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Robert Namer
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February 24, 2024

     Texans never back down from a fight — including protecting our border.  Biden is a mad idiot regarding the border.

     This challenge involves not only ruthless Mexican drug cartels wresting operational control of the border or the record surge in illegal immigration.  Most profoundly, this challenge is driven by a Biden administration intent on impeding our efforts to secure the border and keep Texans safe.

     President Biden’s Department of Justice sued the state of for our recent efforts to deter and repel migrants from making the dangerous — and often deadly — illegal crossing through the Rio Grande waterway into Texas by deploying floating marine barriers.  Biden is clearly more concerned with preventing Texas from protecting our sovereignty than stopping transnational criminals from exploiting his border crisis for profit or discouraging migrants from risking their lives to enter America illegally.

     He should be sending a thank-you note, not a lawsuit.  Texans are prepared to take this legal battle to the United States Supreme Court to make clear that Texas — as well as other states — has full authority to secure the border.  Because Biden refuses to enforce the immigration laws Congress already has on the books, Texas will use every strategy to deny illegal entry.

     Long before Texas deployed these border barriers, the United Nations declared the US-Mexico border the deadliest land crossing in the world.  Biden’s shameless disregard for America’s national security has emboldened Mexican drug cartels and transnational criminals like never before, brazenly endangering both American citizens and migrants.

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