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Robert Namer
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April 14, 2024

     Dems figure not mentioning the border crises will be forgotten.  President Biden once again failed to mention New York City’s desperate migrant crisis in another address during his trip to meet with the United Nations General Assembly in the city this week.

     Speaking at a UN leaders reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Biden thanked attendees’ work “to support the world’s most vulnerable,” but didn’t once mention the masses of vulnerable migrants left to fend for themselves by the White House outside the Roosevelt Hotel down the road in Midtown.

     Biden talked about being “in the halls of history” during his brief six-minute remarks, mentioned world leaders’ need to come together and guide humanity into the future, again condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — his main talking point for the week — and read a poem by Seamus Heaney.  Nowhere to be heard were even any remarks for Mayor Eric Adams, who just hours earlier bristled to reporters about the White House’s lack of response to the migrant crisis which has saddled the city with billions of dollars in debt and costs. 

     Adams declined to attend the event at the Met — which he went to last year — a city hall source said. Instead, Biden thanked the attending New York Governor Kathy Hochul, “for everything this great city has done to make this General Assembly a success,” despite the state having relatively few responsibilities organizing UN week.  The elaborate logistics and safety measures for large UN events largely falls on the shoulders of the NYPD and its officers, not the state.  

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