $1 billion in federal contracts since the Obama administration, and is expected to receive about $500 million this year to house and provide services for immigrant children, according to reports. Fox
VOA VIEW: Total madness.

Trump Killed Immigration Bill With 1 Tweet
On Friday morning, President Donald Trump ended all that with a tweet. "Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November," Trump tweeted. "Dems are just playing games, have no intention of doing anything to solves this decades old problem. We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!" CNN
VOA VIEW: A very smart plan.

There's Nearly A Nixon '74 Level Of Public Support For Impeaching Trump
There is a truly remarkable number in the most recent CNN poll, conducted by SSRS and out this morning. In it, 42% of Americans say President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. What makes it remarkable is that he's on par with President Richard Nixon, who 43% of Americans said should be impeached and removed from office in a March 1974 Harris poll. That was after the scale of Watergate came to light, but months before the House started to move against Nixon, who would go on to resign in August 1974 rather than be impeached. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN will look more idiotic than they did in 2016.


The Art Of The Deal: Why Trump Doesn't Want An Immigration Bill
His plan to build a border wall to keep Latin American immigrants out of the U.S. was the signature promise of his 2016 campaign. He peppers his political rallies with red-meat lines, like the assurance that his administration will be "sending them the hell back." And on Friday, when he tried to end the already-fading House GOP leadership hopes of passing an immigration overhaul bill next week, he did it in starkly political terms. NBC
VOA VIEW: Dumb liberal media propaganda.

'Abolish ICE'-The New Rallying Cry For Democrats
Fueled by outrage over the Trump administration's immigration policies, a small but growing number of progressive Democratic candidates are signing onto a nascent effort to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It’s a radical idea and one that was confined to the fringes just months ago in a party that has historically balanced calls for better treatment of migrants with support for stronger border security and enforcement. NBC

Supreme Court: Warrant Needed For Tracking Cellphones
In a significant win for privacy advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday police must have a court order to be able to track a user's cellphone records. The high court said in a 5-4 decision police departments nationwide must obtain a warrant to gain access to cellphone data. Chief Justice John Roberts was joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan in the majority. Justice Anthony Kennedy dissented with the court's three other conservatives. UPI
VOA VIEW: Roberts is becoming a conservative disappointment.

North, South Korea Talk Reuniting Families Split By War
Representatives of North and South Korea met at a resort in the North's Mount Kumkang on Friday to discuss plans for a reunion of family members separated during the Korean War. The Friday meeting will discuss details of the upcoming reunion event, including a date, logistics and confirming whether separated family members are still alive, Yonhap reported. UPI


Trump Threatens 20 Percent US Tariff On EU Car Imports
“If these Tariffs and Barriers are not soon broken down and removed, we will be placing a 20% Tariff on all of their cars coming into the U.S. Build them here!” Trump wrote on Twitter Friday. Trump’s tweet on autos came after EU reprisals against his tariffs on European steel and aluminum. The EU targeted more than $3 billion in American goods exported to the 28-member European Union. Reuters
VOA VIEW: The EU will lose a trade war with the US.

Nikki Haley Attacks UN Report On US Poverty Under Trump
Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, has launched a scathing attack on the UN monitor on extreme poverty, dismissing his recent report on America that accuses Donald Trump of cruelly forcing millions of citizens into deprivation as “misleading and politically motivated”. Haley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina, said she was “deeply disappointed” that the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, had “categorically misstated the progress the United States has made in addressing poverty … in [his] biased reporting”. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Garbage report.

D.C. Sniper Lee Malvo To Get New Sentencing Hearings
More than a decade and a half after a weeks-long sniper rampage paralyzed the region around Washington, D.C., one of its two perpetrators is likely to get new sentencing hearings. An appeals court in Virginia confirmed Thursday that several of Lee Boyd Malvo's life sentences without parole must be vacated. Malvo is serving time in prison for his role in the mysterious killings that left 10 people dead in the District of Columbia's surrounding suburbs in 2002. Malvo, who was 17 years old at the time of the attacks, was tried as a juvenile and given life imprisonment 10 times over — with four life sentences in Virginia and six in Maryland. NPR

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Evangelicals Back Self Styled Top US Pimp
He styles himself as America’s best-known pimp, a strip-club owner who runs multiple brothels and looks set to win a seat as a Republican in the Nevada legislature with the blessing of many conservative Christian voters. Meet Dennis Hof, whose political rise reflects fundamental changes in electoral norms that have roiled the Republican Party and upended American politics during the era of President Donald Trump. “This really is the Trump movement,” Hof, 71, told Reuters in an interview at Moonlite BunnyRanch, his brothel near Carson City in northern Nevada that was featured on the HBO reality television series “Cathouse.” Reuters

White House: North Korea Still A Threat To Us
The White House said Friday that North Korea remained an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the US just days after President Trump declared that the rogue regime “is no longer a nuclear threat.” The Trump administration issued what was a routine notice to Congress describing the threat to justify keeping sanctions on North Korea in place. “The existence and risk of proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material on the Korean Peninsula and the actions and policies of the Government of North Korea continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States,” the notice said. NY Post

'Go Back to History Class': Border Patrol Council VP Rips Cynthia Nixon For 'Terrorist' Claims
As seen on The Story with Martha MacCallum U.S. Border Patrol Council Vice President Art del Cueto ripped New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon for calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) a "terrorist organization." "ICE has strayed so far from its mission. It's supposed to be here to keep Americans safe... It's turned into a terrorist organization," Nixon (D), formerly of "Sex and the City," said. Nixon is seeking the Democratic nomination against two-term incumbent Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D-N.Y.). Fox
VOA VIEW: Nixon talked and acted like the idiot she is.

Tump's Space Force Decree Followed Frustration Over Pentagon's Rejection Of Plan
President Donald Trump’s call this week for a separate U.S. “space force” was the culmination of months of frustration over what he felt was a lack of Pentagon action on his initial suggestions about the topic, according to people familiar with the decision. The announcement on Monday—which surprised many military officials, senior aerospace industry executives and lawmakers—went against well-known opposition by Pentagon leaders to the idea of establishing  a new branch of the U.S. armed forces. Fox

Chaos As Parents, Lawyers Try To Find Separated Children
Immigration attorneys say not much has changed for their clients being held in detention centers, despite President Donald Trump signing an executive order to stop separating children from parents illegally crossing the border. Jodi Goodwin, a lawyer from Garlingen, Texas, told CNN on Friday that all 25 of her adult clients have children, but only two have been able to contact them by phone. However, those parents still don't know their children's location, she said. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN liberal propaganda.

White House Donates Canceled Picnic Food To Walter Reed
Perishable food from the canceled congressional picnic was donated to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the first lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed Friday. The non-perishable food will be kept at the White House for a future event. As White House cooks were spotted Wednesday deep in preparation for the event, methodically grilling hundreds of large steaks just outside the press area, President Donald Trump announced he would cancel the annual bipartisan event. CNN

WikiLeaks Shares Personal Information Of ICE Agents
WikiLeaks published online more than 9,000 names of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, amid mounting criticism of the agency’s separation of migrant families. The Julian Assange-founded nonprofit said its latest information dump — called ICEPatrol — was important for “increasing accountability.” “ICEPatrol is an important public resource for understanding ICE programs and increasing accountability, especially in light of the actions taken by ICE lately, such as the separation of children and parents at the US border,” WikiLeaks tweeted. NY Post


How The Online Sales Tax Ruling Will Affect Consumers
The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Thursday to allow states to collect sales tax from online and out-of-state retailers. Why it matters: As the U.S. tries to catch up with digital companies that operate without a physical presence, the ruling allowing states to tax e-commerce providers outside their state borders has created an extra hurdle for companies handling online transactions. The ruling may prompt Congress to introduce new legislation for an overhaul on unifying e-commerce for all 50 states. Axios

Stormy Daniels' Attorney Says He's Representing ICE Whistleblowers
The Orange County, Calif., attorney representing adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her case regarding a payoff from Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen said today that he's now representing whistleblowers from within Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Michael Avenatti flew to Arizona this week, where he told reporters that he's representing five migrant children who had been separated from their families. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: Any Avenatti client is as idiotic as he is.

How Judicial Watch Uncovered Hillary's Private Emails
Almost all of the scandals discovered during the Obama administration, including the existence of Hillary Clinton’s secret email server was discovered by Judicial Watch. So what happened to investigative journalism from the mainstream media? And what happened to transparency? Find out, and find out just how many Freedom of Information Act requests Judicial Watch files and what it takes to get answers from our government. Daily Caller

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Netflix Chief Of Communications Leaving After Reports Of Using N-Word
Netflix’s chief communications officer, Jonathan Friedland, is leaving the video streaming company after reports that he had twice used the N-word during work meetings. A company spokesperson confirmed on Friday that Friedland was leaving the company, without giving more details. But his firing came after staff complaints about his use of language in the workplace, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Guardian

Jogger Accidentally Crosses US Border From Canada And Is Held For 2 Weeks
It started as a leisurely jog along a Canadian beach on a cool spring evening. But it turned into a two-week nightmare after Cedella Roman accidentally veered across the US border and was seized by US border patrol agents.
The French citizen was visiting her mother and studying English, when the family headed to White Rock, about an hour’s drive from Vancouver in May. Guardian

Trump Autographs Photos Of 'Angel Family' Murder Victims, Comments About Their Looks
President Trump honored “American victims of illegal immigration” on Friday — by autographing photos of their dead loved ones and quipping about their physical appearance. “This is Tom Selleck, except better looking,” Trump said at one point during the ceremony, in reference to a murder victim who was pictured with a mustache. NY Post

FBI Raid Reveals How Little Michael Cohen Works As A Lawyer
Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer apparently doesn’t spend a lot of time lawyering, new court papers show. A Manhattan federal judge on Friday revealed that just a tiny portion of materials seized in an FBI raid on Michael Cohen were kept from prosecutors because of attorney-client privilege – and the vast majority are tied to Cohen’s communications with his own lawyers. NY Post

Crying Toddler On Widely Shared 'Time' Cover Was Not Separated From Mother
In the image, a little girl wails in uncomprehending sadness and anxiety. Her face flushed nearly as pink as her shirt and shoes, she stares up at her mother and a U.S. official, both too tall to be seen. The 2-year-old Honduran child's panic is so palpable, it's difficult for a viewer not to feel it, too. Perhaps it's little wonder, then, that the photograph became linked with the controversy over a Trump administration policy that had, before the president walked it back Wednesday, separated more than 2,300 migrant children from their parents since early May. NPR
VOA VIEW: Fake liberal Time.

Trump Jokes That Murder Victim Is ‘Tom Selleck, Except Better Looking’
As his administration faces widespread criticism for its treatment of migrant families, President Trump addressed the issue of immigration at the White House today. He brought along “Angel Families” — people whose relatives were killed by undocumented immigrants — and derided the media, Democrats, and people who are “weak on immigration” for ignoring their stories of “permanent separation.” The Cut

Trump Dumps Obama Effort To Prevent Oil Spills
It is often useful to think of the Trump administration’s policy initiatives, such as they are, as a compromise between his party’s conventional conservative-business preoccupations and the “populist” impulse associated with MAGA and the president’s distinctive following. Sometimes he gives the business community and anti-government zealots tax cuts, and sometimes he gives the people at his rallies immigration savagery and trade wars. NY Mag

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NATO Focuses On Speed In The Baltics Amid Worries Over Russia
The U.S. military and its NATO allies have sliced the number of days needed to deploy armored vehicles to a former Cold War foe almost in half in just a year amid concern about potential Russian aggression in Europe. NATO countries are still seeking more support in the wake of Russia's 2014 military intervention and annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Poland, the former Warsaw Pact member that joined NATO in 1999, reportedly offered the U.S. around $2 billion recently to establish a permanent military base in the country. NBC

Trump Asks GOP To Table Immigration Reform Until After Midterm Elections
President Donald Trump signaled an about-face Friday on immigration reform, calling on Congress to wait until after November's elections to ride what he called a "red wave" of new Republican lawmakers. Trump visited lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week to discuss the subject, including its impact on migrant family separations, his long-promised border wall and DACA. At the time, he said he would support either of two GOP bills on immigration reform. UPI

British Companies Warn Of Departure After Brexit If No Customs Transition
BMW and Airbus have joined multiple companies that warned they may have to relocate outside of Britain should leaders there not remain in the EU Customs Union or offer a transition deal as part of Brexit. On Thursday, Airbus said that if Britain left the EU single market and customs, it would "lead to severe disruption and interruption of UK production." UPI

OPEC Meets Russia And Allies To Agree Oil Output Boost
OPEC meets Russia and other allies on Saturday to clinch a new deal raising oil output, a day after agreeing a production hike within the group itself but confusing the market as to how much more oil it will pump. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries announced its OPEC-only agreement on Friday, but gave no clear output targets. Russia and other non-OPEC oil producers will now meet OPEC in a bid to secure their participation in the pact. Reuters

Protests Erupt In Spain As Men Held In 'Wolf Pack' Sex Assault Get Bail
The so-called wolf pack is out, and their release has once again unleashed furor throughout Spain. Protesters are marching through the streets of Pamplona, Madrid and Seville, among other cities on Friday, demonstrating a Spanish court's decision to grant bail to five men who were convicted of sexually abusing a young woman during the 2016 Running of the Bulls festivities, El Pais reported. NPR

Conservative Columnist George Will: Vote Against GOP In Midterms
Longtime conservative columnist George Will is making a case against voting for Republicans in November’s 2018 midterm elections, arguing that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other GOP members of Congress “have become the president’s poodles.” In a column published Friday in The Washington Post, Will lamented “Republican misrule,” and criticized lawmakers for “hav[ing] no higher ambition than to placate the president.” Huff Post
VOA VIEW: Will is not conservative and as liberal as trash Huff-Post.

In Tense Meeting, Trump Officials Debate How to Process Migrant Families
Tense arguments broke out at the White House over the past two days as top government officials clashed over how to carry out President Trump’s executive order on keeping together immigrant families at the Mexican border, according to four people familiar with the meetings. The disputes started Thursday night. They continued Friday as Kevin K. McAleenan, the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, returned to the White House to question how his agency was supposed to detain parents and children together when the law requires that children not be held indefinitely in jail. NY Times

Protesters Outside Kirstjen Nielsen’s House Play Audio Of Detained Migrant Children
Protesters gathered outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s townhouse Friday morning, playing audio of detained migrant children and chanting “Free the kids!” The demonstration took place just days after she fled a Mexican restaurant in Washington while being heckled by protesters. The protest, organized by the progressive group CREDO Action, took place at 7:30 a.m. In the pouring rain, protesters shouted several chants over megaphones, held posters that read “Child Snatcher” and played the audio clip released by ProPublica over a speaker system. Huff Post

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