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Robert Namer
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February 23, 2024

     President Biden’s special Iran envoy had his security clearance suspended earlier last year after “serious” issues were raised internally about his handling of “protected material,” according to a leaked State Department memo published over the weekend by an Iranian media outlet.  Malley is as guilty as Biden and his whole family.

     Robert Malley was placed on unpaid leave effective at the end of June, but the State Department declined to specify why, drawing scrutiny from congressional Republicans.

     The Tehran Times, an English-language daily newspaper believed to have close ties to the theocracy’s foreign ministry, purported to shed light on the matter by publishing an April 21 memo labeled “sensitive but unclassified” and addressed to Malley from Erin Smart, director of the Office of Personnel Security and Suitability in the Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

     In the memo, Smart wrote that the office “has received information regarding you that raises serious security concerns and can be disqualifying under National Security Adjudicative Guidelines E (Personal Conduct), K (Handling Protected Information) and M (Use of Information Technology).”  

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