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Robert Namer
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November 24, 2023

     The liberal media is looking bad to its own followers.  To hear President Joe Biden and his media enablers tell it, the catastrophe at the US border is under control, thanks to courageous and humane policies.  Don’t believe a word.  The border crisis is not going away — at least as long as Biden’s let-em-all-in chicanery continues

     First off, the “good news” being cited, a June drop in the number of migrant encounters with Customs and Border Protection enforcement, still means more than 135,000 people crossed illegally.  That includes close to 33,000 gotaways — migrants spotted but not stopped.  If that’s success, we’d hate to see failure.  Oh, wait: We already have!  The years of endless wave-ins, driving a migrant flood of more than 5 million crushing border towns and big East Coast cities alike.  And then recall that any reductions in the number of encounters has come largely because Biden’s big “fix” is to make it vastly easier to cross semi-legally, reducing the official count of illegal crossers, not the crossings themselves.

     Much of that is via the loophole-ridden CBP One app, which lets migrants make an appointment for their border-jump. Biden’s even amped up the number of so-called “asylum seekers” (the preferred lefty euphemism for illegal migrants) admitted via the app, from 360,000 a year to 522,000. The result here in New York City: No letup at all, as Gotham’s still greeting some 2,500 “asylum seekers” a week.  They’ve more than doubled the city’s shelter population, forcing a build-out to 186 facilities and counting. When is it going to end, Mr. President? Gov. Kathy Hochul deserves special mention here for her utter spinelessness on the issue.  She’s refused to meaningfully aid the city (likely because doing so would put her at odds with national Dems).  

     Mayor Eric Adams, meanwhile, is dead right to call it a “silent crisis.”  That’s thanks to a compliant press, and as true of the wider nation as it is of the Big Apple.  The media’s scraping the barrel-bottom for a happy spin doesn’t bring the end, nor even a real improvement, any closer.   

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