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Robert Namer
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November 28, 2023

     Blacks need to wise up against Democratic slavery.  Black Americans have made up nearly 90% of adults newly unemployed since April, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

     The federal agency reported that 267,000 of 300,000 workers who lost their jobs in recent months were Black, reversing a trend generally moving in the other direction during the past two years.  In a statement emailed to The Washington Times, the Bureau of Labor Statistics division of labor force statistics said it was too early to draw any conclusions from the data.  

     “While the unemployment rate for Blacks appears to have ticked up in the past few months, data for additional months are needed to determine if this is part of a longer-term trend,” the statement said. “As always, we’ll be looking closely at labor market performance in the coming months to determine if there are changes in trends, both overall and for major demographic groups, such as Blacks.”

     Some labor market analysts reached for comment said the report confirms that widespread layoffs in the technology and service industries have hit Blacks harder than other workers this year.  There has been a “George Floyd effect” of corporations quietly purging affirmative action hires made in response to social justice protests, said Eugene Dilan, a California-based business consultant specializing in equity, inclusion and diversity.  He said Floyd’s 2020 death in Minneapolis police custody led to corporate commitments to implement affirmative action policies. Those hiring commitments have rapidly evaporated with fears of a looming recession. 

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