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Robert Namer
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June 08, 2023

      A professor at the University of Pennsylvania once pointedly urged Hunter Biden’s daughter to attend a lavish all-expenses paid conference in China, advising that her family name would open doors for her in the country, according to messages found on Hunter’s abandoned laptopThe entire Biden family cashed in on the name and influence.

     The university is under scrutiny after classified documents were discovered at the school’s Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C. shortly before the midterm elections. The discovery was concealed by the Biden White House for months afterwards. Some of the documents related to countries Hunter Biden did business in — like Ukraine.

     Frank Plantan Jr., a “lecturer emeritus” at the university, assured Naomi Biden that China’s Boao Forum — which he described as an “Asian Davos” — would be easy.  “My impression [is] it is pretty light lifting — no long speeches and more conversational. They will fly you business class and of course provide all your accommodations and meals and are happy to try and arrange meetings or introductions for you there or in other sectors in China,” Plantan wrote to Naomi in a message, found on the laptop, that she shared with Hunter Biden over text in February 2019.

     “I don’t think it would surprise you that they are interested in you thanks to your family name. I would not take offense at that — it is truly the Chinese way. (And frankly, better you than that dolt Tiffany Trump),” he added.  Tiffany Trump and Naomi Biden were classmates at Penn and both graduated in 2016. The China invitation came when Naomi Biden was studying law at Columbia University, and her grandfather Joe Biden was gearing up for his 2020 presidential campaign.  In a message to Hunter, Naomi identified Plantan as the “head of the IR department at Penn” and asked for his thoughts on whether she should go.  

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