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Robert Namer
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September 28, 2023

     Biden is corrupt.  “You can’t have the president just going around using people’s houses for free without disclosure. That’s no better than a Supreme Court justice staying on a yacht for free without disclosure,” Painter said.

     Painter added that he can’t understand the omissions — in part, he says, because the presidential counsel’s office in the West Wing kept diligent tabs on such gifts when he was working there. Biden reported accepting no gifts of any kind on the annual disclosure form he signed May 14.  “I think whoever is preparing these forms is not focusing. And if it’s intentionally left off, then you get into the [criminal] false statements law … and that could be a felony,” said Painter, who prominently criticized former President Donald Trump on ethics issues. Biden has been on vacation almost 50% of the time.

     Shaub, who also routinely tore into Trump for alleged ethical lapses, said that he agrees that the “personal hospitality” exception would not apply it the homeowner wasn’t present.  “I have always been of the view that the exception cannot be used when the friend is not there, and I think arguments to the contrary make no sense,” Shaub said. “It’s not the rich-friend-who-can-give-you-stuff exception. It’s supposed to apply to things like your friend’s kids’ wedding or a home cooked meal with your friend.”

     In August, Biden and his family spent seven days at the nine-bedroom Kiawah Island, SC, mansion of donor Maria Allwin, whose family runs a hedge fund, after asking her to use the home, a source told The Post at the time.  “They’re not paying. They’ve never paid,” the source said.  First lady Jill Biden extended her stay on Kiawah another five days after testing positive for COVID-19. In November, the extended Biden family stayed for six days at the Nantucket Island compound of billionaire investor David Rubenstein, cofounder of the Carlyle Group. 

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