Trump Invokes War Of 1812 In Testy Call With Trudeau Over Tariffs
President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a testy phone call on May 25 over new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration targeting steel and aluminum imports coming from Canada, including one moment during the conversation in which Trump made an erroneous historical reference, sources familiar with the discussion told CNN. According to the sources, Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify the tariffs as a "national security" issue. In response, Trump quipped to Trudeau, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?" referring to the War of 1812. CNN
VOA VIEW: Canada should be disappointed by America's gain.

Trump Angrily Tells Republicans Sen. Bob Corker To Back Off Trade Bill
Sen. Bob Corker is facing the ire of the White House after forging ahead with his plan to curtail the President's power on trade. President Donald Trump told the Tennessee Republican in a "lengthy" call Wednesday to back off legislation to rein in his power to levy huge tariffs on US allies, seeking to head off a confrontation with Republicans in Congress. But the Tennessee Republican told Trump that he planned to press ahead, even as the Senate Foreign Relations chairman acknowledged that some of his colleagues were "fearful" of crossing the President despite their objections to his tariff policy. CNN
VOA VIEW: Corker will lose any fight with Trump.

Melania Trump Makes First Public Appearance In Nearly A Month
First lady Melania Trump made her first public appearance in nearly a month on Wednesday, tamping down rumors about her noticeable absence from the public eye after she underwent a kidney procedure. The first lady sat next to President Donald Trump at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a 2018 hurricane season briefing with the vice president and several cabinet officials also in attendance. NBC
VOA VIEW:  The liberal news has to eat their words and assumptions.

Trump Commutes Sentence Of Grandmother Serving Life On Drug Charges After Kim Kardashian Meeting
President Donald Trump commuted the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson on Wednesday, just days after reality star Kim Kardashian West lobbied the president in an Oval Office meeting to intervene on behalf of Johnson, who was serving a life sentence on drug charges. Johnson, 63, has been in federal prison more than 21 years after being found guilty in connection to a drug trafficking conspiracy, and she would have died behind bars without the president's clemency. She is one of thousands of Americans serving life sentences for nonviolent offenses, according to a 2013 report by the American Civil Liberties Union, the vast majority of whom are there on drug crimes. NBC


Dems IT Scandal Set To Explode With Possible Plea Deal
The curious case of Imran Awan, which sounds like an international spy thriller, is entering its third act. Awan was a congressional IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and he was finally fired just after he was arrested trying to fly to Pakistan last summer. Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were charged last summer with bank fraud. They now appear poised to strike a plea deal with the Department of Justice. A plea agreement hearing is set for July 3 before U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan in Washington, Fox News reported Wednesday. Fox

Stormy Daniels Suit: My Old Lawyer Was A Puppet For Trump, Cohen
Stormy Daniels says in a new lawsuit that her former attorney betrayed her and became a "puppet" for President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer while still representing her. The filing Wednesday alleges that Trump attorney Michael Cohen "hatched a plan" and "colluded" with the adult film actress' lawyer, Keith Davidson, in an attempt to get her to go on Fox News in January and falsely deny she had an affair with Trump more than a decade ago. NBC
VOA VIEW: Daniels is looking for notoriety.

States, Businesses May Bet Big On Supreme Court's Gambling Move
After the Supreme Court ruled last month against a law banning sports betting in the United States, an industry likely worth billions of dollars will soon come to several states -- and everyone's holding out their hands for a cut of the payout. Though the May 14 ruling immediately struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, each individual state must first pass its own legislation before residents lawfully can bet on sporting events like the U.S. Open or the World Series. UPI

The Manafort Tampering Allegations
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has accused Paul Manafort of attempted witness tampering. If the allegations are true, Manafort will have violated the conditions of his release and might have his bail revoked. Judge Amy Berman Jackson has scheduled a hearing on the matter for late next week. I yield to no one in my disdain for President Trump. And I certainly have no brief for Manafort, who has been accused of laundering tens of millions of dollars from sources connected with Russia and the Ukraine. Thus my overall assessment is that Manafort has some significant legal exposure and that, given his role in the Trump presidential campaign, that exposure is of concern to Trump and of interest to the special counsel. Lawfare
VOA VIEW: Who is on "first."

Tucker Goes After Democratic Rep Over Trump Campaign Spy
Fox News host Tucker Carlson got into a heated debate with Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell Wednesday over whether or not there was a spy in the Trump campaign. “What really bothers me is the Orwellian lying going on around this,” Carlson said. Swalwell attempted to define spying as “what you do against an enemy,” to which Carlson responded that that is not always the case. “No, you can spy on people you love, you can spy on your own children, it doesn’t need to be an enemy,” Carlson elaborated. “You’re expanding the definition into some made-up land.” Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Carlson was right.


Survivors Penning 'Revenge Obituaries' To Settle Scores With The Departed
The posthumous pillorying of the dead – or the "revenge obituary" – is part of a growing trend that has family members digging up dirt on the deceased and getting the final word. The latest is a local newspaper obituary for Kathleen Dehmlow, who passed away last week at a nursing home in Springfield, Minn., and could barely have hit any harder. Fox

US Jobs Outnumber Jobless For First Time In 20 Years
For the first time in 20 years, there are more job openings in the United States than there are job seekers, the Department of Labor said. The department said Tuesday job openings in April reached a record high of 6.7 million -- an increase of 65,000 from March. Openings increased the most in durable goods manufacturing (33,000) and information (26,000) -- while jobs in finance and insurance decreased by a combined 84,000. UPI
VOA VIEW: An undeniable positive for Trump.

Trump's Move To Please Farmers On Biofuels Reform Draws Refinery Union Ire
U.S. President Donald Trump, in yielding to pressure from farming states and agreeing to suspend changes to U.S. biofuel policy is now being criticized by another important constituency, the main union for oil refinery workers. The United Steelworkers, the largest industrial union in North America representing refinery workers, said the decision leaves in place a costly regulation that puts at risk thousands of blue collar jobs of the type Trump has promised to preserve. Reuters

Border Arrests Remain Near Peak Of Trump Era
U.S. border agents made more than 50,000 arrests in May for the third month in a row, the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday, an indication that escalating enforcement tactics by the Trump administration - including separating migrant parents from their children - has not had an immediate deterrent effect. DHS took 51,912 migrants into custody in May, more than three times the number detained in May 2017, a period when illegal immigration plunged following Donald Trump's inauguration. LMT Online
VOA VIEW: Zero tolerance for illegals is good - the law is the law.

Hottest May On Record Ever
May 2018 was the hottest of any May in 124 years of recording keeping for the continental United States, eclipsing the extreme heat of that month in the 1930s during the Dust Bowl era. The average temperature for the Lower 48 states last month was 65.41 degrees Fahrenheit,  5.21 degrees Fahrenheit above the 1901-2000 average, according to the state of the climate report released by NOAA on Wednesday.

Former US Attorney Says Manafort Will Likely Go To Jail Friday
Former U.S. attorney Harry Litman said he expects President Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, to be sent to federal prison by the end of the week. “Prosecutors hate this, judges hate this, and he’s going to have to bring his toothbrush to court on Friday because the statute says, if they find this happened, there’s a presumption that no circumstances exist that will get him safely there for trial,” Litman said Tuesday on MSNBC. The Hill
VOA VIEW: The rat follows the rat.

White House: Eagles Staged 'Political Stunt' By Trying To Reschedule Ceremony
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that the Eagles pulled a “political stunt” shortly before the ceremony that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday at the White House to honor the Super Bowl champions. The White House released a statement from President Trump on Monday that read, in part, that the Eagles are “unable to come to the White House with their full team to be celebrated tomorrow,” stating “they disagree with their president because he insists that they proudly stand for the national anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country.” PJ Media

CNN's Jim Acosta Still Going On About Joke Between Trum And Trudeau, But.....
“The problem with Trump’s comments to Trudeau is that British [not Canadian] troops burned down the White House during the War of 1812,” he clarified. Fast-forward nearly 6 hours and Acosta was still on it, citing backup from the CBC: Trump mentioned the burning of the White House during the War of 1812 during the confrontational May 25 call, which was first reported by CNN and confirmed by CBC News. Trudeau reportedly asked Trump how tariffs could be imposed on Canada on “national security” grounds. Trump reportedly responded: “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?” It’s not clear if Trump was attempting to inject humour into a discussion on a topic that could have serious economic repercussions. Twitchy
VOA VIEW: Acosta is a loser and idiot.

Your Phone Is Listening And It's Not Paranoia
A couple years ago, something strange happened. A friend and I were sitting at a bar, iPhones in pockets, discussing our recent trips in Japan and how we’d like to go back. The very next day, we both received pop-up ads on Facebook about cheap return flights to Tokyo. It seemed like just a spooky coincidence, but then everyone seems to have a story about their smartphone listening to them. So is this just paranoia, or are our smartphones actually listening? Vice

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Trump Commutes Sentence Of Drug Offender
U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday commuted the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, who had served more than 20 years in prison on a first-time drug offense, and is prepared to use his constitutional clemency powers to give relief to dozens more offenders, a White House source said. Johnson’s cause had been taken up by celebrity Kim Kardashian West, who personally lobbied Trump on her behalf last week.  Reuters

Eagles Coach Says He Wanted To Go To White House
Eagles coach Doug Pederson says he was looking forward to going to the White House to be recognized as Super Bowl champions but he wouldn’t further discuss a visit that was canceled by President Donald Trump. Pederson spoke to reporters for about eight minutes on Wednesday before the team held one of its scheduled practices and repeatedly made clear he didn’t want to discuss details of the trip’s breakdown. Newsday

All Eyes On Canada As First G7 Nation Prepares To Make Marijuana Legal
When Canopy Growth opened its first cannabis factory in an old chocolate plant near Ottawa four years ago, it did so predicting a bright future. Canada had already legalized medical marijuana, and Canopy predicted full legalization for recreational use to be next. What the company hadn’t predicted, however, was the sudden flood of foreign visitors.  Guardian

North Korea Dismantles One Of Its Missile Test Sites
Satellite images appear to show that North Korea has dismantled one of its missile testing sites, according to an analysis published by 38 North, a prominent North Korea monitoring group. The images, shot on May 19, show that many of the structures -- including impact pads and a support structure that can hold up a missile at Iha-ri, in the northwest of the country, have been razed. CNN
VOA VIEW: Dismantled, yes - worthless, yes.

Trump Just Dunked On Jeff Sessions In The Most Vicious Way Possible
It's no secret that President Donald Trump loathes his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. The reason it's no secret is because on a weekly basis -- and sometimes even a daily basis -- the President is tweeting his distaste for Sessions. Just when you thought the bullying couldn't get any worse -- Trump has repeatedly said he would never and should never have hired Sessions, called him "beleaguered," "very weak" and "disgraceful," and reportedly refers to the former Alabama senator as "Mr. Magoo" -- today happened. CNN

US Evacuates China Consulate Staffers As Illness Mystery Deepens
The United States has evacuated some Americans from its consulate in Guangzhou, China, after a U.S. employee was confirmed to be suffering symptoms consistent with the mysterious illness that led to the removal of more than half of the U.S. Embassy staff in Cuba, the State Department said Wednesday. Heather Nauert, the State Department's spokeswoman, said "several" consulate employees had returned to the United States from China for further evaluation after they were screened as part of a task force Secretary of State Mike Pompeo created last month. The force is investigating reports of hearing, vision, balance and memory damage. NBC

Trump Notes Melania's 'Little Rough Patch' During First Joint Appearance In Weeks
First lady Melania Trump made an appearance for the first time in nearly four weeks Wednesday that was open to the press. “She’s doing great,” President Trump said at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a 2018 hurricane season briefing, where he was joined by the first lady. “She went through a little rough patch but she’s doing great.” Trump added, “We’re very proud of her, she’s done a fantastic job as first lady. NY Post

Trump Wants His Objections To Cohen Probe To Stay Private
President Trump wants more privacy when it comes to his opinions about materials that have been Ok’d for use in a federal probe into his personal lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen, it emerged on Wednesday. In a letter filed in court late Wednesday, Trump’s lawyer asked a Manhattan federal judge for permission to file “under seal and ex parte” any objections Trump might have to decisions made by “special master” Barbara Jones in her review of materials seized in an FBI probe into Cohen. NY Post


Mick Mulvaney Effectively Fires CFPB Advisory Council
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to come under fire by the man running the watchdog agency — Mick Mulvaney, the interim director appointed by President Trump. In his latest action, Mulvaney moved on Wednesday to effectively dismantle the agency's consumer advisory council. "It's quite clear that we've been fired," said Kathleen Engel, a law professor at Suffolk University and a member of the CFPB's Consumer Advisory Board. NPR

Hurricanes Are Moving More Slowly, Which Means More Damage
Hurricanes are moving more slowly over both land and water, and that's bad news for communities in their path. In the past 70 years, tropical cyclones around the world have slowed down 10 percent, and in some regions of the world, the change has been even more significant, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. That means storms are spending more time hanging out, battering buildings with wind and dropping more rain. NPR

Comey Defied Authority During Clinton Probe
The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog has concluded that former FBI Director James Comey defied authority at times during his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, according to a report on Wednesday. Citing a draft of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, ABC said Comey ignored objections from the DOJ when he alerted Congress in a letter that the FBI had reopened the probe into Clinton just days before the 2016 presidential election. NY Post

Rudy: Kim 'Begged' For Summit
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un "begged" for the summit with President Trump to go on after Trump canceled it last month, Rudy Giuliani reportedly said ... Speaking in Tel Aviv, Giuliani claimed that after Trump sent a letter to Kim Jong Un calling off the June 12 talks in Singapore, Kim “got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, which is exactly the position you want to put him in.” Trump has since announced that the meeting with Kim is back on and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced Tuesday that it would be held at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore. Fox
VOA VIEW: Giuliani's words were a little strong.

ICE Releases Minors Caught In Ohio Raid And Some Workers 'For Humanitarian Reasons'
After a raid on Tuesday that led to the arrest of 114 undocumented employees — rounded up by more than 100 immigration agents, using dogs and helicopters — at an Ohio landscaping company, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials reported some workers have been released for "humanitarian reasons." Meanwhile, immigrant rights advocates said minors and U.S.-born workers caught up in the sting were released after nearly 12 hours in detention. NPR

'From Delivery To Detention': ICE Detains Pizza Guy At Army Base In Brooklyn
Elected officials in New York City are trying to stop the deportation of a pizza delivery man who was arrested while bringing food to an Army base in Brooklyn. Pablo Villavicencio, an Ecuadorean immigrant, was delivering pizza to U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hamilton last Friday when he was detained and handed over to immigration authorities. In a statement, the Fort Hamilton Public Affairs Office says security officers discovered an active ICE warrant during a routine background check. And that the installation's commanders are authorized to take "reasonably necessary and lawful measures [to] protect installation personnel and property." NPR

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US Allies Erupt In 'Open Trade War'
Days ahead of a G-7 meeting this weekend in Quebec, many analysts say the U.S. is in an open trade war with its most steadfast allies. Be smart: President Trump still appears to be winging it, throwing out one extreme idea after another. His latest threat on NAFTA may merely be his maximalist negotiating strategy at work: No one — perhaps even he — knows. But the EU, Mexico and Canada appear to be drawing a hard line in the sand, creating an atmosphere of brinksmanship. Axios
VOA VIEW: The liberal media are promoting a problem

US Student Loan Debt Hits Staggering $1.5 Trillion
The amount of outstanding student loan debt just hit a staggering number: $1.5 trillion. An important statistic associated with this number? Women hold nearly two-thirds of all U.S. student debt, according to a report recently published by the American Association of University Women. CNN Money notes that one reason women hold more debt than men is because more women go to college than their male counterparts. In fact, 56 percent of students who enrolled in higher education in fall of 2016 were women. But that's not all. PJ Media

UN Human Rights Report: 'Contempt For The Poor Has Intensified' In America
The United Nations' special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights charged in a new report today that "contempt for the poor" is growing in America along with wealth inequality. Philip Alston, an Australian law professor who has served in the role since 2014, went on a fact-finding mission for the UN Human Rights Council across the U.S. in the first two weeks of December. Alston visited California (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Alabama (Lowndes County and Montgomery), Georgia (Atlanta), Puerto Rico (San Juan, Guayama and Salinas), West Virginia (Charleston) and Washington, D.C., for his study. PJ Media

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A Russian Weightlifter May Land Ivanka Trump In The Russia Probe
Unlike nearly every other member of President Trump’s inner circle, Ivanka Trump has largely remained untouched by the sprawling investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Until now. BuzzFeed on Wednesday reported that in the fall of 2015, Ivanka Trump connected her father’s personal lawyer, so-called “fixer” Michael Cohen, with a Russian weightlifter offering to arrange a one-on-one meeting between Trump and Vladimir Putin. The reason for the proposed meeting was unrelated to the campaign, BuzzFeed reports. NY Mag

Trump Unable to Remember Words to ‘God Bless America’ at Fake Fan Rally
Faced with the embarrassment of his poorly attended ceremony to honor Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia Eagles, President Trump announced that he was inviting the team’s “fans” to a display of patriotism instead. The president “believes there is a significant overlap between football fans and his base and has told confidants that he believes his voters would enthusiastically take his side over football players whom Trump thinks have looked unpatriotic and greedy,” the Associated Press reports. NY Mag

NBC Employees, Journalists Attack Bill Clinton Over NBC Interview
A number of anchors and journalists at NBC and MSNBC took issue with former President Bill Clinton’s assertions that the network edited its interview with him to make it sound like he had no remorse for his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. While talking with Stephen Colbert on the Tonight Show Tuesday night, Clinton accused the “Today” show of selectively editing his remarks after he was asked whether he should apologize to the former White House intern. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Bad when the liberal media disagrees with a fellow liberal.

Meghan McCain Slams Bill Clinton For Monica Lewinsky Answer-'I'm Supposed To Feel Sorry For You?'
Meghan McCain of “The View” harshly criticized Bill Clinton Wednesday, saying Democrats need to get away from them if they want a future. “Why do they always get a pass? This is the part that I don’t understand: I watched the original Craig Melvin interview, and you should expect this question in the era of #MeToo, and you are a notorious philanderer, with, and he called Monica Lewinsky ‘her,’ he talked about being $16 million in debt. I’m supposed to feel sorry for you when you leave the White House?” Daily Caller

Top EPA Aide And Lawyer Both Resign Amid Scott Pruitt Probe
Millan Hupp, an aide for embattled Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned, the Atlantic reported on Wednesday. The move comes shortly after her congressional testimony about Pruitt’s spending habits — in which she alleged he asked her to help acquire a used mattress from the Trump International Hotel — was made public. Shortly after news broke about Hupp’s resignation, the Washington Post reported that Pruitt’s senior counsel Sarah Greenwalt has also resigned. The Cut

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