NFL National Anthem Policy Stirs Reaction As 49ers Owner Says He Abstained
A decision from NFL owners requiring players to stand for "The Star-Spangled Banner" if they are on the field when the anthem is played triggered intense reaction from supporters and opponents Wednesday, as one owner revealed that he abstained from the vote. Commissioner Roger Goodell said the change was approved unanimously at the league's spring meeting in Atlanta. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Fox News in an email that San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was the only abstention. Fox
VOA VIEW: Another Trump win - bad for the NFL.

Redacted Message Reads Obama WH 'Running This'
A top Senate Republican is challenging the Justice Department over extensive redactions made in files showing text messages between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, drew particular attention to one text that suggested the Obama “White House is running this,” in reference to an unspecified investigation. But, like in so many of the files, a name was redacted and the context was unclear, though one report suggests that was related to the Russia probe. Fox
VOA VIEW: The left is looking and will be more exposed for their bad and illegal behavior.

Trump Can't Block Users On Twitter, Federal Judge Rules
A federal judge in New York ruled Wednesday that President Trump is in violation of the Constitution when he blocks users on Twitter. It's a remarkable development in one of the more peculiar debates of Trump's presidency, and a victory for the First Amendment advocates who brought the lawsuit last year. CNN Money

Presidential Misspellings Create Spike In Dictionary Searches
President Donald Trump is known for his Twitter feed, often posting seemingly off-the-cuff messages or providing commentary on the news of the day. But his seeming lack of a filter on the social media platform has also led to several misspellings. And it's not always the President tapping away, he often dictates messages to an aide who ultimately presses send. According to a report by, when the President's account has tweeted misspelled words, it has corresponded with a spike in searches of the same words spelled incorrectly on the website. CNN


Kushner Gets Permanent Security Clearance, Meets With Mueller Team Second Time
Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and a White House senior adviser, has received a permanent security clearance and was recently interviewed for hours by the special counsel's office for a second time, a source familiar with the matter told NBC News on Wednesday. Kushner operated with an interim security clearance for more than a year inside the administration, giving him access to highly classified information while he underwent an FBI background check. NBC

Federal Prosecutors Open Harvey Weinstein Investigation In New York
Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating allegations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein, according to a lawyer for the disgraced movie mogul. Attorney Benjamin Brafman says that he has met with federal prosecutors in Manhattan "in an attempt to dissuade them from proceeding." NBC

China 'Successfully' Tests Radar Cross Section For Fighter Jets
China continues to test stealth technology that could be used on the design of its fifth-generation fighters, according to state media. The Global Times reported Tuesday Shenyang Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corp. of China, had successfully tested a Radar Cross Section. UPI

Two-Thirds Of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage
More than two-thirds of Americans now support same-sex marriage -- and more are identifying themselves as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, new Gallup research shows. In the highest level ever recorded by Gallup, 67 percent Americans said they support same-sex marriage. Gallup said it's recorded 3 percent increases in each of its last three annual surveys on the issue. UPI
VOA VIEW: Don't believe all you read or hear.

FBI Informant Stefan Halper Accused Of Making ‘False’ And ‘Absurd’ Allegations About Russian Infiltration At Cambridge
The FBI informant who made contact with members of the Trump campaign has made allegations of Russian spy infiltration at the University of Cambridge that people involved in the matters have called “false” and “absurd.” A Russian academic who worked at Cambridge with the informant, Stefan Halper, said he made “false allegations” about her interactions with former national security adviser Michael Flynn at an event the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS) hosted in February 2014. Daily Caller

After 17 Indictments And Five Guilty Pleas, We KNOW The Kremlin Interfered With The 2016 Election
We recently marked the one-year anniversary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion—an investigation that has yielded 17 indictments, five guilty pleas, and constant headaches for Donald Trump’s presidential administration. President Trump commemorated the occasion as only he could, with another angry, misleading tweet intended to rile up his base, denouncing the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt.” Daily Caller


Iran Leader: Europe Must Protect Trade With Tehran To Save Nuclear Deal
Iran’s top leader set out a series of conditions on Wednesday for European powers if they want Tehran to stay in a nuclear deal after the U.S. exit, including steps to safeguard trade with Tehran and guarantee Iranian oil sales. U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out earlier this month from the 2015 nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for curbs to its nuclear program, calling it deeply flawed. European powers see the international accord as the best chance of stopping Tehran developing a nuclear weapon and have intensified efforts to salvage it. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Iran will lose any contest with the US.

Trump Threatens Aid Cut To Countries That Do Not Stop MS-13
President Donald Trump warned on Wednesday he was working on a plan to reduce U.S. aid to countries he says are doing nothing to stop MS-13 gang members from crossing into the United States illegally. “We’re looking at our whole aid structure. It’s going to be changed very radically,” Trump told a roundtable discussion about the threat posed by the violent gang. Reuters

Lawsuits Seek Removal Of Arkansas Ten Commandments Display
Opponents of a Ten Commandments display at the Arkansas state Capitol filed federal lawsuits Wednesday to have the monument removed, arguing it's an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by government. Separate complaints were filed challenging the display, which was installed on the Capitol grounds last month. A 2015 law required the state to allow the privately funded monument. The monument was reinstalled last month after the original version was destroyed by a man who crashed his car into it. Newsday

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Court Upholds Ruling Against California's Assisted Suicide Law
An appeals court has let stand a lower court ruling overturning a California law that allows physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to the terminally ill.
California's Fourth District Court of Appeals on Wednesday refused to stay last week's decision by the Riverside County Superior Court, which ruled that state lawmakers should not have passed the law during a special session on health care funding. However, the constitutionality of the law itself — passed nearly three years ago — was not challenged. NPR

On Capitol Hill, USA Gymnastics President Apologizes To Nassar's Victims
A House subcommittee heard testimony today from executives of a number of U.S. sport governing bodies that are embroiled in sexual abuse scandals, including gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo and volleyball. Susanne Lyons, acting chief executive of the U.S. Olympic Committee, said her organization had taken steps to reform the system, including doubling its funding for the U.S. Center for SafeSport, which was created last year to prevent abuse in sports. NPR

Palmieri: Democrats Shouldn’t Start with ‘Impeachment Trials’ If Party Wins Majority
Jennifer Palmieri, director of communications for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and author of Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the World, said Democrats shouldn’t start with “impeachment trials” if they take back the majority in Congress. “From what I can tell, I think you can’t run away from holding the president accountable because that’s Congress’ job, right, it’s written in the Constitution and all. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: Democrats will lose with this negative and resistance stance.

Fox News Host Thinks Kim Jong-Un Probably Doesn't Even LIKE Murdering All That Much
Fox News host Pete Hegseth is having a busy few days saying really dumb things, but this latest is a real head-scratcher. Hegseth was already in backlash hot water for saying "meh" in response to Chris Wallace stating that there were women and children who died in the Gaza violence last week. So the pump was primed for more when he made this outlandish and odd claim on "Fox and Friends" on Thursday. PJ Media

Video: President Trump Detours from Marine One – Runs Over to Shake Hands With Police Officers
President Donald Trump detoured from his walk to Marine One in Bethpage on Long Island, New York, Wednesday afternoon when he spotted a group of police officers standing off to his right. Trump abruptly turned and broke ranks with his aides and Secret Service detail and ran, or as best a seventy-one-year-old man can run, a short jog and then swiftly walked the rest of the way over to the assembled police where he shook their hands and returned a salute from one of the officers. Gateway Pundit

The Return Of The DACA Fight In Congress Explained
Congress looks like it’s about to get into another contentious, high-stakes, nearly impossible-to-resolve fight over young unauthorized immigrants brought to the US as children, known as DREAMers. More and more members of Congress are signing on to a discharge petition, which would force votes on several legislative fixes for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in the House. The Trump administration decided to fully sunset DACA in March, though the fate of the program has been held up by court rulings. Vox

Pompeo: North Korea Must Disarm Before Any Economic Relief
Mike Pompeo has said the US will use a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to demand North Korea completely and rapidly surrenders its nuclear weapons programme before it receives any economic relief. Pompeo added he was “very hopeful” the summit would still go ahead on 12 June. The US secretary of state was speaking in Congress a day after Trump had cast doubt on the timing of the summit in Singapore, and appeared to drop the insistence of “all-in-one” unilateral disarmament before receiving any reciprocal steps from the US. Guardian
VOA VIEW: The only way any deal can be acceptable.

Elon Musk Complains Of 'Holier Than Thou Hypocrisy Of Big Media Companies' In Tirade
Elon Musk is not happy with Tesla's recent media coverage, to put it mildly. The Tesla CEO said Wednesday on Twitter that the public no longer respects "big media companies" because they "lay claim to the truth, but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie." "Thought you’d say that. Anytime anyone criticizes the media, the media shrieks “You’re just like Trump!” Why do you think he got elected in the first place? Because no ones believes you any more. You lost your credibility a long time ago." CNBC

Mexican Mafia Busted For Running Crime In LA County Jails
The Los Angeles County jails are run by the sheriff, but the Mexican Mafia wielded the power in the underworld behind bars. The organization made up of leaders from various Latino gangs operated like an illegal government, collecting "taxes" on smuggled drugs, ordering hits on people who didn't follow their rules and even calling the shots on street crimes, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. Yahoo News

LA Times: 'Dianne Feinstein Runs To The Left, Seeks New Term At Age 84
Dianne Feinstein built one of California's most successful political brands by standing up to her party's liberal wing. In her first run for statewide office in 1990, she defiantly faced down raucous booing from California Democratic Party delegates angry over her support for the death penalty. Undeterred, she used footage of the public rebuke in campaign ads to show the state's then-more moderate population — including many Republicans — that she was tough, pragmatic and mainstream. LA Times

Trayvon Martin's Parents: 'The Weinstein Company Owes Us $150,000
The parents of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager shot dead while walking home from a convenience store by George Zimmerman, have claimed they are owed at least $150,000 (£110,000) by the Weinstein Company. According to documents filed by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin in a Delaware bankruptcy court, the company formerly run by the disgraced Hollywood mogul entered into a deal to purchase the rights to a possible movie and TV series based on their book, Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin. Guardian

For Troubled Kids, Some Schools Take Time Out For Group Therapy
Sometimes 11-year-old B. comes home from school in tears. Maybe she was taunted about her weight that day, called "ugly." Or her so-called friends blocked her on their phones. Some nights she is too anxious to sleep alone and climbs into her mother's bed. It's just the two of them at home, ever since her father was deported back to West Africa when she was a toddler. NPR


Senate Passes $55 Billion Veterans Affairs Reform Bill
A major Veterans Affairs reform has passed the Senate by 92-5 and is on its way to the White House. The $55 billion bill will change how the VA pays for private care, expand a VA caregiver program and start a review of the VA's aging infrastructure. President Trump has said he will sign it — and it's sure to be touted among his biggest legislative achievements. NPR

Go Hard Or Go Home: Giuliani Changes His Mind, Says Trump Should Meet With Mueller
Rudy Giuliani did an about-face on Wednesday, saying that he now believed that President Trump should agree to a sitdown with the special counsel’s team investigating Russian election meddling. Giuliani, one of the president’s lawyers, said he would like Trump to give Robert Mueller and his investigators an interview, and that a final decision would be made within “the next couple weeks,” The Washington Post reported. NY Post
VOA VIEW: Trump should not meet with Mueller.

Cohen Reportedly Got $400K To Arrange Talks Between Trump, Ukrainian President
President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen pocketed a secret payment of at least $400,000 to arrange talks between the Ukrainian president and Trump, a new report said Wednesday. The payment was arranged by intermediaries acting for Ukraine’s leader, Petro Poroshenko, sources in Kiev told the BBC, though Cohen was not registered as a representative of Ukraine as required by US law. NY Post

Baby Name 'Donald' Stands Steady, 'Hillary' Drops Precipitously
Could baby names prove a litmus test for presidential approval? During the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, the popularity of "Donald" as a baby name has held steady, while the popularity of "Hillary" has dropped precipitously. According to the Social Security Administration, 594 baby boys were given the name "Donald" at the time of their birth in 2017, making the president's name rank 488 among all baby names. This came nowhere near the most popular names: "Liam," "Noah,'" and "William" took first, second, and third, respectively. PJ Media

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Mueller Rejects Speedy Trial Law To Delay Russian Collusion Trial
Special Counsel Robert Mueller asked a federal judge Tuesday to reject the four-decade-old speedy trial law in the case against 13 Russians and three Russian companies and has asked for an indefinite delay to the Russian collusion trial. It is the second time Mueller tried to delay the trial. Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, a Trump appointee, rejected the earlier request without comment and ordered the case to go forward. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Mueller and his staff don't want to look like the fools they are.

Mueller Moves Toward Sentencing George Papadopoulos
Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving closer to sentencing George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser who pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian nationals and a mysterious Maltese professor. Mueller filed notice in federal court in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday asking for the preparation of a pre-sentence investigation report, a standard document that judges use to determine criminal sentences. Daily Caller

FBI Agent at Mike Flynn Interrogation Is Ready to Testify Against McCabe, Strzok and Comey!
On Friday May 11, 2018, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein  stating Comey testified the FBI didn’t think General Flynn lied.  Grassley also revealed Joe Pientka was the second FBI agent who joined Peter Strzok on January 24th, 2017 in an ambush style interview to take down General Flynn. Grassley demanded the FBI and DOJ produce the transcript of Flynn’s intercepted calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and the related 302’s by May 25th. Gateway Pundit

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Schumer, Pelosi Ask Rosenstein, Wray For Gang Of Eight Bipartisan Briefing On Russia Probe Documents
Democratic congressional leaders called for a bipartisan gang-of-eight-style briefing from the Justice Department on sensitive documents related to the Russia investigation sought by certain House Republicans. The GOP demand drew resistance from law enforcement and intelligence officials who contend access at this point could compromise the investigation and put covert sources in danger. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: The people should know what happened and who is telling the truth.

Pathetic. Mueller Begs Trump-Appointed Judge For Indefinite Delay in Junk Russian Bot Case
On Tuesday, Robert Mueller begged a federal judge to indefinitely delay his trial against Concord Management and Consulting. This is the second time Mueller has requested a delay in his junk Russian bot case. Obviously Mueller rolled out the indictment of 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies as a PR stunt and now it’s coming back to haunt him. Gateway Pundit

DOJ, FBI To Brief 'Gang Of 8' On Russia Probe After Meeting With Gowdy, Nunes
FBI and Justice Department officials on Thursday will brief the bipartisan group of lawmakers known as the "Gang of 8" on classified documents related to the special counsel's Russia investigation -- after they meet with two key House Republican lawmakers, Fox News has learned. Fox News
VOA VIEW: A waste of time - the FBI and DOJ will stonewall.

Manafort Attempts To Suppress Evidence Seized During FBI Raid
President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort is attempting to persuade a federal judge to suppress evidence seized by FBI agents during raids on Manafort’s properties. During a Tuesday hearing, Manafort’s team argued that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s search warrant was too broad and violated the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable search and seizures. Fox News

Voter To Pelosi: Isn't It Time For Most Politicians To Return To The Private Sector?
"They just got a younger start. So that is all to say, we want to take the talent and experience, the values where they are and we want to have the mix in all of it. But if you have a problem with somebody who is older, run for office. Run for office. I say that. Run for office." Polisi said. Grabien
VOA VIEW: Pelosi is playing games.

Mysterious Booms, House-Rattling Sounds In Pennsylvania Under Investigation By FBI
Federal and local authorities are investigating mysterious booms being reported in Upper Bucks and Lehigh Counties. Springfield Township police say there have been multiple reports of loud explosions, with the most recent one happening shortly after 4 a.m. on Tuesday. No one seems to know the source of the mysterious booms. “I thought that somebody was making a tunnel or space junk fell out of the sky,” said Susan Crompton, who lives in Haycock Township. “From poachers, gunfire, to explosions to a sonic boom,” said Jerry Hertz of the mysterious sound. CBS Philadelphia

Mattis Tells Air Force Academy Graduating Class 'Your Primary Weapons System Now Is Your Attitude'
The 984 graduates at the Air Force Academy on Wednesday got an unedited introduction to the difficult world they now face as new officers. The graduation's keynote speaker, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, told the group they will see battle soon. And they will be expected to win every fight. "Your primary weapons system now is your attitude," Mattis said. Gazette

N Korea Threatens To Walk Away From Planned Summit
North Korea will reconsider the planned summit with the United States if Washington sticks to "unlawful and outrageous acts," its vice foreign minister said Thursday. In a statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency, Choe Son-hui, a North Korean vice foreign minister, said that whether the June 12 summit between its leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump will happen as scheduled entirely rests on the decision and behavior of the U.S. Yonhap
VOA VIEW: NK will lose big if they don't show on June 12.

George Conway’s Tweets Raise West Wing Eyebrows
George Conway’s Manhattan law firm sits near the corner of Sixth Avenue and 52nd Street, just three blocks from Trump Tower. During the 2016 election, when he still supported Donald Trump, the corporate litigator would sometimes walk over to the campaign HQ after work, according to former campaign aides. He’d pop in around 8 p.m. and would sit and work in his wife Kellyanne Conway’s office until she was ready to go. Then he’d drive her to New Jersey, or the couple would share a town car home. Politico

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