Michael Avenatti Warned By Federal Judge About 'Publicity Tour'
The lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels had been trying to join the criminal case in New York against Trump attorney Michael Cohen. But during a feisty hearing Wednesday, federal Judge Kimba Wood said the lawyer -- who has been a fixture on CNN and other outlets -- would have to first stop his “publicity tour.” The show, it appears, will go on. After the hearing, Avenatti withdrew his motion to intervene. Fox
VOA VIEW: Avenatti is a clown and con artist.

Is Hillary A 'Deplorable' Now, Too?-Endrosement Of Cuomo Over Nixon?
Hillary Clinton strolled through the Memorial Day Parade in Chappaqua, an affluent New York City suburb where she now lives. She attends the parade every year, but on Monday the buzz was about who she attended it with – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who finds himself in a Democratic primary battle with “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon as he seeks re-election. The parade was a good respite for Clinton, who has spent the better part of 18 months seeking sympathy and blaming everyone but herself for her still bitter loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Fox
VOA VIEW: Cuomo hurt his candidacy by having Hillary tag along.

White House: 'No One's Defending' Roseanne, But Trump Still Owed Apology
The White House insisted on Wednesday it was not defending Roseanne Barr for the racist tweet that ultimately led to her sitcom's cancellation on ABC. But President Donald Trump and his press secretary Sarah Sanders insisted they were also owed an apology from ABC for airing derogatory comments about the administration. It was an expansive answer on a topic Sanders had said just a day before was not on Trump's radar. It reflected the President's deeply felt resentment at his portrayal in the media, and his long list of grievances at perceived slights over the past year. CNN
VOA VIEW: ABC dumped Barr for the saying derogatory comments they allowed to be said about Trump.

Parkland Shooter Described Plans On Cellphone Video
The former student who gunned down 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, recorded his plans on three cellphone videos, saying in one that he would try to kill at least 20 people. According to newly released transcripts of the videos obtained from a source close to the investigation, Nikolas Cruz details how he will carry out the shooting. CNN


Weinstein Indicted By New York Grand Jury On Rape Charges
Harvey Weinstein was indicted Wednesday by a Manhattan grand jury on charges of rape and a criminal sexual act in connection with allegations by two women — an outcome his own attorney said was "inevitable.' "This indictment brings the defendant another step closer to accountability for the crimes of violence with which he is now charged," Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said in a statement. NBC
VOA VIEW: It is not hard to get an indictment.

Prosecutors In Michael Cohen Case Piecing Together Shredded Documents From Raid
Federal prosecutors sorting through materials seized from Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, said Wednesday they needed more time to piece together the contents of a shredder taken in an FBI raid. At a court hearing in New York, prosecutors told U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood that they'd turned over most of the materials seized during the April 9 raids of Cohen's office and Park Avenue hotel room to Cohen's legal team, with the exception of two BlackBerry devices and the shredded documents. NBC

Attorneys For Immigrants: Rush To Clear Backlog May Rush Deportations
Attorneys representing immigrants along the U.S. border with Mexico say an effort to expedite court proceedings and clear a backlog of cases could lead to thousands of deportations without proper consideration. Immigration attorneys are bracing for an influx of court proceedings after Attorney General Jeff Sessions on May 2 ordered more prosecutors and judges to courts along the border in an effort to alleviate a backlog of cases. UPI
VOA VIEW: Complaints and delay by illegals are inevitable.

Trump Signs Law Giving Terminal Patients Access To Unapproved Drugs
President Donald Trump signed controversial legislation Wednesday that allows terminally ill patients to bypass federal regulations in seeking experimental treatment. The "Right to Try" legislation allows patients with life-threatening conditions to obtain medication that has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It allows patients to ask pharmaceutical companies for medication that passed Phase 1 of FDA approval, but is still undergoing testing. UPI
VOA VIEW: There is little to lose.


Buffett Proposed To Invest $3B In Uber, But Talks Failed: Bloomberg
Billionaire Warren Buffett had proposed to invest $3 billion in Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] earlier this year, but the talks failed following disagreements over the deal’s terms, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N) would have provided a convertible loan to Uber that would have protected Buffett’s investment should the Silicon Valley ride-hailing company hit financial crisis, the report said. Reuters

US Warns Again On Hacks It Blames On North Korea
The warning is the third from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation about hacking operations dubbed “Hidden Cobra” that the United States charges were launched by Pyongyang. A representative with Pyongyang’s mission to the United Nations declined comment. North Korea has routinely denied involvement in cyber attacks against other countries. Reuters
VOA VIEW: NK cannot be trusted.

Ukraine Faked Death Of Russian Journalist Arkady Babchenko
To the gasps, whoops and applause of stunned colleagues, Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko walked into a news conference Wednesday, less than a day after police in the Ukrainian capital said he had been assassinated. Authorities said his death had been staged to foil a plot on his life by Moscow's security services and one arrest was made. Russia denounced the faked killing as an outlandish attempt at defamation by its neighbor and foe. Newsday

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Walmart Sending Employees To College
Walmart Inc. will fund college degrees for its U.S. workforce, the latest benefit rolled out by the nation’s largest private employer to reduce turnover and counter criticism over its treatment of staff. The retailer’s 1.5 million employees can now pursue associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in business or supply-chain management at three nonprofit schools for $1 a day, according to a statement Wednesday. Walmart will subsidize tuition, books and fees and provide support with the application and enrollment processes. As many as 68,000 employees might sign up.  Bloomberg
VOA VIEW: It will be interested to learn the results.

Kaepernick Lawyer: NFL Owner Testified To Shunning My Client Due To Trump
A lawyer for Colin Kaepernick says an NFL owner testified under oath that he changed his mind about signing the quarterback after Donald Trump said players protesting during the national anthem should be fired. Kaepernick hired attorney Mark Geragos as he filed a grievance case claiming owners have colluded to keep him out of the league after he knelt during the national anthem to highlight racial injustice in the United States. Under the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement teams and the NFL are forbidden from coming together to deprive a player of employment. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Kaepernick is his own worse enemy.

1 Charge Against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Dropped As He Resigns
Prosecutors have dropped one felony charge against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who will be will be resigning on Friday amid scandals about alleged misbehavior on the campaign trail and in the bedroom. The governor's resignation was the result of a deal with prosecutors, who agreed to drop the charge if Greitens stepped down, St. Louis Public Radio reports. The charge of computer tampering that was dismissed Wednesday stems from accusations of campaign finance violations — Greitens allegedly took a list of donors to his charity and improperly used it for fundraising. NPR

Trump: 'I Wish I Did' Pick A Different Attorney General Than Sessions
President Trump resumed his attacks against Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday following reports that he had asked Sessions to un-recuse himself from the Russia investigation — and after more erosion of Trump's claim that the FBI spied on his campaign. Trump used his Twitter account to echo the comments of House oversight committee chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who has been using TV appearances to try to offer some nuanced support to Trump. NPR
VOA VIEW: Weather true or not true - Sessions has been hot and cold.


Melania Trump Blasts Media, Conspiracy Theories On Twitter
First lady Melania Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to dispel rumors about her health, which have swirled following her kidney surgery earlier this month. “I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing,” the first lady tweeted. “Rest assured, I’m here at the @WhiteHouse w/my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!” Trump, 48, has not been seen in public since May 10, four days before she underwent the procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on May 14. NY Post
VOA VIEW: Melania should have kept the liberal media in suspense.

Giuliani: Trump Won't Fire Sessions, Rosenstein Before End Of Russian Probe
President Trump has no plans to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Russia probe is completed, the president’s lawyer said Wednesday.
Rudy Giuliani told reporters outside the White House in an impromptu gaggle that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller should also be safe from Trump’s wrath. “I don’t think the president is going to touch him (Sessions), Mueller or Rosenstein,” Giuliani said, according to video of the interview posted by Voice of America News. NY Post

Joe Scarborough Admits Dems Might Lose in 2018 Due to Trump’s Conservative Achievements
On Monday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough warned that Democrats might lose in November, because despite President Trump's unpopularity among many, the president has achieved many conservative goals. "The question Democrats should be asking themselves today is whether Trump's expanding populist checklist will energize the conservative base in November enough to keep his congressional handmaidens in charge," Scarborough wrote. "Unless Democrats find their voice and an alternative to Trump's bleak agenda, his pathetic populist shtick might just do the trick this fall." PJ Media
VOA VIEW: Scarborough is a loser and idiot.

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Fox News Wrecks Competition In May Cable Ratings
Fox News dominated cable ratings in May, becoming the most-watched cable news network for the 197th straight month. According to Nielsen Media Research, FNC was the most-watched basic cable channel for the month in total day viewers. FNC reached 1.4 million average total day viewers, making them the top basic cable channel for the 23rd consecutive month. Fox continues to destroy cable news competitors CNN and MSNBC, delivering nearly triple the primetime viewership of CNN. Daily Caller

Trump Digs At McCain For Obamacare Vote During Right To Try Bill Signing
Trump was signing a bill opening up experimental treatments to terminally ill patients when he told the audience that Republicans would be revisiting health care policy soon. The president applauded the repeal the Obamacare individual mandate through tax reform, but not-so-slyly blamed “somebody” for the failure to entirely repeal Obamacare. McCain was the deciding “no” vote when the Senate voted on whether or not to repeal Obamacare back in July. Daily Caller

‘I Will Never Roll on Donald Trump,’ Promises Adviser Roger Stone
Roger Stone, a longtime confidante to Donald Trump, appeared on the Alex Jones show to ask listeners to fund his legal defense. Stone’s associates have been questioned by Robert Mueller’s investigators, and Stone has casually mentioned he might be indicted for what he called “extraneous crimes.” But, Stone promises, he “will never roll on Donald Trump.” NY Mag

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Five Reasons For Conservatives To Boycott Netflix
Some people on Twitter are pushing the #NetflixAMericAChallenge for conservatives to cancel their Netflix accounts. My family has a Netflix account and we've enjoyed using it for many years. I'm sure many PJ Media readers enjoy the convenience of watching videos on demand through the company's media streaming services, too. But Neflix, like most media giants, leans decidedly leftward and has not been able to resist pushing a left-leaning agenda. There comes a time when every conservative consumer has to make a decision between putting up with the bias or putting his/her foot down. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: It's time for all anti left take a stand.

Giuliani On Yankees Fans: ‘They Boo You When They Love You’
Rudy Giuliani celebrated his 74th birthday at Yankee Stadium on Monday, and the crowd of 46,583 got him a present: a loud, cascading chorus of unrelenting boos. That wasn’t the sound of disapproval, Giuliani said on Wednesday. It was the sound of love. Asked outside the White House if he was saddened by the Bronx birthday wish, he said: “No, no. I know Yankee fans. They boo you when they love you.” NY Mag

Ann Coulter: Harvey Weinstein And The Clinton Protection Racket
Harvey Weinstein’s recent perp walk reminds me of another great thing about Trump winning the election: Hillary Clinton isn’t president. A New York Times article on Weinstein’s court appearance noted how the “ground shifted” last year, finally ending the “code of silence” surrounding powerful men. Why “last year,” if this has been going on for decades? The article explained that Weinstein’s power was enormous, his connections extensive and his willingness to play dirty without bounds. Did Harvey lose his money and connections “last year”? InfoWars

Trump Mocks FBI, Asks If There Are Any 'Infiltrators' At His Rally
President Donald Trump alluded to the allegations the FBI placed an informant in his 2016 presidential campaign at a rally in Tennessee Tuesday.
“How do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign? Can you imagine?” Trump said to the roaring crowd. “Can you imagine? People infiltrating our campaign. Is there anybody in this big, beautiful arena right now that’s infiltrating our campaign? Will you please raise your hand. InfoWars

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