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Robert Namer
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November 29, 2023

      Biden is a freak.  President Biden was caught making an unusual display of affection toward a young child at the very end of his European trip, leaving his critics in an uproar about the “creepy” moment.

     Biden, 81, was saying his goodbyes to US embassy staff and their families at Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport in Finland when he stopped in front of a mother and daughter.  The Democrat leaned in close to the little girl, dressed in a bright pink shirt in her mother’s arms, and playfully nibbled on her shoulder several times.  The little girl gave Biden a bit of side eye as he stayed close and made funny faces at her.  As the president went to give her a kiss on the temple, the youngster dramatically pulled away as her mom filmed the whole thing.

     Video of the interaction spread on Twitter, with one user calling it Biden’s “creepiest moment yet with a child.”  One Twitter commentator, who said she was in the “mom [and] grandma age range,” admitted she had an urge to act similarly to the president whenever she sees a baby, but restrains herself because “it’s creepy.”  Another pointed out that “the poor baby was creeped out.”  “All Biden has to do is not do this and he can’t,” Caleb Hull, a conservative operative, wrote on Twitter.  

     Conservative Greg Price also took to the social media platform to joke that the president was “now confusing babies with ice cream cones.”  Even Donald Trump Jr. got in on the action, writing: “Biden should be in a nursing home, not leading the free world.”  Comedian Tim Young also called the moment “creepy [as f–k],” and questioned: “Why would anyone put their mouth on another person’s child like this? This is peak, disgusting pedo behavior.”  “We need a return to norms,” deadpanned Spectator USA contributing editor Stephen L. Miller.

     “Also look away while the president rubs his Jabba tongue all over a hesitant toddler multiple times.”  In 2019, Biden said he always tried to make a “human connection” wherever he went but acknowledged that sometimes his gestures made people uncomfortable.  That acknowledgement came after former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores claimed then-vice president Biden grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her hair during a Las Vegas campaign event in 2014.  Days later, after three more women accused him of inappropriate contact, Biden released a video in which he promised to “be more mindful and respectful of people’s personal space.”

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