ABC Cancels 'Roseanne' After Barr's Racist Tweet
Just hours after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about former President Obama's aide Valerie Jarrett, her wildly popular reboot of "Roseanne" was given the boot. ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said in a statement on Tuesday that the network would not be producing the show's second season. "Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show," Dungey told Fox News. Fox
VOA VIEW: Fox most likely may pick her up.

North Korea Holding Up To 120,000 Political Prisoners, State Department Report Says
North Korea is holding up to 120,000 political prisoners in "horrific conditions" in camps across the country, according to estimates from a newly released State Department report. The department on Tuesday issued its annual International Religious Freedom Report for 2017, which covers 200 countries and territories, documenting religious freedom and human rights abuses. Fox
VOA VIEW:  NK will have to make many changes if any deal is made.

Dow Tumbles Nearly 400 Points
The Dow plunged more than 392 points, or 1.6%, on fears about political turmoil in Italy and renewed trade uncertainty between the United States and China. It was the worst day for the Dow since April 24. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq slipped 1.1% and 0.5% apiece. Italy is headed for new elections, and investors worry the result could throw the European Union into turmoil. Investors soured on Italy's debt, demanding higher yields in return for taking on added risk. CNN Money
VOA VIEW: The DOW needs some adjusting.

Trump Admin: Parents Must Be Fingerprinted To Get Back Migrant Kids
In an effort to crack down on illegal immigration by minors, the Trump administration will soon require fingerprints from parents coming to claim their migrant children from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), according to senior administration officials. Previously, parents had been exempt from inputting their fingerprints into a system that would determine whether they have a criminal record. NBC
VOA VIEW: Smart move.


Top North Korean Official Headed For New York
North Korea is sending a senior official to New York for possible talks with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Kim Yong Chol, vice chairman of the central committee of the Korean Workers' Party, was seen at the international airport in Beijing, after arriving on a Koryo Air flight from Pyongyang, South Korean news service News 1 reported Tuesday. Kim, who visited the South during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is often linked to the 2010 sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan. UPI

Israel Fires Missiles At Gaza In Largest Firefight In 4 Years
Israel's military launched airstrikes into Gaza Tuesday to retaliate for a large mortar attack against Israeli settlements, officials said. The strikes came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to "respond with great force" to the attacks, which officials said included 28 mortar shells. "Israel will exact a heavy price from anyone who tries to attack it, and we view Hamas as responsible for preventing such attacks against us," Netanyahu said on Twitter. UPI
VOA VIEW: Israel has a right and responsibility to defend itself.

Prominent Russian Journalist Who Criticized Kremlin Shot Dead In Kiev
Arkady Babchenko died of his wounds in an ambulance after his wife found him covered in his blood in their home, police said, adding they suspected the murder was due to Babchenko’s professional activities. Babchenko, one of Russia’s best-known war correspondents, had left Russia fearing for his life after criticizing Russian policy in Ukraine and Syria. He had been denounced by pro-government politicians in Russia over comments on social media about the Russian bombing of Syria, and over his characterization of Russia as an aggressor toward Ukraine. Reuters

White House Silence On Melania Stokes Conspiracy Theories
During the two weeks since Melania Trump returned to the White House following what was described as a relatively minor surgery — a period during which she has been absent from ceremonial events like a Memorial Day wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery — conspiracy theories have flooded in to fill the void of information about the first lady’s health, and whereabouts. The White House has released almost no information about Trump’s condition since May 14, when her spokeswoman said the first lady was undergoing a routine embolization procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center “to treat a benign kidney condition.” Politico
VOA VIEW: The liberal media is at a loss of scandal reports.

Morgan Freeman Goes On Defense Against CNN-Apology About Sexual Harassment, Misconduct
Hollywood lawyer Robert Schwartz has sent a ten page letter to CNN’s Jeff Zucker demanding a retraction and apology for the network’s story about Oscar winner Morgan Freeman regarding sexual misconduct and harassment. The story was CNN’s Chloe Melas and comes on the heels of the #MeToo movement and accusations against powerful men in Hollywood. CNN responded to Freeman with this statement: “The unfounded accusations made by Mr. Freeman’s lawyer are disappointing and are difficult to reconcile with Mr. Freeman’s own public statements in the aftermath of the story. CNN stands by its reporting and will respond forcefully to any attempt by Mr. Freeman or his representatives to intimidate us from covering this important public issue.” Show Biz 411


US Treasury Sees Italy Better Off Within Euro Zone
The U.S. Treasury believes that it would be better for Italy and other euro zone countries to work out their issues with no major changes to the bloc, a senior Treasury official said on Tuesday as Italian political and market turmoil emerged as a key topic for a G7 finance leaders meeting this week. Speaking to reporters, the official said that Treasury was tracking Italy’s political turmoil closely but he has not seen any systemic impact from volatility in Italian and international markets that was a concern for the United States. Reuters

Missouri Governor Resigns
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a sometimes brash outsider whose unconventional resume as a Rhodes Scholar and Navy SEAL officer made him a rising star in Republican politics, abruptly announced his resignation Tuesday after a scandal involving an affair with his former hairdresser led to a broader investigation by prosecutors and state legislators. The governor made the announcement nearly 17 months after taking an oath as Missouri's chief executive with a pledge to root out "corrupt career politicians." The investigations of him widened to include questions about whether he had violated the law in financing the campaign. Newsday

Liberals Killed Roseanne. Conservatives Crushed The NFL. Everybody Happy Now?
Huge ratings weren't enough to save the rebooted Roseanne, which was formally cancelled by ABC on Tuesday after star Roseanne Barr described former Obama administration aide Valerie Jarrett as if "the Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby" on Twitter. The only thing that's different this time is this: social media turns up the volume on offensive statements, and provides a perfect platform to pillory the perpetrator into submission. The network executives at ABC had to watch the Twitter villagers reaching for their pitchforks in real time, and feel the pressure to respond. Reason
VOA VIEW: Ultimately ABC will lose and so will the NFL.

Trump Slams Dems, 'MS-13-Lover' Nancy Pelosi In Nashville Campaign Rally
President Trump slammed Democratic leaders at a Tennessee rally Tuesday night, labeling former Gov. Phil Bredesen, a Democrat in the running to replace retiring Sen. Bob Corker, as an “absolute total tool of Chuck Schumer and, of course, the MS-13 lover Nancy Pelosi.” Trump, who defended labeling members of the MS-13 gang as “animals,” hit the House minority leader for taking exception with the classification. “We are all God’s children,” Pelosi argued in response last week. The president’s fiery comments, in front of a large crowd Tuesday at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, were made to boost GOP Senate hopeful Marsha Blackburn. Fox News

Justices Allow Arkansas To Enforce Abortion Restrictions
The Supreme Court is allowing Arkansas to put in effect restrictions on how abortion pills are administered. Critics had challenged a law they say could effectively end medication abortions in the state. The justices did not comment Tuesday in rejecting an appeal from the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Arkansas that asked the court to review an appeals court ruling and reinstate a lower court order that had blocked the law from taking effect. The law says doctors who provide abortion pills must hold a contract with another physician who has admitting privileges at a hospital and who would agree to handle complications. Newsday

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Weinstein Lawyers Fear 'Bad PR' Could Taint Jury In Sexual Assault Trial
A lawyer for Harvey Weinstein has expressed concern that potential jurors could be tainted by the wave of bad publicity about the former film producer, who has been arrested and is facing sexual criminal charges involving two women. Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman, who met behind closed doors with prosecutors and a New York judge on Tuesday morning, said he’d told the judge he was worried about the impact of bad PR on potential jurors following his client’s arrest last week. But he also warned he was limited in what he could say publicly because a transcript of the meeting was sealed. Guardian
VOA VIEW: The lawyer makes a valid point - what's the option?

Study Puts Puerto Rico Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Near 5,000
Perhaps 5,000 people died in Puerto Rico in 2017 for reasons related to September's Hurricane Maria, according to a study that dismisses the official death toll of 64 as "a substantial underestimate." A research team led by scientists at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health didn't simply attempt to count dead bodies in the wake of the powerful storm. Instead, they surveyed randomly chosen households and asked the occupants about their experiences. NPR

White House Announces Tariffs, Trade Restrictions To Be Placed On China
The White House says it will impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of Chinese goods with "industrially significant technology." The full list of products affected will be announced by June 15, and the tariffs will be implemented "shortly thereafter," according to the administration. The White House also says it will announce and impose investment restrictions and enhanced export controls on Chinese individuals and organizations to prevent them from acquiring U.S. technology. Those restrictions will be announced by June 30, the Trump administration says, and will also be implemented "shortly thereafter." NPR

John McCain Will Give Up Senate Seat To Wife Cindy
As Arizonans prepare for their final salute to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Republicans and political pundits in the state privately tell Newsmax they expect the appointment of his wife, Cindy, to succeed him in the Senate. Of course, no one in the Grand Canyon State who spoke to us wants to go on record discussing what will happen when the ailing McCain no longer holds his seat. But those who did, agree almost unanimously, Cindy McCain following John in the Senate through appointment by Gov. Doug Ducey, R-Ariz., is a near certainty. InfoWars
VOA VIEW: Sad commentary.

Group Behind 'Impeachment Now' Sign Aims To 'Take Out Scalise'
A liberal organization pushing President Donald Trump's impeachment and denouncing the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a terrorist organization has also launched a campaign to "Take Out Scalise." House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was seriously wounded last year in a shooting at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. Mad Dog PAC is most notorious for posting a billboard reading "IMPEACHMENT NOW: MAKE AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN" along a road leading to President Donald Trump's "winter White House," the Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: Fools!

Both Sides Preparing As If US-North Korea Summit Will Happen
Rapid-fire diplomacy played out on two continents in advance of an “expected” summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, the strengthening resolve coming after a series of high-risk, high-reward gambits by the two leaders. Officials wouldn’t say that the June 12 Singapore summit was back on, but preparations on both sides of the Pacific proceeded as if it were. AP

Gaza's Hamas Rulers Say Cease-Fire Reached With Israel
Gaza’s Hamas rulers said Wednesday they had agreed to a cease-fire with Israel to end the largest flare-up of violence between the sides since a 2014 war. Khalil al-Hayya, a senior Hamas official, said Egyptian mediators intervened “after the resistance succeeded in warding off the aggression.” He said militant groups in Gaza will commit to the cease-fire as long as Israel does. Israeli Cabinet minister Naftali Bennett told Israel’s Army Radio no agreement had been reached yet. AP

Obamacare Strikes Back
In "The Empire Strikes Back," Yoda made effort sound simple: “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Remember back to February 2017 through July 2017. The GOP tried, tried, and tried again to fulfill six years of campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare. First, Paul Ryan went on the attack. Even with all the momentum of a new president and administration, Ryan and the GOP House failed miserably. Eventually, they passed a wonky economic thesis-sounding bill a Wookiee would know was dead on arrival in the Senate. Then came Rand Paul and his “skinny repeal.” It was more repeal than replace, while also seeming like a diet product Marie Osmond would tout. Not surprisingly, that also failed. Finally, Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., tried a bipartisan science experiment. Failed again. Washington Examiner
VOA VIEW: Obama did nothing and failed the nation.

Threats "From The South" Prompt US To Base Drones In Greece For First Time
AS PART OF its ongoing expansion of operations in and around Africa, the U.S. military has recently begun operating drones from a Greek airfield. MQ-9 Reapers, the more advanced replacement for the venerable Predator drone, deployed last month to Larissa air base in eastern Greece near the Aegean Sea “on a temporary basis as they transition to a different location,” according to Auburn Davis, the chief of media operations for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa, who noted that the remotely piloted aircraft, or RPA, are unarmed and engaged in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions known as ISR. Intercept

Obama Says ‘I Didn’t Have Scandals.’ So What Are All These?
At a Las Vegas tech conference last week, former president Barack Obama told an audience that his presidency had been scandal-free. “I didn’t have scandals, which seems like it shouldn’t be something you brag about,” Obama joked, according to Newsweek. We hear this talking point quite often from Democrats. Now, perhaps the president didn’t experience the fallout from a scandal, which is very different from never having been involved in one. For this confusion, Obama can thank the political media. Federalist


North Korea Won't Give Up Nukes, May Open Burger Joint Instead
Kim Jong-un may supersize it. A new intelligence analysis reportedly states that the North Korean regime is not willing to give up their nukes, but instead may open a US burger joint in the capital of Pyongyang. The CIA assessment on Kim Jong-un’s goals for the historic summit with President Trump claims the North Korean leader will not destroy his nuclear stockpile — conflicting with Trump’s stated goal of the talks, according to NBC News. NY Post
VOA VIEW: Un may be making a major mistake, if the report is true.

Hundreds of 'Incendiary Kites' Have Assaulted Israel from Above Since Mid-April
Swarms? Squadrons? The correct grouping designation is unclear, but what is clear is that hundreds of flaming kites have been flown over the fence into Israel in the last month causing millions in damage and endangering civilians. These kites, which have caused hundreds of fires, have been flown mainly under cover of ongoing "protests" in Gaza. Such protests have been cover for other violence in the last month, as previously noted in this space. PJ Media

Congressman Predicts More 'Displaced' Children if ACLU Wins Faith-Based Adoption Lawsuit
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) argued that no religious-based adoption provider should be “forced” to renounce “deeply rooted” beliefs. “In places like Illinois, Massachusetts, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., faith-based organizations have been forced to end their adoption and foster care services because of their religiously-mandated practice of placing children exclusively with married mothers and fathers,” Kelly said during a recent event at the Family Research Council. PJ Media

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Trump Jr. Retweeted Roseanne Barr's Racist Tweets
Donald Trump Jr. retweeted some of the offensive tweets posted by Roseanne Barr before her show was canceled Tuesday — calling billionaire George Soros a Nazi “who turned in his fellow Jews.” After falsely claiming that Chelsea ?Clinton ?is married to Soros’ nephew, Barr responded ?with ?an “apology” that included a bizarre conspiracy-mongering rant about the Democratic donor — which the president’s son then relayed to his 2.84 million followers. NY Post
VOA VIEW: Liberals like to dish out, but hate to take what they dish out.

Fusion GPS Founder Gave ‘Extremely Misleading’ Testimony About Trump Work
The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is accusing Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson of giving “extremely misleading” statements, if not telling “outright lies,” during Senate testimony in 2017. Simpson may have lied when he denied working for clients to investigate President Donald Trump after the 2016 election, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said in a May 24 letter made public on Tuesday. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Heads will roll when the whole truth comes out.

Republican Moderates Are Close To Forcing An Immigration Fight In The House
As the Trump administration’s immigration policy around asylum seekers and child immigrants becomes a national flashpoint, Congress is inching closer to another contentious, high-stakes, nearly impossible-to-resolve fight over young unauthorized immigrants brought to the US as children, known as DREAMers. More and more members of Congress are signing on to a discharge petition, which would force votes on several legislative fixes in the House for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program protecting many young undocumented immigrants. The Trump administration decided to fully sunset DACA in March, though the fate of the program has been held up in courts. Vox

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MSNBC Asks Sarah Sanders About Roseanne — She Responds
MSNBC reporters asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders about the cancelation of “Roseanne” Tuesday. Sanders didn’t play into the outrage news cycle, and responded by saying that there was no comment and she didn’t know when there would be one. “We don’t have anything from the White House yet, except for this from our White House unit,” Tur said. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Smart response to a liberal antagonistic medium.

Trump’s Credibility Problem Is Now America’s
One of Republicans’ favorite critiques of former President Barack Obama during his time in office was that he undermined American credibility on the world stage through his reticence to project U.S. hard power to its maximal extent. The main and most compelling case for this critique was Obama’s 2013 warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that he would face consequences if he used chemical weapons against his own citizens. NY Mag

Turn Your Router Off Now, Says FBI After Russian Malware Discovered Taking Over The Internet
People should turn their routers off and back on again to help halt the spread of a dangerous piece of Russian malware, the FBI has said. The software has infected hundreds of thousands of devices. It could use that army of routers under its control to collect information by reading people's internet activity, or to shut down their internet entirely. Turning off the routers and then switching them back again – as well as updating the devices and ensuring that passwords are safe – could not only fix the problem but also allow authorities to track down where the problem has spread. Independent UK

NYT: Mueller Probing Trump's Request That Sessions Rescind His Recusal From Russia Investigation
President Trump pressured Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse himself from oversight of the Russia investigation and special counsel Robert Mueller is now probing that exchange, according to a report from the New York Times. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN will make up any old news to cover any anti Trump report.

US Plans 'Steady Drumbeat' Of Exercises In South China Sea
US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Tuesday that the United States will continue "a steady drumbeat" of naval exercises to challenge China's territorial claims in the South China Sea, amid Beijing's militarization of the contested waters. Mattis' comments came after Beijing expressed "firm opposition" on Sunday after two US warships sailed within 12 nautical miles of four artificial islands claimed by China in the disputed Paracel island chain, east of Vietnam. Speaking to reporters during a flight to Hawaii, Mattis said the South China Sea was international waters and "a lot of nations" wanted to see freedom of navigation maintained in the area. CNN

Republican House Member Adds Another Gun Violence Scapegoat To The List-Porn
Republican Congress member and Tennessee gubernatorial hopeful Diane Black added another scapegoat to the gun violence list: porn. “I think it’s deterioration of family ... violent movies ... pornography,” Black said, as part of a discussion with ministers in Clarksville, Tennessee, last week, during which she touched on the rise in school shootings. Black also suggested that kids were using the internet in ways that could lead to violent behavior. Vox

DHS Secretary Defies Trump, Awards Grants To Sanctuary Cities
So-called “sanctuary cities” are reportedly among the states and localities awarded $1.7 billion in grants by President Trump’s homeland security secretary. Three unidentified sources told McClatchy that multiple sanctuary cities were awarded grants, a move that goes against Trump’s repeated promises to cut off funding to those cities, which offer protections to undocumented immigrants and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. InfoWars
VOA VIEW: DNS Secretary may be in trouble if the reports are true.

US To Limit Visa Terms For Chinese Citizens
Coming this June, the U.S. State Department will begin to shorten "the length of validity" for Chinese citizens' visas, the AP reports. The big picture: The process to apply for a visa won't change, per the AP, but instead of of issuing visas for the maximum time allowed, "U.S. consular offices may limit how long visas are valid." Chinese graduate students studying high-tech manufacturing, robotics, or aviation will have one-year visas, while other Chinese citizens will have to get clearances from "multiple U.S. agencies" if they are employed by various companies listed by the U.S. Commerce Department. Axios

US Attributes Malware To North Korea
The Homeland Security Department's Computer Emergency Readiness Team warned industry stakeholders about two types of malware Tuesday. The warning attributed the Joanap and Brambul malware to the North Korean government. Why it matters: It is uncommon for the U.S. to make any public attribution for a cyberattack. Generally, that only happens when there is both definitive evidence for the attack and a strategic reason to name who was responsible for it. While the potential strategic aspects of the attribution may raise some eyebrows — it comes out as a former North Korean official travels to New York to meet with the administration — there may be a more mundane explanation. Axios

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