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Robert Namer
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June 07, 2023

     The “history wars” have heated up as more schools debate whether America’s founding goes back to Independence Day in 1776 or to the first Africans facing slavery in 1619 Virginia.  1619 is total stupidity.     

     A growing number of teachers have adopted or are reviewing 
Hillsdale College’s “1776 Curriculum” as a conservative alternative to the liberal “1619 Project,” which Hulu has adapted for streaming. Some leading historians don’t like either.  “I would steer clear of both curriculums,” David J. Silverman, a George Washington University colonial historian specializing in race and indigenous peoples, told The Washington Times. “Might I add that both do a terrible job of addressing American Indians?” 

     The “1619 Project” teaches that institutional racism in the nation’s founding elevated Whites at the expense of Blacks, and the “1776 Curriculum” stresses the equality and freedoms of all Americans.  As part of a broader K-12 classical education curriculum posted online, 73 schools have adopted Hillsdale’s free resource, which stresses primary sources.  

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