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Robert Namer
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November 26, 2023

     America is failing - the left is responsible.  For decades, colleges have been gatekeepers to success — thanks to the perception that you need a degree to land a decent job.  But those days are numbered. 

Americans have finally had enough.  Faith in higher education has hit a new low, according to a recent Gallup poll.

     Only 36% of Americans say they have confidence in colleges and universities, with just 19% saying they have a “quite a lot” of faith and 17% “a great deal.”  That represents a 12% drop in confidence since 2018 and a staggering 21-point drop since 2015.Between the student loan crisis and rampant campus craziness — from woke curriculum to out-of-control language policing — is it any wonder?  The American public just witnessed their president make a legally doomed attempt to wipe out billions in student debt held by millions of borrowers who learned the hard way that a degree isn’t necessarily a ticket to a high-paying job.

   The master’s program with the worst debt-to-earnings ratio of any major school in the country is the film program at Columbia University, a prestigious school with a $13 billion endowment. And now taxpayers — and not the university — could be on the hook for bailing them out. Why would Americans have any faith in a system that drains students’ bank accounts and leaves many unlikely to fill them back up? Meanwhile, schools have jacked up tuition by 748% since 1963.  And many had the nerve to charge students attending classes over Zoom the full rate during the pandemic.  

     And that’s not to mention the woke insanity that has taken over colleges. Hardly a day goes by without another campus horror story capturing headlines.  Students at elite law schools like Yale have shouted down conservative speakers on campus, acting more like petulant toddlers than future lawyers and judges.  Stanford University’s IT department even released a guide for avoiding “harmful language.” There’s no better way to damage your school’s credibility than declaring that words like “American” and “grandfather” are offensive. 

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