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February 26, 2024

     The NAACP are getting what they pushed for.  NAACP leaders in California are calling for a state of emergency over crime in Oakland after the organization’s branch in the East Bay blamed efforts to defund police and limit prosecutions for putting the city in a “doom-loop.”

     The NAACP said increases in violent crime and a lack of urgency to get a handle on the issue are hollowing out Oakland’s economic activity, and the vicious cycle will create more desperate people who will turn to crime to get by.  The California Hawaii State Conference NAACP said that it “stands by and doubles down” on the Oakland branch’s request for city leaders to sound the alarm on lawlessness.

     “Our community members are in danger and elected officials are turning their heads away. Crime is at an all time high in Oakland and we are calling the mayor to step up and work with the Oakland branch on this critical issue and call for a state of emergency,” said Rick L. Callender, NAACP regional president. “We cannot sit around and do nothing when people are in danger doing daily activities, trying to survive.”

     Statewide leaders were backing the Oakland NAACP’s admonishment of the city’s “failed leadership” for allowing criminals to act with impunity.  The letter, written by chapter President Cynthia Adams and Bishop Bob Jackson of Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland, said that local politicians’ embrace of the defund the police movement, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’s lack of interest in prosecuting murder suspects and the mainstreaming of anti-police rhetoric have “created a heyday for criminals.”  The leaders added that a shortage of 500 police officers and a sluggish 911 system that can take hours to respond to non-fatal crimes have disheartened residents and emboldened thugs.  

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